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Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) pdf Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) , ebook Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) , epub Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) , doc Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) , e-pub Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) , Still Into You (Never Over You, #2) 4d707388d73 What Happens When You Continually Run From Your Demons When Mia Watched Ethan Walk Out Of Her Life, She Did What She Did Best She Ran Ran From The Only Person Who Ever Made Her Feel Safe HomeThey Work Even Harder To Try And Find YouHe Was Her Everything And She Let Him Slip AwayAnd When They Do They Ll Come At You Full Force, Guns BlazingHitting Rock Bottom Forced Mia To Stop Now She Needed To Dig Herself Out Figuring Out How To Do That Required Help, Maybe A Plan She Had To Face Those Demons Not An Easy Task When She Spent Her Entire Life Running From ThemWould Ethan Still Be There For Mia After All Was Said And Done Or Would She Find That He Had Moved On Or Would He Still Be Into Her

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    Yikes While I loved Mia and Ethan in Never Over You, Mia was extremely annoying this time around I wanted to reach through my Kindle and shake some sense into her This girl needed to open her eyes and see what was standing right in front of her My review may spoil book one of the series Book two picks up right where book one left off, Mia is on tour and Ethan is still in Indy With her tour schedule and his football schedule, seeing each other right now isn t easy They are apart, something that Mia doesn t deal with well She carries a lot of baggage from her childhood and they way Ethan is acting towards her now makes her assume the worst She needs some time to fix herself before being with him again I can only hope that at some point we can find each other again Because you own my heart and I will love you forever EthanThat girls, is what Mia is running from A saint of a man willing to give what he can to help his woman I don t know how many times he begs her to talk to him Let him help Anything so she doesn t leave and she does exactly that leaves him Ethan is crushed He says he will wait for her, but without any sort of a time line, he s left just blowing in the wind He still has Luke for support, however Luke is still Mia s best friend I do not want to say goodbye to you You re the love of my life You re it for me This is not the end But I don t know what else to do So I will let you go I won t stand in your way But please whenever you need me, call I ll be there Always EthanShe leaves him and quickly hits rock bottom Mia has a lot to work through, the bad thing is, she never does The girl runs away from her problems Constantly masking them with drugs and alcohol Her band mates can do nothing but watch her fall just like Ethan and fall she does Mia goes from zero to sixty with her behavior and at some point I was hoping Ethan didn t bother to take her back She whines and cries that she misses him, yet drags her feet on getting the help she needs Sure I am being tough, but Ryleigh Andrews went a bit long with the Mia self destruction for me As I read, I found it harder and harder to sympathize with Mia s situation and started to turn on her I understand it isn t easy to relive all of your problems with a stranger, but sooner or later the story needed to move forward I was to the point where I just wanted Ethan to find himself a nice girl, get married and have those five kids he wants The book was well written with various points of view, which are time stamped to show it took years for this relationship to work its way full circle Like I said, the whole Mia part drug out too much for me to believe a guy like Ethan would wait around He was an attractive, popular, nice guy that could land another girl in a second That aside, I am still looking forward to book three There has to be a happy ending for these two out there somewhere Reviewed for Renee Entress s Blog.

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    Wow What an amazing story Still Into You picks up right where Bring Me You left off Mia is trying to deal with things and get her life back on track It hasn t been easy Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom, before you can make the necessary changes in your life Mia having to face her problems will be one of the hardest things she ll have to do What will happen when the dust finally settles Will Ethan still be waiting there or will he finally have moved on Mia and Ethan.What can I say They share a very special love They have been through so much So many ups and downs So many obstacles So many difficult moments So many moments where most people would have just thrown in the towel and walked away Never have I ever wanted two people to work things out so badly.This book does deal with some very difficult and intense subject matter I think that the author did an amazing job with it and portrayed it in a very realistic way You felt as though you were experiencing these events and feeling the characters emotions as if they were your own And to me, making me feel and experience those things, makes for one really great read.Still Into You is well written and captivating You can t help but get lost in the characters and their story Mia and Ethan s story takes you on one incredible journey It s tough, it s painful Your heart will go out to them It will break But it will also hold onto the hope that their love can endure the toughest of situations I ve really gotten attached to these characters and have my fingers crossed that these two will finally get the HEA that they deserve I received an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review You can also see my review here at

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    Holy Moly Mia just about put me over the edge in this one I really didn t like that girl She hid behind sex and drugs without giving much thought to anyone or anything but her own selfish and sickly needs I m not sure but she may have slept with most every male character in the book She may not have had sex with all of them, but she definitely walked a fine line And she whined and bellyached than she had any right to And then she has the audacity to blame Ethan and hold his sexual encounters against him and all this after she breaks off their engagement and sends him to the curb Yep most of this book has the main couple apart while all the uproar referred to above goes on and on and on far beyond the point of sense And I would definitely be remiss if I didn t point out that after having not seen one another for three years, they jump back in bed after a five minute elevator ride where they meet by accident, and have unprotected sex after both have had other sexual partners I m not kidding this one pushes the boundaries Still I m stuck in this book and wondering how and what is going to happen in the end This one ends on another semi cliffhanger It s definitely not the type readers encountered in the first book but it may just send our crazy as a loon lead female once again over the edge I m wondering if there s a point where Ethan and all the men who seem to feel responsible and willing to forgive Mia finally throw up their hands and say ENOUGH So, I m thankful that the next installment is ready to download and I can get this wild series behind me Once again, I m not saying I hate it but this one tested me without mercy.

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    I finished the first book in this series in one sitting, and immediately picked up this one Still couldn t stop These characters have stolen my heart And completely broken it After the chaos of the first one, I hoped for a reprieve in the second book No It was just as emotional and raw as the first Mia only slides further into despair She is famous She is everything millions of women want to be No longer a starving artist, she is successful and brilliant and completely miserable Fighting the demons inside her, she continues to push Ethan away He goes on with his life, but his heartbreak is so painful to read about, and through it all, he always comes back to his suga What a man I think the only thing I really didn t like in this book were the scenes involving Mia and other men I didn t want her with other men It hurt my heart so much to read because she was so obviously meant for Ethan Every time they came back together I cheered and hoped that finally they would work it out But Mia had to face her demons on her own before she could allow Ethan back into her life, and that process just made me cry Perhaps a slight spoiler Book two ends tentatively happy, but it so hard to trust after all this couple has been through George, 5 stars

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    What a journey we take with this book Mia is on a journey to find Herself only to self destruct we follow her and let me tell you it s hard my heart my mind are hurting Ethan he s still the same strong and waiting for his girl but can they make it back to each other Love is strong love is powerful this book just shows you what love is capable of Must read

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    I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review YOU CAN READ MY FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG Uhm, next book please I mean, hello It s just the start of the good life We can t stop here I know, here I go again, starting off with my needy outburst of needing the next book, but please.Anyway, I m going to start off with my little list of complaints so we can party up about this book because OH MY GOSH.Okay, it s not actually all complaints but like, pointing them out.Where do I start Okay, I ll say this This was not a smooth ride There were times that I totally want to slap Mia to knock some realisation and motivation and life into her I mean, I understand her disposition It s not easy This book and Bring Me You are both roller coaster rides Most of all, I love how she found her resolve in the end, making the book really beautiful My friends tell me they think I m quite bipolar and now, I think I just read a glimpse on how hard it could have been for them to deal with me The writing I m not complaining here, made the characters feel a lot like younger than they were Usually, I ll be annoyed when the author kept on mentioning the same fact over and over again Like the French thing in the first book but this time around, I didn t mind being reminded of their age.And one last thing I d like to point out Uhm, this book is heavily sexual blinks rapidly It s not really a complain but there were just really many encounters in here woah The first book is heavier not just sexually, but yeah, but you get the point.Through out, there were a lot of dramatizing stuff, too cheesy moments, heart aching scenes.You get the point This book can be funny as hell and dramatic like there s no tomorrow.I am not shipping Mia and Ethan as hard as I thought I would but, surprise I don t I don t hate them I am just okay with them.I mean, they are sweet They re freaking romantic, sweet, and well, hawt like nobody s business but it comes down to the fact that it feels not whole to me.If that makes sense.Don t get me wrong, I love them I love everyone.But I am shipping Allie and Luke harder than Mia and Ethan.pleasemakethemhappenpleasemakethemhappenpleasemakethemhappenPLEASE I love the plot The second book is lighter than the first one This is a lot brighter than Bring Me You and I love how Mia grew I love her progress She s heading the bright side now and I really can t believe how the people around her took so long to help I didn t like that but that s in the past so I love the music things, the movie, the football although I never understood a thing about that sport Haha I m sorry everyone Anyway Overall, this book is dramatic, funny, and romantic This book, scratch that, the series itself, is so sweet It s not just about Mia s love life and well, sex life It s about a girl coping, her friends surrounding her, helping her all the way through She might have been stubborn but here is now I love that that is the main factor why I love this book I love the friendships I just love the growth and depth of most of the characters Ethan as exception, I m sorry I tried Please spare my life I still need to read the third book and help authors out there.Speaking of that, I am most definitely excited for the third book OMG I HEAR WEDDING BELLS I WANT TO INVITED THERE but seriously, serious danger ahead I m panicking

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    I received an ARC of this book from Between The Sheets Promotions in exchange for an honest review and as part of the book s blog tour promotions.I read the first book and found it to be a sweet and sad story that definitely needed another shot The heroine was a good girl who just had her own demons that she needed to face The hero was also a good guy who may have bitten than he could chew when he fell in love with the heroine.On this second book, the heroine got to her lowest point, but she woke up She worked on turning things around I wish that the hero was always there, but that s not how a love story always goes There must always be a period of separation where the hero and the heroine work through their issues on their own while they try to be a better person for the other.Like the first book, Mia and Ethan s story shows that a person needs to be complete and happy with himself before he can expect to truly love another person Oh, relationships are easy, but love is not You can be in a relationship with someone you don t really love However, when you do love a person, it takes up everything you have, just as its should And if you are not whole, if you cannot give your all, then things won t work That s why we have to free up all those spaces in our lives that s filled with things we no longer need, so we can make room for love.I hope that in the next installment, Mia and Ethan now get to face problems together I mean, the first book was them meeting, falling in love, and things falling apart Then the second book made them stronger individuals who are now ready to go deeper into their relationship I wish the third book would make them stronger together, as a unit and not justs as a singular person I m sure I will be looking out for the next book because I really want these two characters to find their happy ending.

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    I was given an advanced copy for an honest review.To say that I have patiently waiting to read this book is an absolute lie, I have been dying to get my hands on it Ryleigh did not disappoint one bit This book was absolutley amazing, full of so much emotion and above everything else growth Still Into You picks right up where Bring Me You leaves Off Mia trying to get her life together and Ethan feeling like he is being left behind I dont want to give anything away with my review, everyone needs to read this one for themselves and get the full flegde experience.I was completely sucked in from the start, asking myself can these 2 really ever be together and be happy I have never felt myself rooting for two characters to just make it work The journey that Mia goes on and the emotions is spectacular and leaves you filled with both sorrow and joy I absolutley love her and just wanted to wrap her up in a huge hug Ethan of course is utterly amazing and if he said Hi Suga to me I would melt on the spot Of course there is is Luke who captured my heart and I am dying for of him Ryleigh completely rocked my world, her writing is so unique at being able to draw you in and feel everything the characters are feeling and going through I will be once again not patiently waiting for her next book I would absolutely recommend this series to everyone, it has a perfect combination of amazing characters, true drag you in emotions, and a story that will devour you whole

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    How do you even measure the amount of times I held my breath This book was exactly what everyone needs when they fell in love and took the ride with Ethan and Mia in Bring Me You I love these two and honestly want to smack the living daylights out of them both quite often lol To me they are like my friends and we have become very close Mia needs to fix Mia.will she fix what she needs to from her haunting past so she can fight her way back to Ethan But is the love these two share so powerful that no matter the time between them, they can find each other again Are they still into each other Powerful emotions and some F5 tears, shock and let me put this down because I need a damn minute to compose, jump up and down excited for new and amazing things happening, meet new people and brush up with characters you have met, get to know said characters a little This book will yank you in and hold you hostage all the way through til the end You will ask over and over again what the freak is going to happen and will you get what you wanted Fall in love again, if you loved Ethan the first around with Bring Me You. Watch out because you haven t met this Ethan yet I love this story and can t wait for and and from Ryleigh The stories she tells are like you are in it Take a ride and hold on for dear life because you will need it

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    This book was not what I expected AT ALL And I m so glad it wasn t because it is SO MUCH MORE Five stars doesn t even begin to express how much I ADORED this book If I fell in love with the series since book one, book two left me totally OBSESSED with it WOW This book is such a wild ride with the ups and downs, bumps and all A rollercoaster of emotions for sure.Our favorite characters are backor aren t they LUKE, MIA, ETHAN and of course all the other characters we love so much.But this is MIA S book We can see how our girl struggles to fight darkness and rise like the Phoenix in order to save herself and her relationship with Ethan.This is a story of before and after, of fresh starts and new beginnings A flawed and broken story with darkness but also light But most importantly a LOVE STORY.Ryleigh really blew me away with this book, she hit it out of the park She has a way with words that is just amazing It really makes you FEEL everything.If you have not read this series, then what are you waiting for This is seriously a MUST READ IM NOT KIDDING WARNING This is a tear jerker

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