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The Colbana Files Boxed Set txt The Colbana Files Boxed Set , text ebook The Colbana Files Boxed Set , adobe reader The Colbana Files Boxed Set , chapter 2 The Colbana Files Boxed Set , The Colbana Files Boxed Set 812e9b Bladed Magic A Colbana Files PrequelFor The First Time In Her Life, Kit Colbana S Life Was Going Just Fine Then She Finds Herself Tangled Up With A Green Eyed Witch By The Name Of Justin He S Looking For Somebody And For Some Bizarre Reason, He Seems To Think She Can Help All She Has To Do Is Say No, And She Can Go Back To Her Safe Little Existence That S Exactly What She Needs To Do And She Knows It Too Bad She S Not Very Good At Following Her Own AdviceBook Blade SongKit Colbana Half Breed, Assassin, Thief, Jack Of All Trades Has A New Job Track Down The Missing Ward Of One Of The Local Alpha Shapeshifters It Should Be A Piece Of CakeSo Why Is She So Nervous It Probably Has Something To Do With The Insanity That Happens When You Deal With Shifters Especially Sexy Ones Who Come Bearing Promises Of Easy Jobs And Easier MoneyOr Maybe It S All The Other Missing Kids That Kit Discovers While Working The Case, Or The Way Her Gut Keeps Screaming She S Gotten In Over Her Head Or Maybe It S Because If She Fails She S DeadBook Night BladeKit Colbana Has A Knack For Finding Trouble This Time, Though, Trouble Finds HerPeople On The Council Are Dying Left And Right And She S Been Requested To Investigate The Deaths The Number One Suspect Her Lover, Damon If She Doesn T Clear His Name, He Gets A Death Sentence Even If She Succeeds They Still Might Try To Execute Him Oh, And She S Not Allowed To Tell Him About The Case, EitherThe Stakes Are Higher Than They Ve Ever Been Kit May Be Forced To Pay The Ultimate Price To Save Her Lover S Life A Price That Could Destroy Her And Everything She LovesBook Broken BladeKit Colbana Assassin, Thief, Investigator Extraordinaire Now Broken Haunted By Nightmares And Stripped Of Her Identity, She S Retreated To Wolf Haven, The No Man S Land Where She Found Refuge Years Before But While She Might Want To Hide Away From The Rest Of The World, The Rest Of The World Isn T Taking The Hint Dragged Kicking And Screaming Back Into Life, Kit Is Thrust Head First Into An Investigation Surrounding The Theft Of An Ancient Relic One That She Wants Nothing To Do WithForced To Face Her Nightmares, She Uncovers Hidden Strength And Comes Face To Face With One Of The World S Original Monsters If She Survives The Job, She Won T Be The Same And Neither Will Those Closest To Her

About the Author: J.C. Daniels

Shiloh WalkerMy professional bio J.C Daniels is the alter ego of author Shiloh Walker J.C Shiloh has been writing since she was a kid She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the ahserious works of fiction She loves reading and writing just about every kind of romance Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest She writes urban fantasy, romantic suspense and paranormal romance, among other things.

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    2 December 2015

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    Boxed set Omnibus 4.25 stars average Bladed Magic Short story about a girl woman who was trained as a warrior by it seems like psychos and tries to make a life for herself after escaping This is the beginning of her journey Good I hope my library has of her books 4 starsBlade Song Kit is kind of forced into taking a job that she knows is going to be a whole lot of trouble Really awful parts in the book not awful writing, but awful events I wonder what s going to happen next 4 starsNight Blade Oh my gosh, what a freakin sad ending It s just awful I really hope that the next book in the series has things turn out better Great book, just really sad 5 starsBroken Blade Really good story I m hoping there is a 5th story because I can t wait to find out what happens in Wolfs Haven 4 stars.

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    I read the box set which included the first 3 books The reason I read all 3 is because is was 1.99 for the kindle addition You get what you pay for First let me say I hated Damon from the beginning When I started reading the first book I knew where it was going The heroine hooks up with the hot, controlling asshole that constantly insults her while at the same time making her fall in love with him If it wasn t for Kit s cool weapons and skills I would have stopped reading but then I only paid two bucks for three books so why not Predicably Kit falls for the bag of dicks and he marks her, telling her that it s a permanent bond Then the second book things take a bad turn and suddenly the bond is no longer permanent Kit is tortured in the second book and adding to the abuse from her childhood ends up with a case of PTSD So what does bag of dicks do He stalks her,howls, and throws tantrums while her friends do their best to keep him off her The third book she starts to pick up the pieces and it seems clear that the fourth book which I will not be reading will be the re union of this abusive relationship The writing is very repetitive and the action is mostly skipped over and talked about later Instead of reading about a fight you hear the characters briefly talk about it later I would give the series 2 1 2 stars.

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    Amazingly good series, loved all of it Enjoy the writing style and the story, I always enjoy strong heroines and Kit certainly is.The fact she managed to build her life back together after the abuse at Jude s hands is testamount to that strength yes I know it is fiction.Need to get the next book in the series now.

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    An enjoyable Urban fantasy series I like Kit s character and the others in the story are interesting and relate able There is so much pain and heartbreak in Kit s story but also hope for redemption, and this made these three books an engrossing read.

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    Best series One of the best series out there Great characters Wonderful plots Relationships are realistic, heartbreaking and endearing If you don t read the Colbana series, you are truly missing out.

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    Still just as good the second time around and now I can read the next three

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