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    Meh Didn t do much for me.Random gif

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    Excess of liberty, whether it lies in state or individuals seems only to pass into excess of slavery Plato, The Republic.This story takes place in a society where Weres dominate and humans are usually enslaved.Stiles is a slave and he s bought by Peter as a birthday present for Derek Peter has Stiles for two months before he gives him away and he tortures him during that time He s a sick fuck, who thinks he does good.His actions even nearly bring Stiles to death I just wanted to give you a nice birthday present Derek, no harm He was just so insolent I had to teach him so many lessons so he would be worthy of you God, how he talked, and talked I m so glad I beat that out of him Derek isn t the same as his uncle, of course He doesn t notice important things at the beginning, but he pulls himself together and tries to be a good master.With the passing of time the feelings between Derek and Stiles turn into something big and rare as for a Were human relationship.I don t know why, but Stiles name was a mood killer for me Everything is nice and all, Stiles meets with his dad after all this time they haven t seen each other The man says, before taking a small step forward I just Stiles My Stiles Przemys aw And BAM All the feels are killed There s something in not knowing Stiles real name that is somehow satisfying.First half was good and had a really decent angst, but the rest was only okay meh I hate when it happens.

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    Read this a while back before it made the database Usual harshness from the Slavery AU with oblivious Derek and broken Stiles.

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    2.5 Stars

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    Well that was an full of emotion I felt so bad for Stiles It also brought to mind how bad slavery was in our history A human is a human no matter the color of skin, sexual preference, or birth.

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