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    I received a copy of this book for free through Goodreads First Reads When I pick up a book, I want a good story that s told well The End of Snow Murder in Squaw Valley is a great story that s told brilliantly.Living in England, snow is pretty minimal and I ve spent most of the winter wishing for I finally got my snow fix from this book and actually learnt quite a bit about snow and skiing I ve never even seen skis, never mind used them.Although there is quite a bit of science as you are warned on the cover with A Laura Bailey Snow Science Mystery , it s all relevant to the story and I ll probably never look at snow the same way again.Laura Bailey is the very well rounded and believable main character, and the rest of the characters are equally realistic.I hope Ms Grimes is planning many Snow Science Mysteries involving these characters I d love to read of them

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    Laura Bailey is a snow scientist and has come to Squaw Valley to measure the amount of snow and repair the snow sensors in the back country She is skiing when she comes across two women, one of whom is injured They are close to trees and in an area where skiers normally don t go She leaves the women to get a signal on her phone to call ski patrol When she comes back to the trees, the women are gone The women are with a group of attorneys and they are wondering where the women are No one has seen them and no one seems to care Then the husband of one of the women calls Laura and asks her to investigate until he gets there to file a missing person s report The husband tells her that his wife is an environmentalist who is fighting against a large mining company for its fracking and the resulting damage it does to ground water Laura is trying to get the Squaw Valley skiing facility to dig out around the tree but she keeps getting put off When Laura gets caught in an avalanche, she fears that her questions are getting too close.

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    An entertaining read because I m currently in a cozy mystery phase, I ski Squaw Valley, share a place in Truckee, and I practice environmental law when I m not skiing The number of characters got confusing, though.

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    I love skiing and I especially love skiing in Squaw Valley Couple that to a yen for mysteries and this book had me hooked Laura Bailey is a snow scientist visiting Squaw to investigate earlier than usual snow melt While skiing around she meets up with a pair of injured skiers who subsequently disappear Laura s search for answers as to what happened to them leads her into the worlds of corporate law, frackers, and environmental do gooders leading to a stunning conclusion After reading this, it put me in mind of some of Nevada Barr s works Laura has a lot in common with Anna Pigeon This is a fast paced read, well written and witty Give it a try

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    I enjoyed The End of Snow very much The practical, smart, wholesome heroine seemed like someone I would like to know Like any good mystery, the author developed lots of characters who impacted the story I enjoyed learning the snow science facts that were woven into the story It made me think a little of Michael Crichton with the twists and turns of the mystery peppered with scientific facts I also appreciated the conclusion.This is a fast paced, engaging mystery that would be perfect for curling up by the fire on a snowy or rainy afternoon I read it on a long day of airplane flights I was able to block out the world and actually enjoy my day

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    It took me a little while to get into this novel, the first few chapters were very scientifically describing what a snow scientist does Now this is important information for the main character of the book, however my mi d was often drifting away from the words The book did take.a major turn for the batter though I enjoyed the twists and turns and the suspense that was threaded through the story Getting to know the locals and the main characters was fun I.won this novel I A Goodreads giveaway, thanks for the opportunity.

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    Enjoyable mystery very engaging tale Snow scientist Laura Bailey s world turns upside down looking for answers Fast pace with a steady thrill You will need to buckle up with all the twists and turns So many characters yet so believable and pertinent to make it so Thank you, Darlene CruzI received this book through Goodreads, First Read Giveaway.

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    I found this mystery to be thoroughly engaging with interesting characters and interweaving story lines The insight into the scientific world of snow science is a unique feature that gives the novel an added dimension and depth Many of the scenes remain vivid in my mind, and I m looking forward to of Laura Bailey s adventures

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    I received this book for free from Goodreads First Reads I really enjoyed the book I love mysteries, so I thought this was very interesting It was my first book by the author, but I will be reading

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    In all honesty, I didn t finish this book It just didn t grab me the way mysteries usually do I might actually go back to it sometime, but for now it s in my did not finish pile.

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The End of Snow: Murder in Squaw Valley download The End of Snow: Murder in Squaw Valley, read online The End of Snow: Murder in Squaw Valley, kindle ebook The End of Snow: Murder in Squaw Valley, The End of Snow: Murder in Squaw Valley ef2f51a64a7b Snow Science Shouldn T Be This Deadly While Checking Out Some Puzzling Early Snow Melt In The Sierra Nevada Resort Of Squaw Valley, Snow Scientist Laura Bailey Finds Herself Involved In The Disappearance Of An Environmental Lawyer And Her Anti Fracking Activist Friend No One Seems To Care Enough About What Happened To Them, So It S Up To Laura To Search For Answers Using Her Combination Of Dogged Persistence, Snow Science And Skiing Savvy She Takes On The Responsibility Of Finding Out What Happened To The Missing Women What She Discovers Just Might Be The End Of Her