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Spark chapter 1 Spark , meaning Spark , genre Spark , book cover Spark , flies Spark , Spark 99cdce14473a6 Dreyfus Writes With The Darkly Absurd Humour Of A Thirsty And Somewhat Paranoid Jonathan Swift Pop MattersJake Miller Has Just Been Shot By A Member Of The British Counterterrorism Unit As He Lies On His Bedroom Floor, Wondering If He S Going To Bleed Out, He Attempts To Put The Last Few Months Of His Life Into Perspective One Minute He S Starting A High Flying Job In The Corporate Banking Sector The Next Minute He S Commanding A Legion Of Disaffected Computer Users Known As Generation Y Bother They Know Jake Only By His Hacking Name Spark And The Videos He Uploads To His Youtube Account, But They Re Determined To Help Him Bring About The End Of The World As We Know It The Problem Is Not Everybody S On Board His Battleship Spark Is Rupert S Debut Novel Which Takes A Swipe At Corporate Culture And The Westminster Pantomime A Thank You Letter To Hacktivist Groups Such As Anonymous This Is Guerrilla Fiction For The Digital Age

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    Wow.This is the best book I ve read in years Everything about it connects to me at a personal level, not just artistic They say every read is a personal reaction Here s mine promise to get to the story itself soon A long time ago, in a podunk college town far, far away, my 20 year old self discovered Frank Zappa From the moment I heard Who Needs the Peace Corps I was hooked, and for the next several years I obsessively collected and consumed everything the oddball ever put out.There were two sides to Frank I enjoyed the musical side which I won t discuss here and the lyrical Frank made fun of everybody, and he wasn t demure about it He didn t pick sides either And he was relentless Anyone who annoyed him, you can be sure a song was made to memorialize the a hole And that s why to this day, I can listen to albums like Shiek Yerbouti and You Are What You Is and still lose my lunch Because a holes are eternal, and poking fun at them better than beer.My friends couldn t understand the appeal How can you be taken seriously as a musician, they d ask, if you don t write love songs If all you composed was comedy shit Worse, what does it say about you if all you can do is make fun of others My douche bag friends didn t understand that intelligent anger transformed into skilled satire is a purifying experience Is it everybody s cuppa tea Uh no But those of us who love it, we love it a lot So when the rare gem comes along to remind us that we re not alone in our love, we must celebrate accordingly.So it was that I began reading Spark without any expectation, and started laughing It wasn t punch your guts guffaws It was the soft giggle, of which there s at least one per page Two hundred eighty four pages of beautiful restraint Accretion matters.What s it about Jake Miller moves to London to start a corporate job, only to end up destroying the world For details, read the story.Have you ever hated your boss Have you ever hated your life Have you ever thought everyone around you was a moron who needed to be horsewhipped Maybe you don t and good for you For the rest of us, we have the therapeutic pill called Spark, a story that gets and fucked up, and all one can do is laugh Seriously, don t trash your soul to the comments section of a political editorial, where dark minds dwell and slaves to fashion feed Read this little book and feel inspired and uplifted instead As a fellow writer, I m surprised I m not jealous a coeval got this done right No, if anything, I m motivated to continue writing just what I want to write It s the only way it can work.One of the best things about Spark is, again, how simple and charming the language is It has a Voice that doesn t try to impress too much nor be too common And the things the other characters say all strike me as authentic People really do say crap like buddy up and true that And now it s been preserved.The novel is also expertly organized I can t help but think it would make an equally excellent movie or film, Jake would tell me.Okay, so as an indie, it has its share of copy issues Some people can t stand that But I believe good indies wear these little gaffes with pride, like the pops and hisses that are simply part of the background of punk rock Armageddon And if nothing else, this story is the first and only place I ve seen the verb to spectate There s also some excellent advice on how to avoid a scene in the bathroom of a friend.This book was a breath of fresh air Now, sadly, back to the smog.

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    Sarcasm SquaredWhat do you call sarcasm about sarcasm Could it be sardony If so Spark is way up there on the spectrum irony, sarcasm, satire, sardony How far is it possible to send up yourself Spark is the self proclaimed voice of the Y bother generation These are the millennial snowflakes who feel betrayed and abandoned by the world but maintain an attitude of romantic love worthy of Byron Because their metier is sarcasm, they present a real problem to the writer who wants to rub them up a bit For example, it is reported recently by the Wall Street Journal that many Y bothers are jumping ship from Big Finance in London and New York At first glance they might look a principled lot But it is cash not ethics that matters They are dissatisfied with the bonuses which don t allow the life style they expect How do you get sarcastic in the face of such sarcasm The central theme of Spark is the repeated refrain of our rubbish lives Included is a manifesto of Y bothersomness that covers gripes from the demand to participate in the phony Salinger corporate rat race to the bullshit Vonnegut dictatorship of electricity metres The disappearance of affordable yuppie city accommodation sits somewhere in the middle Lanchester.The irony at the low end of the spectrum can get lost in the whinging sardonic frequencies of the upper end The protagonist is a computer geek working, but not very hard, in a banking giant For the moment he s travelling third class on the corporate gravy train But his prospects Well he gets offered promotion the first day on the job According to social science pundits, this is precisely the guy who has won in the globalisation stakes, the one who has beaten the bloke on the provincial assembly line into a pulp Wasn t he the one voted against by Brexit and Trump supporters Yet he too thinks the world is stacked against him Someone seems to have driven a wedge between folk who have an awfully lot in common.Y bothers are hacktivists That is, they dream about a social system that looks like the internet in which there are no adult responsibilities, no fixed identities, and lots of money in game playing They hang out on the internet waiting for the revolution untilwell in Spark s case until he gets shot in the gut by the Counterterrorism Unit From irony to sardony in one narrative jump.A combination of The Young Ones, The Big Bang Theory, Live Free or Die Hard, and any one of a dozen rom coms Amusing but not meant to be taken seriously When s the last time you saw a digi nerd using a Polaroid camera after all I presume the three or four plot recaps in what is a shortish book is than an aid for those readers who might get lost in a toilet stall.

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    Can one man destroy the global economy In the Anonymous and hacktivist age, it actually seems than possible.Who would that one man be Perhaps some terrorist or lone psycho, if you believed what you heard on the six o clock news But in truth, he d just be some guy And it would just sort of happen.Internet scams, hacking and cracking, the Deep Web, capitalist greed, cycles of destruction and creation, using speed dating as therapy, notions of god and snorting sheep you ll find it all here This is one of the best Indie book debuts I ve read It s also a great example of why Indie authors are needed, because if Spark a book about the disaffected masses who want to topple current power structures had been published by Random House and promoted in The Guardian Review section, it wouldn t speak to the underbelly of society in any meaningful way Rest assured, author Rupert Dreyfus is on side and this sometimes feels like a mouthpiece for all the post generation Xers the Y Bother Generation as Dreyfus calls them.Don t get me wrong though this isn t a novel that will only appeal to that demographic Spark is expertly crafted, sharp, funny and smooth and should appeal to anyone who just likes a simple tale told brilliantly.My only criticism was that I would have liked some parts the scumbag character Vinnie s scam, for instance to be resolved or told in detail but that really is the worst I can say about it in terms of critiquing 95% of Spark is pure gold.I particularly liked Dreyfus wry humour I literally had a smile or smirk on my face with most every page along with his great similes and descriptions and there s plenty of philosophical and poignant depth to it all as well.I m sure it would make the author happy to see Spark being illegally downloaded on torrents so you really should BUY this book and make Rupert Dreyfus mainstream famous Just to piss him off.

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    Lately glorious things happen to me as a reader I ve had fantastic literary experiences with Robertson, Gransden and now Dreyfus I know that lately I use the word genius pretty consistently, but oh well, it s pretty accurate.Spark is a book of immense intelligence The kind of intelligence that warms your heart and makes you happy To sum it up, it s a book of revolution, a socio political satire, a study of loneliness, a London journey, an amalgam of different intellects and moralities through its players and the trajectory from confusion and boredom to magnificent elation.I don t think it s a hyperbole to call Spark s plot a masterpiece As simple as that I loved every single minute and no, to me there were no mistakes, no lip curling and I would have handled it differently here and there or something is not right here and there The characters are rich and organic, palpable little things even the minor ones like Harold whose presence was a laugh out very loud moment The plot is very well considered, tailored on the personae involved and their manifestations The humour and the farcical side of it never feels forced Its above mentioned intelligence is ever present but not aggressive or hysterical, like desperate stand up, it just exists calmly and naturally radiates Quite an achievement The genius of the plot is that Jake is not a fully fledged revolutionary who enters the corporate banking world in order to smash the system from within, politically conscious and with a clear cut manifesto Jake is lonely and inventive in his solitude, in a bitter sweet, tragicomic way, he is bored and empty and intimidated by the larger than life Vinnie Also, he falls in love and eventually heartbroken falls flat on his face, metaphorically speaking And this is the trigger As the anger rises, everything he silently hates around him, comes to life in full colour and shape and ready to be smashed His intellectual mentor is the wondrous character called Plato a rather post modern adaptation of Diogenes and his technical mentor is Alfie Their involvement starts the countdown towards the end of the world The author follows Don deLillo s maxim of the duty of the writer to oppose whatever it is imposed on us I don t really have a point of reference regarding the banking corporations inner sanctum, but the atmosphere in the Dynasty offices seems very plausible, even caricaturised as it is and dead funny with paternalistic Colin and success hungry young Dom This is a study on the notion of power and later the author contemplates the same notion as he equips his character of Jake with some millions of followers, inevitably some formidable enemies and a delusional surge of power craze On that note I will wrap it up saying that this is a book that deserves recognition Excellent in all its aspects, I can only wish that Spark will sell as many copies as Jake has YouTube followers

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    SPARK LIVES Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, having the London riots still fresh in your mind makes this all feel real, it seems that everything in this book is possible all it needs for Spark to step up and start the ball rolling.When I first started this book I thought I was going to be reading a modern day version of fight club, but after a few chapters the book found its own way.There are some brilliant ideas and I thought Jake s method of therapy was genius, I might have to try it out one day.It took me a little while to figure out that this book is not just about a nerd but is in fact also full of psychology, all that paranoia and the rise of Spark Plato is a brilliant character, as soon as he starts talking you know he is gonna same something wise.Really looking forward to the next novel.New review after a second reading is on my blog

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    I can t say too much about the storyline, as I ll end up giving away too much However, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, in fact, I couldn t put it down The short, sharp, fast paced chapters make it far too easy to stay up all night one chapter The language is articulate and flowing, the author sure knows how to pack a punch and make you feel like you re actually there I cannot reccomend this book highly enough, probably the best I ve read this year By a mile Looking forward to reading from this talented author.

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    Jake Miller is a youngish professional and former computer hacker who moves to London to take up a job as an analyst at Dynasty Plc, a large bank From the start, he s not too keen on corporate life Moreover the household he s wound up living in is downright odd His landlord, Vinnie Sloane, is a foul mouthed posh git who makes his living from internet scams while ingesting unpleasant substances Still, Jake sort of adjusts Until he s betrayed by a love interest Then his hatred for Dynasty, Vinnie et al boils over He decides to use his ancient IT skills to bring down the whole damn system Does he succeed Read the book.And in fact do read it, because Rupert Dreyfus s Spark is my read of 2015 well, as of July It s a fast moving little thriller and is sometimes very funny Vinnie Sloane is one of the great comic creations the most modern of monsters Nigerian prince with a cashflow problem That s Vinnie A horny Thai maiden who needs a cash advance to join her online suitor in England That s Vinnie too And life in Dynasty Plc We were going over the week s figures together which is like going over the instruction manual of a toaster while you repeatedly punch yourself in the face Yet there are serious undertones to Spark, and it has a very contemporary feel Jake goes speed dating, and winds up in a bar full of young professionals gassing to each other in bullet points about how fantastic it is to be in the fast lane Yes I am an achiever Yes my life is perfect Altogether now, folks you are what you earn You are what you earn You are what you earn Jake s plot to screw the system works, in part, by using social media to leverage the fury of Generation Y bother, the disaffected young who know they will never be able to afford a mortgage and that their student loans will hang round their necks until hell freezes over Dreyfus is also very clear eyed about technology Computers created the modern world and they can also destroy it it won t bother them You can build a flat pack wardrobe with a hammer or you can break somebody s leg with it, says Jake The hammer really doesn t care which Spark isn t perfect A serious hole in the plot is the way Jake hacks his way to anarchy we never hear much about that, and a bit technical detail could have made this credible Dreyfus could have dredged up some nerd from the digital dark side who could have mapped this out for him There s also the odd bit of sloppy editing grinded for ground, parameter for perimeter, passed when he meant past Not fatal, but irritating, and a good proofread would have caught it Usually I d knock off a star for these flaws.But Spark transcends them It s a well paced and funny thriller with some serious subversion at its core It is also very timely I first got involved in politics over 40 years ago, and I don t know when I have detected disaffection, and cynicism about liberal democracy, than now But books like this give me hope In the 1980s, at the height of Thatcher s depredations, all we seemed to get from publishers was genteel novels of middle class adultery a reflection perhaps of who ran publishing, and who bought their expensive hardback books In fact I stopped reading novels for years But the digital revolution is blowing traditional publishers away Of course, as Dreyfus s Jake says, technology is neutral it doesn t care We get a lot of erotica, fantasy and stuff about vampires some of it good, to be sure, but much of it really awful But we also get anarchic, timely satire like Spark It just might be a fair exchange.

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    Revolution would be an understatement when talking about the book Spark My first experience with author Rupert Dreyfus was a good one, and I m quite glad that I took the plunge with this modern tale of grit, online debauchery, and revolt I won t bore you with yet another synopsis of the book let s get right down to the meat of it I thought that this was an excellent book with a lot of heart and a relevant social message for the modern era The characters were believable and interesting, and all had their own unique quirk about them that made each encounter better than the last The real standout, in my opinion, is Plato the drunken wiseman who spends his days lounging around in a lawnchair while spouting off modern day wisdoms to whoever will listen Jake Miller, the central protagnoist, is also an interesting fellow who quickly changes from a mild mannered corporate worker to an infamous cyber terrorist depending upon your perspective The story is told smartly from the first person perspective, which is a difficult task to pull off The shifting narrative, which takes us from the present to the past and back again, keeps the story moving at a quick pace and knows just when to move on to the next plot point Overall, this was an excellent read that kept me entertained for the relatively short reading time I ll be keeping an eye out for future works from Rupert Dreyfus, and if you re a fan of transgressive fiction with a hard edge, you ll do the same as well.

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    I have been lucky enough to discuss Spark with its author When I asked him if he would like to see my review before I posted it, he said it would be fine so long as I claimed it was the best book since the Bible, winky face I later realised he meant just give it the highest praise , but we scientists have problems with subjectivity This is the most comforting thing since I drank that asbestos rimmed jet fuel margarita 0 5 No incest maybe it s better if I came up with my own benchmarks try the books listed below Spark is a satirical look at the world of office tedium and corporate wanking to hacking, cracking and conservative smacking.Jake Miller is a disaffected young man who becomes a bedroom revolutionist by starting his own Anonymous style crusade as part of the suitably disaffectedly coined Generation Y bother Along the way he chats to career men, all round assholes fuck you Vinnie and any manner of cants what s a cant Have you never seen a Guy Ritchie film and at one point even talks to Plato about your daimonia or whatever where did you last put it, society It ll be in the last place you think No, it s not online, you tool There s even a love interest or two, but the hate interests take precedence All fun and games Near death flash forwards suggest that it might not be for Jake, but it sure is for the reader Cynicism, technology, philosophy and all kinds political food for thought permeate this work that you can find right here If I have any criticism, it s that there is a general first novel shakiness about the writing some repetition forced tone at times , but this isn t so much a criticism as a truth about first novels I can t think of any authors, myself included, for whom this isn t the case, nor for whom the shakiness does not dampen down with writing.At any rate, novels are rarely as timely as this one given the recent election, and if anyone knows how to get Spark up and running fuck it Do it I hear the author is working on a collection of short stories of which I have also been fortunate enough to read a snippet, and you can guarantee that I as well as fans of any of the below books am a Dreyfus convert D FinnishVodkaFTW If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders what would you tell him to do Hey Put that back down That s not yours Guys, look It s Atlas Get hiiiiimmmmm cue pitchforks and whooping American PsychoApathy and Other Small VictoriesKill Your Friends being made into a film this year, I just discovered Irvine WelshChuck PalahniukWill Self

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    4.3 Stars Review coming very soon There is than a little despair, than a little anger, than a little revolution in Dreyfus s Spark There is an easy, effortless story telling, memorable characters, and fantastic pacing that make this book hard to put down There is also than a little Fight Club in the book here, including a scene with a character baiting another character into punching him in the face There is an anti establishment theme that seems timely, but also a bit lost There is humor Much dryer and lonelier and desperate than anything I remember in Fight Club It seems to come from an honest place Criticisms There are some There is a romantic element to the book that is teased and then evaporates fairly soon As far as a critique of modern and postmodern elements of life, there is a guttural but not necessarily deep rendering Yes, stale corporate nonsense is dehumanizing what Nassim Nicholas Taleb has called repetitive stress injury Yes, it s easy to become lonely and lost in big cities Yes, the internet has made it easier for us to crawl into small, imaginary tribes that fail to provide the meaning of pre modern tribes But, beyond that, what does the book have to offer those who grapple with big questions about society A novel is no place for philosophy, but often philosophy can become the lubricant for real dramatic tension, sharpening stakes and making us empathize with characters and their struggles The character of Plato seemed like he might just be the person to bring this nuanced voice Late in the game, Plato does bring some insight for Jake, but the particular framing of Jake s problem didn t seem as poignant as it could have been What is it about modern and postmodern living that makes the good life less possible Is it abundance without work Is it the alienation of people from the fruits of their labor Is is the Fordist curse of routine and the post Fordist curse automation and endless information If the narrator Jake was Holden Caulfield, then Plato could have played the role of Mr Antolini, offering a kind of frame that connected Vinnie, big banks, government, and his loneliness together into some sort of coherent frame, even if that frame is ultimately shattered In the end, Mr Antolini wasn t able to solve Holden s problem partially because the intellectual frame was too small and rigid for the vastness of the problems Holden was facing In a crucial moment of the book, Plato has a moment to put the novel in coherent framework something about the relationship between meaning making and nihilism I ll let you read it for yourself and decide if it works The pacing of the book is excellent, but in the middle Jake starts spending time alonethinking As someone who has written a book about someone wandering and thinking, I can tell you with absolute authority, there is no better way to kill narrative momentum than to have a guy walk and think Mercifully, these bouts are rather short and are largely an aberration in a narrative that moves at a runner s pace In the end, Spark is an excellently paced work of dark humor that will have you asking for .

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