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    DNF 25% I am done I am done with this book I am done with this series I don t understand how this could have happened Lynsay Sands highlander romance books used to be really good What changed Did the writing just go bad, or did my standards just mature over the years Sigh Look, one of the things I absolutely hate the most is when the hero has sex with another woman in the book I don t care if it was just oral or if he hasn t even met the heroine yet when that happened I JUST HATE IT But I still give the hero a chance and check if he s still worth it, like Derek Craven in Lisa Kleypas Dreaming of You But Greer Bloody hell This guy thinks through his penis Really I, for the life of me, cannot find any redeeming qualities in this shallow, horny bastard And I did not appreciate having a long scene showing him getting oral from another woman PLEASE CAN YOU NOT It wasn t even fucking relevant to the story WHAT GIVES And oh, there was this scene when Greer first met Saidh, and he got so turned on that he planned to find Milly the girl whom he has sex with and imagine that it was Saidh he was screwing He was now sporting a log under his plaid bigger than the one Milly had raised in the woods If just looking at the woman caused that, he shuddered to think what her actually speaking might do to him He needed to get away and take care of the beast poking at his plaid Maybe Milly could help with that He could take her from behind, close his eyes and pretend it was Lady Saidh Buchanan he was thrusting into The feminist in me wants to kill this man To cut him up and feed him to the bears, Hannibal style Seriously This portrayal of women as a sexual outlet needs to stop I know that there are a lot of romance novels out there that allow this in the name of historical accuracy, but please can they not make this so blatant There s always a good way to balance historical accuracy with sensitivity Ugh rage quits

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    Our introduction to the hero is a blowjob scene with another woman, not my favorite but could have moved on if story and main heroine hero relationship was goodit was not for me.at all By page 80 the hero had given the heroine an orgasmthis is historical romance This is very light on the historical feel, scenes and character demeanor Our hero talks and thinks endlessly about and with his penis, our heroine ad nauseam mentions that she has seven brothers and that is why she is like no other lady and curses, open with her sexuality and body, and generally acts like a contemporary heroine I promise, I m not going to get on my soapbox about modern bent historicals.I started severely skimming after the 40% mark but for a book I wouldn t categorize as erotic, my god there was a lot of sex filler scenes If you want to read about a couple speaking in Scottish accents but not get a historical feel, hear about growing up with seven brothers, and simply read sex scenes I fully recognize there is an audience for this then this would trip your trigger.

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    I m really enjoying this series of Highlanders who have stolen not only their women s hearts, but mine too Lindsay Sands always writes a story that is full of excitement, adventure, passion, and her signature humour that I have come to enjoy I always know that her stories will include laugh out loud moments that I find is hard to find in a lot of books My favourite humorous moment in this story was when the Tom boyish heroine is trying to figure out if she is in love with her man She has a discussion with her 7 brothers about it and you can just about imagine how men describe love and sex Lol It was an awesome part of the book and I won t forget it I highly recommend giving this author a go Her books are excellent and just so enjoyable I m moving onto the next one right away

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    ALLAHIM SONUNDA B TT BU KENCE Kitap okuma hevesimi al p g t ren, bitirmek i in kafam masaya arpa arpa okudu um bir kitap oldu Niye inat ettim de bitirmeye al t m, onu ben de bilmiyorum B rak yani sevmediysen de il mi Ama yok, inada bindi DBen pek historical seven biri de ilim Yabanc Yay nlar seneler sonra historical t r nde bunu bas nca Ne ola ki diye merakland m da okudum Ke ke ben okumasaym m, o basmasaym Bir k z var kitapta ki ad da erkek ad bence ya ba ta ok kafam kar t o y zden neyse i te bu Saidh ad ndaki k z 7 abiyle b y m , erkek gibi davran yor falan Ama asl nda erkek gibi davranmaktan kas t bu historicallardaki her eyi yapar m halleri de il, bildi in cono, k ro, i e yaramaz erkekler gibi davran yor Bu k z n kuzeni Fenella d n n ertesi gecesi kocas n ld rm , Saidh de bu durum me ru m dafaaya girer deyip su un st n rtmesi i in ona yard m etmi Aradan birka y l ge tikten sonra reniyor ki bu kuzeni toplamda 4 kez evlenmi ve her kocas lm Son kocan n l m n de duyunca k z kalk p kuzeninin yan na gidiyor akl nda phelerle Fenella n n kocas l nce haliyle kalenin lordlu u da kuzeni Greer e kalm Greer de lord olmu ama akl eyinde bir adam Saidh i g r yor ve bam A k olmuyor tabii ben bunu istiyorum diyor, kitap ba l yor.Allah affetsin Wattpad kitab gibiydi Hem de iyi Wattpad kitab gibi de de il k t Wattpad kitab gibi Anlat m nas l da n k Karakterlerin her biri ayr ayr mal Saidh g ya ok biliyor her eyi Greer akl eyinden ba ka bir eye al mayan bir adam K z n yedi abisi zaten evlere enlik Kitap boyu s rekli s rekli bir araya girme, bir laf s yleme derdi i indeler Recep vedik kalitesizli inde espriler ok bilmi bir Alpin Ger ek ilikle ya da mant kla alakas olmayan bir kurgu Araya s k t r lm LGBT k r nt lar S rrrrekli anlat lan sevi me sahneleri Tecr besiz ama azg n tesi bakire O lunun en b y k s rr n bir yabanc ya a klamakta sak nca g rmeyen Leydi MacDonnell Kocas l r lmez yine koca derdine d n Fenella.Fenal klar bast valla S rf o cinayet meseleleri i in okudum ama o da sa ma ekilde a kland Ay anlatama yorum ok uyuz oldum kitaba Kalitesiz, basit bir dille yaz lm Bir de kitapta herkes l yor K z diyor ki ni anl m ld Ne zaman ld Senin ni anl n m vard Seriyi 3 kitaptan itibaren basan yay nevine sayg lar Kitap b yle oldu u gibi eviri de sorunluydu Yer yer zaman kullan mlar yanl t Tilda belli ki yenge iken teyze olarak yaz lm t falan Ya da biliyorum kitaba o kadar uyuz oldum ki bana ok batm da olabilir Neyse i te, hi tavsiye etmiyorum.

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    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Saidh, was raised by some rowdy brothers, but she can hunt and ride with the best of them When she hears that her cousin Fenella s fourth husband has been killed, Saidh goes to her cousin Saidh is hiding a secret, a secret that has tied Saidh with her cousin for years A secret that if it was revealed, would make Fenalla the prime suspect, and Saidh is pretty sure that Fenella is innocent When she arrives, she meets the new Laird Greer The chemisty is powerful between Greer and Saidh Greer makes Saidh feel like a woman with desire and passion But with Greer and Saidh s desire building for each other, there is something foul afoot And Greer wants to make sure that nothing will happen to Saidh Saidh is a prime target of a killer, one that is out for her blood and by some miracle she has survived the attempts on her life But there is to this than just Saidh s life Someone killed Fenella s husband, and the same killer is after Saidh Only when Greer and Saidh work together can they solve the mystery and find a place to share their lives togetherif her seven protective brothers don t kill the man she loves in the process first The Hero Greer MacDonnell, was not ready to be the new laird And it wasn t a position he really wanted for himself but he was the one next in line for the position So Greer tries to make the best of the position When he arrives at his new home, there are some messes to clean up Greer is honorable, hard working, and dedicated Greer does what is necessary despite what his lectures from his Squire about not following the right procedures But Greer and Alpin have a strong bond, so he takes it all in stride What I admired most about Greer was what a perfect hero he is He is a wonderful leader, respectful but firm He see s all sides in a situation and doesn t judge instantly He thinks and ponders before making a decision Have to admire a man, that is patient and understanding in any given situation He is caring and protective toward Saidh The Heroine Saidh is one of those heroines that you meet and you know if she was real.you could be best friends for life She has many facets to her character and I found her so refreshing She is energetic and full of passion for life I love her zestiness and her stubborn streak and boy how she handles her brothers She has seven of them, and practically grew up as a tom boy But she wins any tussle she has with them Growing up with seven rowdy brothers.she definitely gets creative I love the way she handles her eccentric cousin Fenella Now Fenella isn t my favorite side character, but Saidh handles her well with grace and love I love how she handles the situations she is dealt And she tends to stretch the boundaries giggle Can t get enough of her curiosity, her tendency to wear breeches while riding smart lady , and can curse like a sailor Saidh is also a sweet and kind heroine as well She makes a perfect match for Greer Plot and Story Line The Highlander Takes A Bride is the third installment in the latest historical series by Lynsay Sands The moment this came out, I clicked it and bought it I will say that it took me some time to get to this book I have no idea why, but I finally read it through my e reader and couldn t get enough of it What was most intriguing was seeing these two banter with one another From their first meeting Naked Greer swimming in the loch and boy do sparks fly between these two We also see quite a bit of depth to the story, and I loved seeing their story evolve in the way that it does.Lynsay Sands is pure talent when it comes to writing romance I found myself drawn into the story from the beginning, and I found myself captivated by every aspect that kept this story stimulating and packed with plenty of chemistry and action We have a mystery that comes into play here, and boy this author kept me guessing I honestly couldn t figure out who the culprit was, and just when I thought I had it, I was completely blown away by the secrets and dangerous aspects that come into play There is a level of suspense and intrigue The supporting characters are a riot and cause quite a bit of drama But not too much, just enough to bring balance to the story First we have Alpin, who is Greer s squire And boy he is tenacious like a dog with a bone when it comes to the rules He doesn t understand why Greer and Saidh break them all the time Its quite entertaining, and I love the jests and bantering between Alpine and Greer and Saidh He almost acts like a scandalized virgin Then we have the seven brothers.now these brothers are so dang hiliarous and really add the right level of humor to the story They are way overprotective of Saidh, but they also tend to be a bit harsh in judgments Which I found quite amusing All seven brothers are you typical males.but boy I love how Saidh handles them She knows exactly what weapons to use against themand it works every single time.The romance between Greer and Saidh is quite a compelling one They have an easy going relationship There isn t much angst at all, its at easy and calm and I was hands down all for that Because there is a conflict, and so I liked that they just flowed so well together while trying to solve a mystery They have quite a bit of strong chemistry here, but there is also a close bond to each other on an emotional level It is quite engaging to have a couple that works in harmony on every level This is a highly fun romance that is packed with everything that made me fall madly in love with it Can t wait to see what Sands comes up with next The Cover Such a beautiful romantic cover I love the vivid colors used, and such a dramatic sensual pose Overall View The Highlander Takes A Bride is a highly engaging romance that takes you back in time to the highlands where Mystery, Intrigue, and Passion are at a high This story takes the reader on an adventure with engaging characters, silly bantering, and some intense moments to keep you calling out for SENSATIONAL FROM BEGINNING TO END

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    akl na geldik e kitaptan daha fazla so umak ajdkfjsjd

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    4 starsThe third installment of Lynsay Sands Highland Brides series features a character introduced in book 2 To Marry a Highland Laird Saidh Buchanan was among the single women invited to woo Campbell Sinclair the hero of book 2 , though her heart was never in it She became fast friends with the woman who did win Cam s heart Joan , and the book opens with Saidh leaving Joan s home after attending the birth of the couple s son to figure out what has happened to her cousin who just lost her 4th husband in so many years.Saidh was with her cousin Fenella 4 years ago when her cousin married for the first time Saidh witnessed the abuse of his new wife, and while traveling the day after the wedding with the new couple, she found her cousin over her husband s body with the knife used to kill him When Fenella explained that she had no choice, Saidh helped her cover up the crime and claimed bandits attacked them That was the last time Saidh saw or heard from Fenella she was shocked to learn that Fenella had not only been married 3 times since, but that all of those husbands died soon after their nuptials As Saidh is the only person besides Fenella that knew the first husband s death was at her cousin s hands, she worried that she didn t know Fenella as well as she thought and is determined to get to the bottom of this black widow pattern.Greer MacDonnell has been a sword for hire since he could wield a sword, and now he has found himself the new Laird of Clan MacDonnell when his cousin Allen is found dead in an assumed drowning accident soon after taking a bride When he assumes his new title, he finds a beautiful, if unconventional, lady that he is immediately drawn to and vows to make her his Saidh is unlike any woman Greer has ever known she is a lady, yet she curses like a warrior and fights like one too She shuns formalities, and she wears pants under her gowns so that she can ride astride As the only girl raised with 7 brothers, Saidh has learned to hold her own and then some Greer cannot help but be equal parts fascinated and attracted to her, and he soon plots to make her his new wife But little does he know that there is an unknown entity within his own new castle who is plotting against the object of his affection.What I liked As always, Sands delivers with some yummy steamy goodness The main characters were likeable Saidh was a different sort of heroine in a good way that added some humor and light to the story Minimal angst between the main characters I am not a fan of the miscommunication and other silly reasons to keep couples apart there was very little of this involved in this story thankfullyWhat I didn t like as much So first of all, a little Scottish history lesson Greer is what the G in my user name stands for it s my middle name it was my paternal grandmother s maiden name she is a direct descendant of Clan MacGregor Greer is one of the surnames used when MacGregor was proscribed as it is the feminine form of Gregor it seemed odd to me that the main male character had what is considered to be a girl s name especially at that time since he was of no relation to the Scottish origin of the name While I enjoyed the mystery aspect, the final result left me a little disappointed view spoiler I like stories where you at least have some chance at successfully guessing who the bad guy is this was not one of those because the motive for the murders was a little off the wall I get that the person had some serious mental health issues once it all came out, but the motive for continually trying to kill Saidh was pretty lame hide spoiler

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    3.5 stars Audio by Penelope Nederhorst was in Scottish accent and was quite enjoyable The story was another good one in this new series by Lynsay Sands It had similar lines of thrill, mystery, humor and romance but the humor was pretty solid in this one.

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    A romantic and truly delightful historical romance, The Highlander Takes a Bride was a lovely read With sweet romance and a surprising betrayal, this book was great and I really liked it.Saidh was a fantastic heroine She could hold her own for sure, with her fearlessness and her badass fighting ability She could be reckless at times but she realized that and learned from her mistakes I thought she was great.Greer was also wonderful He was very sweet and loved Saidh exactly as she was He was protective of those under his care and took that responsibility seriously I really liked him as well.The romance was both sweet and spicy Saidh and Greer were a perfect match They were infatuated with each other from the start and it didn t take long for those feelings to deepen And they definitely had enough chemistry to turn the heat way up I thought they were great together.The plot was mostly well paced abut there were some parts that slowed down While the story never really dragged, it did have slower parts However, I still really liked the story It was romantic and included a betrayal that really took me by surprise And the ending was lovely.The Highlander Takes a Bride was a delightful historical romance and I really liked it Romance lovers, this is a book worth the read I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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The Highlander Takes a Bride download The Highlander Takes a Bride, read online The Highlander Takes a Bride, kindle ebook The Highlander Takes a Bride, The Highlander Takes a Bride ae725bd594d4 A Bold, Seductive Laird Meets His Passionate Match In A Scintillating Highland Romance From New York Times Bestselling Author Lynsay SandsSword Fighting, Swearing, And Riding Astride Come Naturally To Saidh Buchanan Simpering And Holding Her Tongue Definitely Not Raised Alongside Seven Boisterous Brothers, Saidh Has Little Interest In Saddling Herself With A Husband Until She Glimpses The New Laird MacDonnell Bathing Naked In The Loch Though She S Far From A Proper Lady, The Brawny Highlander Makes Saidh Feel Every Inch A WomanShe Has An Angel S Looks, A Warrior S Temper, And Seeks Out His Kisses With Wanton Eagerness Little Wonder That Greer Is Intrigued By His Comely Guest When Reckless Desire Overtakes Them, He S Than Willing To Make An Honest Woman Of Her But Saidh Is The Target Of A Hidden Enemy, And Greer Faces The Battle Of His Life To Safeguard The Woman He Wants Above All Others