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    Hanging from the edge of a cliff wasn t the way Andrew Martinplanned to start his day He took a chance setting up his tripod too closeto the canyon s edge and now there he was, praying someone wouldcome to the rescue Luckily his good friend finds him and they head offto El Tovar for lunch Andrew isn t done taking chances for the day Hehears about a new girl working at the restaurant When he meets her,she s all he can think about It s 1927 and the world has certain rules tofollow Does he dare break them to be with the girl of his dreams After Andrew Martin a rich teenager from New York visited the Grand Canyon on a family holiday, he pesters his father to return Finally, Andrew returns the following summer on his own.Determined to get the perfect sunrise picture, Andrew finds himself in a near to death situation, his teenage years flashing before him but thankfully his mentor Jack arrives just in time However, when Andrew goes for lunch at EL Tovar, he meets the beautiful Katie Will she be his second chance of the day A delightful short story so beautifully written, of love at first sight, for two teenagers I only wish the story had gone on further.

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    Okay, so Taking Chances is a free short story set in the Waiting For Dusk world We get to see from Drew s perspective this time and I have to say, I love being in Drew s head than Kate s I ve read other books where after reading a book or series through the female lead s POV, I ended up hating the male after reading his version of the events.That is so not the case with this book It makes me wish the entire series had been written from Drew s POV but obviously that would not have worked I guess I just like the character Drew better than Kate Maybe because Kate starts off fairly childish and immature while Drew is mature Ultimately though, I really loved this story If you ve read the Waiting For Dusk series this is a MUST read And it s FREE It s a nice sweet little taste of the romance that will follow in the rest of the series DISCLAIMER I do work for the company that published this book and I designed the cover, however my opinions are 100% my own and true.

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    Andrew Martin comes from a wealthy New York family He could have whatever he wanted and live in luxury.He wants to be his own man and not follow in the family business He has artistic talent and big dreams.His sense of adventure almost cuts his dream and his life short when he reaches for a fallen lens cap andnearly tumbles into the Grand Canyon.Fortune smiles on him when his friend and mentor arrives in the nick of time.After he rescues Andrew he invites him to lunch.As is his custom, after lunch Andrew goes into the kitchen to speak with another friend.Fortune is about to smile on him again as he gets his first glimpse of the new waitress, Kate.This very brief peek into the lives of Kate, Andrew and their friends hints that something not quite normal or expected is happening I hope it piques your curiosity as much as it has mine.

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    This prequel tells Andrew and Kate s story and how they met It is told from Andrew s POV which I found interesting Usually series like this remain in the female point of view It fills us in on some of the vague details from Waiting For Dusk But it is a standalone and doesn t need to be read in order It can be enjoyed on its own.There is some great adventure in this tale and it starts off with a bang Pennick s style is flowing and well paced, endearing her characters to your memory and your heart Read this short and get hooked on the series.

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    Taking Chances is a short story You don t have to have read the Waiting for Dusk books to enjoy it In fact, I read it as a little sampler of Pennick s writing style A brilliant move on Pennick s part, and I may steal the idea and so something like this too I liked the story and want I definitely want to read about these characters and this unique setting Grand Canyon in the 1920s Plus, the covers of all four books are gorgeous

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    Andrew starts his day in quite the predicament as he nearly plunges into the depth of the Grand Canyon Fortunately, his fingers gripping the edge of the canyon don t fail him and he s able to hold there until his friend rescues him If not for his strong grip, and the help of his friend, he would not have been afforded the opportunity to meet the lovely waitress, Kate, who immediately stole his heart This story is a short, cute, peek into the blooming romance of Andrew and Kate.

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Taking Chances (Waiting for Dusk Book .5) download Taking Chances (Waiting for Dusk Book .5) , read online Taking Chances (Waiting for Dusk Book .5) , kindle ebook Taking Chances (Waiting for Dusk Book .5) , Taking Chances (Waiting for Dusk Book .5) 82ef9f5fbde9 Hanging From The Edge Of A Cliff Wasn T The Way Andrew Martin Planned To Start His Day He Took A Chance Setting Up His Tripod Too Close To The Canyon S Edge And Now There He Was, Praying Someone Would Come To The Rescue Luckily His Good Friend Finds Him And They Head Off To El Tovar For Lunch Andrew Isn T Done Taking Chances For The Day He Hears About A New Girl Working At The Restaurant When He Meets Her, She S All He Can Think About It S And The World Has Certain Rules To Follow Does He Dare Break Them To Be With The Girl Of His Dreams