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When Body talks chapter 1 When Body talks , meaning When Body talks , genre When Body talks , book cover When Body talks , flies When Body talks , When Body talks f2aa8c3a03ff3 An Absurdest Book About A Sex Crazed Guy Called Norman Involves In A Long Sex Phone Chat With A Girl Called Lola And Both Shares Their Passions, Libidos And Other Nasty Life Secrets Norman Slowly Gets Into Lola S World And Their Relationship Elaborates To The Point When They Both Decide To Kill Themselveshow The Night Ends For Norman Lola

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    1999 2003 2004

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    wrote this book when i was 21 influenced by European pornography and Madonna s infamous book Sex you can call it anything but A Book it s like an absurdity pornographic play where we can see one actor, naked, talking on the phone and we only hear the voice of the other actressa dark stage with a bed where Norman lies on holding the phone with one hand and masturbating with the other handthe two characters talks sex life, politics, society, philosophy and deaththe book was a domestic but huge success when it was initially published 12 years ago in Canadait was printed 3 times since thennow i have the rights to publish it in Egypt for digital downloadnot hoping success but it s just for the recordi released a book in Canada and it was successful

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    i didn t get the chance to read the arabic version but i really like the english versionit s mature and intellectualit s a little less Jibran and Darwish

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    regular reader might hate ittoo much sextoo much dialoguezero actionbut still a master piece in its own termsmarvelous dialoguesurprising enda suspense linereally loved it

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