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    Written by a friend of mine, but I d give it 5 stars anyway it s really a well done, wonderful read, with a great story line and an extraordinarily well crafted view of all aspects of upper class England in the mid to late 18th century The pacing is perfect, the characters are developed thoroughly, with humor and wit, and it leaves me hungry for the sequel that s in the works It s particularly skillful at conveying how women found their place, and power, in such a society I heartily recommend it

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The Marriage of True Minds download The Marriage of True Minds , read online The Marriage of True Minds , kindle ebook The Marriage of True Minds , The Marriage of True Minds 4327c08bec1e The Marriage Of True Minds Is An Opulent Journey Into The Lives And Loves Of The Earl Of Stoneleigh And The Earl Of Wortham During The Reign Of George III In Th Century England It Is A Glimpse Of The Period S Upper Class Society Weighed Down By Social Conventions In A Milieu Of Constant Social Obligations Requiring Fine Carriages, Elegant Attire, And Polished, Polite Manners LL Field Captures All The Details That Will Keep You Immersed Page After Page As You Witness Their Daily Struggles To Find Real Love While Supporting Their Lavish Lifestyles, With The Ultimate Pressure To Secure The Future Of Their Earldoms By Producing Heirs