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    Meh Okay read Not greatly impressed You ve got Kori, the heroine, trying to deal with her teen tween kiddos, trying to muddle through a floundering marriage, and run a colony people Things pick up a little with the sudden appearance of a stranger from a neighboring tribe and the disappearance of Kori s disturbed son But, instead of building on these plot points, the book just kind of simmers on I never felt really happy sad excited fearful etc for Kori or her tribe Her hubby was kind of a blah window dressing I kept thinking there would be a sizzling make up scene between the two, or some kind of deep emotional re kindling Nope Nada Not sure if this book knew what it wanted to be a romance or a historical pre historical novel Way better options out there to fill both of these quotas But, I got my ten cents worth I paid at a garage sale A side note Did the book ever explain where the tribe was located other than by the Ocean Did I miss those clues And about what time in history this was

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    I ve been in love with another book by this author for almost 15yrs, so I decided to give all the other works a try I have to say after comparing this to Children of the Ice my fav I wasn t as impressed I found Kori to be wooden and unrelatable She just wasn t a character I liked and the son was a complete sociopath with no redeemable qualities Compared to the other book it was a 1, on it s own it was just okay.

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The Ocean Tribe download The Ocean Tribe, read online The Ocean Tribe, kindle ebook The Ocean Tribe, The Ocean Tribe 8c8167a9ba24 Here Was An Ancient Land Of Beauty And Bloodshed Turning Away From Warfare And Superstition, Kori And Her Husband, Uroh, Left Their People To Found The Ocean Tribe, A Group Of Peace Loving Wanderers Turned Fishermen And Hunters Led By A Strong And Beautiful Female Warrior, Protected By The Mysterious Sea, They Had No Enemies Or So Kori Thought Yet A Bitter Foe Lies Deep Within The Tribe Itself, Poised To StrikeThe Tribe S Peaceful Existence Begins To Crumble When A Stranger Named Werror Appears, Seeking Refuge After Ruthless Fighters Decimate His Village Skilled And Clever, This Powerful Man Both Captivates And Disturbs Kori Little Does She Know That He Is About To Lead Her Into The Ultimate Betrayaland A Battle For Survival That Will Shatter Everything She Believes About Herself And Her World