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Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) txt Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) , text ebook Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) , adobe reader Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) , chapter 2 Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) , Dust to Dust (Ashes #2) 663589 Perfect For Fans Of If I Stay Or Imaginary Girls, Dust To Dust Is The Mysterious, Thoughtful, And Poignant Sequel To Melissa Walker S Haunting And Heartbreaking Novel Ashes To AshesWhen Callie McPhee Miraculously Recovers From A Tragic Accident That Should Have Taken Her Life, She Thought Her Connection To The Ghost World Would Be Severed Forever And That She Would Never See Thatcher The Ghost She Fell In Love With In The Hereafter Again But When She Receives Unexpected Signs From Thatcher, She S Led Down A Dark Road Toward The Angry Souls Who Once Tried To Steal Her Soul S Energy For Another Chance At LifeNow Callie Must Prevent The Real World And The Spirit World From Colliding, And That Could Mean Saying Good Bye To People She D Never Imagined She D Lose

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    Noooooo This can t be the end such a good duo, was hoping it would be a trilogy.

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    Overall, I can say this was a great series, although I expected in the ending.For one, I m kind of upset with the short small goodbye that Callie and Thatcher had, even though it made me cry I expected to the goodbye, and a twist to the story The build up of the plot of so much drama and determination got me excited for the conclusion, although unfortunately the ending fell short.The fight between Leo, Reena and Callie s group of friends was very short and quick, like the whole build up of the plot was pointless to a short and quick ending I feel like the conclusion of this series fell very short, and was short lived The author could ve done a better job in the twist of the story, possibly a better ending with Thatcher and Callie because I absolutely adored them, and wanted a better happy lovey dovey conclusion In the end, this series had me cry at the end of both books, and I love the new take and creation of the after life I wish there was a continuation, but I respect the authors choice in the book and I do have closure knowing that Thatcher moved on peacefully, and Callie and him said their goodbyes, along with her group of friends not getting possessed but living alive and healthy.

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    Dust to Dust is the sequel to Ashes to Ashes and also the finale It s very different from the previous book, which was set in the afterlife called the Prism Here we have the real world setting of Charleston, South Carolina We get to see of Callie s friends and school life We also get paranormal stuff like ghosts and poltergeists just like the previous book, but now Callie s not one of there She s awake and alive, no longer in a coma I did enjoy the characters in this book The story was character driven, but had a solid plot We get a lot of Carson, Callie s best friend Carson is very relatable and also obsessed with paranormal stuff and watched ghost hunting shows and supernatural TV and movies She wants Callie to spill her experience and Callie gives in and Carson is super enthusiast about Callie getting her story out there Callie rather keep it private There s also Nick, Callie s boyfriend who not really in love with her any Thatcher who s a spirit guide and the love interest of the previous book Callie is still in love with him, but she can t really interact with him outside of dreams Dylan, a new character that has a crush on Carson, is kind of a bookish hipster who s family owns a paranormal book store He s always quoting famous people This story is very fun a reminiscent of other paranormal stories I ve read in the past It s not clich but it s like other ghost books I ve read that include possessions or the afterlife Like the Ghost Huntress series, or Hereafter by Tara Hudson It s got a lighter tone Nothing too scary or dark It s romance and friendship and hard choices It s sometime bitter sweet I also love the southern setting Beautiful Creatures was the only other series that really gave me a taste of South Carolina I actually have a cousin who moved there a while back, but I ve never been father south the Kentucky I d recommend this series to those who want to read a really unique ghost story Cover Art Review Looks like a Shadow Falls novel cover Not very unique, but it sets a mood I like the warm tones of orange and pink Haley GMy blog

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    From the start of this sequel I knew a completely satisfying ending would be impossible with the difficult circumstances that Callie was left in from the first book I m happy to say, though, that although in a perfect world it would ve been nice for things to go a different way, I really think Melissa Walker created an ending that tied up all loose ends while still allowing the possibility for other happy endings.

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    I need something, some blurb, to live on Can t wait until DecemberWHY

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    3.5 starsOn one hand, I m surprised that so few people have read this book But on the other hand, as unsatisfactory as this book was, I m not.At the time that I read this, it was perfect, just because I needed a book that was a bit less deep and overwhelming after reading the Harry Potter series and The Night Circus So it was a good cool down read But subjectively, it wasn t that great I mean, she doesn t even end up with the boy in the end What kind of modern young adult romance novel are you trying to write, Ms Walker Most of the aspects of this book were super predictable after reading the last book We know there s something special about Callie from reading the last book and, again, because this is a modern young adult novel , so the whole you re a death spot, Callie thing wasn t as groundbreaking as it was supposed to have been I did like the characters somewhat, and how they all banded together as a team in the end That was cute But the fact that pretty much everyone else ended up happy and in love except THE MAIN CHARACTER was pretty aggravating Maybe Callie will somehow fall in love with Eli, I don t know Maybe I just expected this book to be super basic, and didn t predict that other things would happen.It was an okay book.

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    I wasn t ready to leave these characters Great follow up to the first book I m sorry it s the last.

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    Should have known

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    Really, really enjoyed this wrap up.Melissa W is such a clean writer.

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