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Duchess By Night chapter 1 Duchess By Night, meaning Duchess By Night, genre Duchess By Night, book cover Duchess By Night, flies Duchess By Night, Duchess By Night 5e9f8c591dee6 One Night S Disguise Could Lead To A Lifetime Of PassionA Mischievous CharadeHarriet, Duchess Of Berrow, Is Tired Of Her Title And The Responsibilities That Come Along With It Enough With Proper Tea Parties And Elegant Balls What Harriet Really Wants Is To Attend An Outrageous Soiree Where She Can Unleash Her Wildest Whims And Desires But To Attend Such An Event Especially If The Event In Question Is Lord Justinian Strange S Rollicking Fete, Filled With Noble Rogues And Rotters, Risqu Ladies And Illicit Lovers Would Be Certain Scandal That S Why She Must Disguise HerselfLooking Forward To A Night Of Uninhibited Pleasure, Lord Strange Is Shocked To Discover That Beneath The Clothes Of A No Good Rake Is The Most Beautiful Woman In The Room Why Is A Woman Like Her Risking Her Reputation At His Notorious Affair And Can He Possibly Entice Her To Stay Forever

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    This book had many high points and some annoying points but overall it was a descent book Really sweet characters but at times it was just too lengthy when it didnt need to be Overall though the storyline was really good 3.4 stars

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    I thought this one would be a snoozer, Harriet was always pretty yawn y in the other books, so imagine my surprise when the author took a bunch of cliches girl dressed as guy anyone and made it sooo good I really really enjoyed these characters MUCH than I thought of Other than a somewhat MEH ending which actually I think is the only weakness in these books, the endings are always so HEA anti climactic since they re stand alone and you know they re gonna end up together I think this might be one of my favorite ones, I just thought she took a bunch of cliches and made them fresh, yay

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    This audiobook was a romantic comedy set in the Ton.Widower Duchess Harriet Berrow is still coming to grip with her husband s suicide over his failure as a chess gamer when she decides to aid her friend, another Duchess, in a plan to lure her husband back to London.The plan involved Harriet dressing up as man named Harry Cope and accompanying her friends to reside at Lord Jem Strange s estate.Part of the amusing part of this story was trying to pull off the ruse as well as the inner musings of Lord Jem who found himself attracted to Lord Cope I chuckled often and I enjoyed the personal growth of Jem and Harriet It made me think of transgendered people in the Ton and the sheer terror it would have been for them This story wasn t about that but I thought about it anyway.Harriet and Jem fit because they challenged each other mentally, academically and they were physically attracted to each other.It was a fun story

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    After reading too much paranormal romance I decided to take a break and try something else, you know, change the air and all that, and I thought that a historical romance will do just fine Having already started this series I was a bit reluctant at first because I got a bit meh towards the previous book, An Affair Before Christmas, and I was afraid that this one won t be so good also A friend of mine insisted on it and told me a bit about what happens in the story and I became excited Now, after finishing it, I have to admit that I loved it.The aspect I love most in this book was the same that made me start reading it a woman going under disguise as a man I always thought it would be fun doing something like that and I wished many times that I could be able to infiltrate an all male crew and just spy on them for a couple of days Maybe even join in Oh the fun The story went really well with this, there were many moments where Harriet got herself in really funny situations and it was so enjoyable I respect and admire Eloisa James for her unique writing skills and her great talent of creating the best set of dialogues I ve ever encountered so far Her humor is just great and her stories, even though they re simplistic, manage to suck you in and entertained you from start to end.Duchess by Night, as you can tell, is the story of Lord Strange and Harriet Now my first reaction when I saw that Lord Strange was the hero in this book was to scream EEEEEWWW at the walls I was thinking why would I ever want to read a story about such a freaky guy Harriet is an interesting woman, she deserves better than this To explain my reaction better I will show you a picture of what I thought Strange looks like Just looking at him makes me have shivers And not in a positive way.After reading of the book I found out that he looks like this Yeah, I know It s exaggerated but this is how my mind pictured him so that s how he s going to stay Period.After my mind morphed Strange into the goodie illustrated above, the story got even better Yes, call me shallow I love pretty things I m an artist after all.In the end some of my favorite quotes from this book Well, I didn t want Avery to die, Loveday Billing explained I just wanted to marry John, that s all I couldn t stop myself I was that tired, and lonely, and he he sat with me of an evening Vanity, thy name is woman Thank God you ve taken pity on me, he said I m thinking of hobbling to the window and throwing myself out into the snow from pure ennui I kiss men often, Villiers said Just to make them flustered Remind me to kiss you on our next meeting, Strange

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    Harriet, Duchess of Berrow, is lonely so she dresses as a man to go to a wicked party with her friends Lord Justinian Strange hosts these wicked parties and mostly ignores everyone Except the new party goer who is just distracting Once he figures out that Harry is a lady suddenly his boners are A OK So then there s sex and also feelings because what kind of romance novel would this be without those 1 This was better than I was expecting, which sets the bar low where it belongs and doesn t mean it was great which it kind of wasn t But I didn t want to put it down, which means something 2 The undercover element of Harry s disguise felt kind of unnecessary Why couldn t she go as a woman again It was just this big unnecessary thing that made the first half of the book feel reallyoff kilter 3 That said, I thought the chemistry between Harry and Jem was pretty engrossing I was into it 4 Eugenia was such a monster I would read her book 5 I didn t quite follow why Harry decided to turn against Jem s lifestyle Like, in theory it made sense but on paper she went from enjoying the adventure to suddenly demanding he give it all up It just needed to be developed a bit better I also thought the resolution was too easy and underdeveloped 6 Harry s transformation from country mouse to was almost too lightly handled I would have liked a bit The opening chapters with her dressed as Mother Goose killed me I was about ready to mark Jemma off as a loss from the unknowing hurts she caused Ultimately, it was resolved but almost as a secondary thought 7 I think that s my takeaway from this book it was interesting but not enough time was given to the things that needed it and too much to Harry s stint as a boy.

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    Duchess by Night is my second Eloisa James book and I again thoroughly enjoyed it It was very funny and witty especially the horseback riding and fencing lessons I read the first in this series, Desperate Duchesses, and then this one so I already knew the heroine, Harriet d b a Harry in this book I really felt bad for her as she s a widow, her husband committed suicide, and her life is in limbo some people blame her for his death, she feels tons of guilt and sadness, and leads a very lonely life The only thing she really has going for her is she works in the court and she has her girlfriend, Jemma I love Jemma and can t wait to read her story she reminds me of Gigi from Private Arrangements Also, Villiers is in this story again and I m dying to read his story too Basically, Harriet needs to find some excitement in her life, do something different and un duchess like Her friend, Isidore, who is married, but never met her husband, also wants to do something wild and cause a scandal So they come up with this idea to go to Lord Strange s house party he s the hero, also goes by the name of Jem, has an 8 year old daughter, and his wife dies in childbirth , which is basically so scandalous that Isidore hopes it will bring her estranged husband back from his travels abroad so she too can start her life These poor girls So Villiers will go with them to the party even though he s been ill, recovering from dueling incident , but the catch is Harriet is going under the guise of a man Villiers helps get her outfitted The story is basically that Harry was raised by an overprotective mama in the country and is a little effeminate and needs to be made into a man which somehow the hero winds up helping in this job It was kind of weird because Harry is actually a beautiful male and the hero, Jem, starts being attracted to him her it all sounds pretty sordid, believe me, I didn t think it would work out and was wondering if maybe Jem was bisexual It was strangely exciting and there was great sexual tension, especially on Harriet s part, which also made her feel alive Her husband was obsessed with chess and mostly ignored her, so this time she spends as a man is very liberating and gives her a whole new outlook on life One of the things she realizes she needs is a passion she finds it in Jem s little girl and wishes she had a child She also loves the freedom of wearing breeches and riding horses astride, fencing and taking part in the game that s going on don t know how to describe it better than that Loved seeing the interactions between Jem and his daughter, the interactions between Harry Harriet and the daughter, and how Harry tells Jem he s got to improve his parenting skills and change things up This man really needed a wife and the little girl really needed a mother There was good chemistry between Jem and Harriet maybe 3 scenes together So on a hotness scale maybe a PG 13 or a little closer to an R, but not quite The only thing I didn t like was how things worked out when Jem found out she was a duchess Things were left rather abruptly But, of course, this is romancelandia so there is an HEA And I loved the epilogue, which brought us about, I guess, 8 or 9 years into their future Loved it

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    This one took me a while to get into Despite my love for Alanna, I m not the biggest fan of romances where the woman disguises herself as a man There s too much deceit inherent in the premise and too much, Oh noooo, I m attracted to a man But it did eventually grow on me I like the relationship and I liked the kid.I did not really understand the final conflict.

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    4 Stars I really liked this book One reason was that there were less characters than the previous book and focused on the single story, with only one main side story I loved Harriet, her character was delightful to watch evolve through the book Jem took a while to come around, but he finally did The epilogue was wonderful I love a good epilogue Looking forward to in the series The audio was great Susan Duerden did a fabulous job

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    Re read September 2016

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    I don t often read romances but decided to play in a challenge this month on goodreads a big romance feast during the season of love, Spring, and in particular September A little way in, I kept thinking I have heard of these characters and thought I was reading a book I had previously, only to discover I did previously read a book by the author that appears to follow on from this and enjoyed it greatly I was drawn into this out of a few I had on hand because of the dedication to Georgette Heyer and the following I couldn t get my character into clothing at all without help I was flipping through the pages of this story rather quickly, oddly intrigued, not for the first time about a woman dressing up in men s clothing, because of the humour the author brought to the narrative I laughed a few times out loud Even repeated a couple of lines to my husband I was held captive until the time the hero admitted he knew the heroines sex, then something fell flat to me once the sex scenes started I don t have any issue with sex scenes in books, and there is really nothing in this book that would cause alarm, but I found myself thinking that I couldn t see that charisma, or attraction between the characters for me to lose or suspend my belief throughout those sex scenes I think although I don t care what anyone s sexual inclination is my interest in the story waned and had something to do with the hero, not knowing that the heroine was really a woman from the start and fantasying about changing sides, that kind of lost the true romantic element in my mind If I am going to read a sex scene, or even guess about one that is held behind closed doors, I want to feel that attraction between the characters prior, that passion build up until I am forced to peek at those love scenes or guess what type of passion is shared, and I kind of didn t feel that build up in thismaybe because of the humour preceding those scenes, but then again isn t sex very often humourous Perhaps that is where I became a little disenchanted I would have imagined that the humour of the first half of the book would have been carried through to the bedroom, but it was chitter and chat and all those movements we all know about.I wonder after such a brilliant dedication to one of the most famous romance writers, if not the most famous romance writer of all time, if the story might have kept me engaged and enthralled longer if the humour had of stayed till the end and our hero, who is noted as being very intelligent and knowledgeable in the way of women wasn t so silly, dare I say stupid, to believe the plot set up for him Although I sensed the whole theatrical plot, perhaps I m just getting old LOL Now to be contradictory, after all, attraction and sex is contradictory, despite my not getting the attraction, I wouldn t hesitate to recommend readers of romance to read Eloisa James s books There is a humour and originality to the way she tells Regency Romance which is endearing.

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