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The Lizard Cage: A Novel pdf The Lizard Cage: A Novel, ebook The Lizard Cage: A Novel, epub The Lizard Cage: A Novel, doc The Lizard Cage: A Novel, e-pub The Lizard Cage: A Novel, The Lizard Cage: A Novel 21568e9a359 Beautifully Written And Taking Us Into An Exotic Land, Karen Connelly S Debut Novel The Lizard Cage Is A Celebration Of The Resilience Of The Human SpiritTeza Once Electrified The People Of Burma With His Protest Songs Against The Dictatorship Arrested By The Burmese Secret Police In The Days Of Mass Protest, He Is Seven Years Into A Twenty Year Sentence In Solitary Confinement Cut Off From His Family And Contact With Other Prisoners, He Applies His Acute Intelligence, Buddhist Patience, And Humor To Find Meaning In The Interminable Days, And Searches For News In Every Being And Object That Is Grudgingly Allowed Into His CellDespite His Isolation, Teza Has A Profound Influence On The People Around Him His Very Existence Challenges The Brutal Authority Of The Jailers, And His Steadfast Spirit Inspires Radical Change Even When Teza S Criminal Server Tries To Compromise The Singer For His Own Gain, Teza Befriends Him And Risks Falling Into The Trap Of Forbidden Conversation, Food, And The Most Dangerous Contraband Of All Paper And PenYet, It Is Through Teza S Relationship With Little Brother, A Twelve Year Old Orphan Who S Grown Up Inside The Walls, That We Ultimately Come To Understand The Importance Of Hope And Human Connection In The Midst Of Injustice And Violence Teza And The Boy Are Prisoners Of Different Orders Only One Of Them Dreams Of Escape And Only One Of Them Will Achieve It Their Extraordinary Friendship Frees Both Of Them In Utterly Surprising Ways

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    Every now and then, I read a book that I just want to grab the next person I see and say, You MUST read this The Lizard Cage is one of those books It is lyrical, poignant, astonishing, at times shocking, and ultimately, unforgettable It is that rare book with a solid humanitarian plea at its center that never, ever slips into pedanticism or manipulation.The carefully constructed plot hinges on two prisoners one who is behind the bars of a cage and the other who is constrained by his own spiritual bars The first is Teza, a songbird , a man who has been wrongfully imprisoned by the Burmese government for singing songs that they deemed revolutionary The other is his self appointed little brother , a nameless boy who goes by the name of his faded t shirt, which reads, Free El Salvador Only 12 years old, the boy has taken refuge in the prison where he scrounges for food and is unable to leave.These two broken souls Burmese political prisoner and broken orphan boy find each other within this place of horror At times, their friendship is enabled by the senior jailer Chit Naing, one of the complex characters in fiction, truly a duck out of water The junior jailer, known as Handsome, is a sadist who thrives on working out his own childhood demons by the torture and abuse of others.There is much in this book about man s inhumanity to man Witness Teza s musings When you make love, you begin the world with another person two small gods build the first kingdom out of the body s clay But when a man beats you in the cage, he wants you to know he s got the whole substance of you in his hands, your life and your death There is also much about how the spirit triumphs and kindness prevails even in the most brutal of places.And there s much about how even the most physically run down and broken person can achieve inner freedom when he is true to his core, in this case, the Buddhist principles Again, Teza The Buddha taught us that things change over time Even if people or things look the same, they re always shifting or growing or dying Nothing keeps the same for any of us So we try to have upekkha, to live with upekkaha That means to accept the change that comes and be calm in it But perhaps most, this is a book about how the power of the written or spoken word are both powerful weapons against oppression anywhere There is a strong subplot about pen and paper contraband, and the lengths that the jailers go to eliminate it The pen is, indeed, mightier than the sword.I love this book I love its complex characters, its poetic language, its plots and themes, and particularly its faith in humanity at a time when that faith is waning It s an important and courageous book, a book for our time and all time.

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    I want to say to everyone please please read this..it s achingly beautiful an also brutal a compelling story that fills you with such love for the boy,a boy who is known by the logo on his t shirt who has nothing and for Teza,the songbird whose compassion made me humble and brought tears to my eyes many many times,the message of compassion and the teachings of Buddhism and the two broken souls makes it a book I could never forget.

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    More than halfway into this beautiful work of literature I love it so much that I miss it when I m not reading it..That period in Burma s history was mostly unknown to me at the time I traveled through the country rather extensively maybe around 2005 and loved its quiet beauty and haunting spirituality We did experience a troupe caricaturing the gov t in a carport in Mandalay put on by the Mustache Brothers which was so funny and felt a little dangerous One particular young boy seemed to be on look out and would stare into the street every time a car went by Except for that evening, my experience stands in stark contrast to the lives of the characters in Karen Connelly s book I loved them all Even Handsome In every society the brutal are drawn to jobs that give them autonomy over the disenfranchised and their stories are usually tragic, too And yet love always wins out Maybe not over the bad guys but as long as the good guys choose to love and be loved, love wins.I guarantee you will find this a compelling read and don t miss the author s story at the end and how she came to write this book.

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    Burmese politics, including their political prison system, is harrowing and vicious Not a lot has changed in the past fifty years or so, other than changing the name to Myanmar They remain under military rule and they are one of the least developed nations in the world Karen Connelly has not only written a striking and engaging tour de force about this area, but she has brought a country s atrocities into focus that needs attention badly, and help from developed nations However, she hasn t forgotten the novelist s rule of thumb to entertain It doesn t read like a diatribe or soapbox, it reads like an exquisite, dramatic story of friendship, endurance, compassion, love, and faith in the human condition.Teza is a young man of approximately thirty who is revered by freedom fighters in Burma Myanmar for his political songs that expose the corrupt government, and give hope and spiritual fuel to the people He is in solitary confinement in his seventh year of a twenty year sentence for this crime The conditions in this prison are something beyond harsh and cruel absolutely appalling, savage with lice, scurvy, rickets, bed bugs, and other illnesses invading the prison population Also, the jailers frequently abuse the prisoners physically.Teza has become adept at his Buddhist meditation practices and has a strange but beautiful relationship with the lizards, spiders, and ants that share his cell The most desired item for prisoners, besides food as he is practically starved by the warden and guards is pen and paper If caught with it, it adds another several years to your sentence Teza is therefore in isolation with nothing but the creatures, a dirty mat, stinking water, inedible food, and his mind He lives by the power of his heart and mind Teza knows how to be free in this cage, and his subtle power over the jailers, a different kind of power, is fascinating to comprehend.Little Brother is a twelve year old orphan whose father worked for the prison until he died This young boy, who doesn t read or write, knows nothing outside the prison, and has no desire to leave He is afraid of the outside world He spends his days running errands for the guards or helping the top tier prisoners the ones with lots of pull and power get extras of food He is beloved by the few that have half a heart, but generally treated as sewerage by those in power.The story moves in graceful, gradual, lyrical strokes, bringing the world of the inmates and the jailers to a taut climax The building relationship between Teza and Little Brother is the most weighty of all It works brick by brick, like the building of a cell, layer upon layer, surging into an intense, suspenseful, atypical thriller There are hints of Papillon, although that story was non fiction , but this is not a jailbreak thriller But, like PAPILLON, it has much to do with the life inside the mind, and the cultivation of formidable inner strength, and the bonds between people who are seemingly so vastly different, and yet connected.If you only read a handful of books this year, do read this one Besides its presence as a quietly exciting, non formulaic suspense thriller, it will invite and heighten interest in this culture and this country You will thoroughly inhabit these characters and story, page by page the quintessence of fine literature is actualized in the characters of Teza and Little Brother Finally, this an unforgettable story that lives in, breaks, and mends the human heart.See my full review on mostlyfiction.com

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    I really liked this book and it taught me a lot about Burma Myanmar I really know very little about the political situation there In any case, it s set in a prison and mostly details the relationship between a political prisoner and a young orphan who lives and works there Their relationship is beautiful But there are a lot of disturbing and sad things that take place Some quite hard to read I almost felt emotionally manipulated by the author, if that makes sense similar to how I felt about parts of The Kite Runner Not sure how to explain it.Anyway, I do recommend it, though it s not a light hearted read.

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    It s a sad book What else could it be though A cruel dictatorship, human rights violations, exploitation of a child and so on. It shake me I cried with Teza and the Little Brother Also it makes you see the situation in Myanmar Burma , a country rarely mentioned in global media A difficult book but a definitely must read

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    Lizard Cage is a tremendously disturbing novel that, for the most part, takes place in a Burmese prison during the 1990 s, a particularly brutal time for political activists The protagonist is Teza, a songwriter who is seven years into a twenty year solitary confinement prison sentence He develops a friendship with a young, orphaned boy who works at the prison and also has nothing It is true that there is beauty in this novel and that it describes a tremendous resilience of spirit But it is desperately sad in its depiction of how people are made to suffer It is a fierce reminder of how many struggles exist in our unjust world and how many people die in endless ways while trying to make their case If only it wasn t so.On being beaten It s odd, but when he thinks about the beatings, later he always thinks about making love with Thazin It s the only other touching he s ever experienced that was as unbounded and total But when you make love, you begin the world with another person two small gods build the first kingdom out of the body s clay That s why another soul, a baby, might come from it But when a man beats you in the cage, he wants you to know that he s got the whole substance of you in his hands, your life and your death The distance between those points is all the agony a human body can feel Forgets remembers Such a beautiful and true combination of words The boy drops his head He forgets remembers many things about his father, whose image has blurred in the midst of so many men Cage faces even the warders share a certain tightness, as though the bones are too large for the skin that contains them It s like a mask the prison gives to every man who passes the gates The boy sees it on Sein Yun s face too Maybe there is a beginning word that holds up a whole book Edging closer to the candle, he flips the well thumbed pages He stops at a random page and searches through the long printed lines He wants to find the beginning, the way he found the beginning of his shack at the place where he dug a hole and sunk a wooden post into the earth and buried it again, to hold up a slab of corrugated metal Isn t there a word like that, the beginning word that holds up a whole book The boy grips the flimsy cover with both hands, tensing the muscles of his forearms and shoulders.

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    Reading the Lizard Cage is not for the squeamish It s about Teza, a jailed buddhist political prisoner in Burma Myanmar and his brutal solitary confinement Details about his imprisonment in a small teak coffin cell are brutal and graphic his conditions are inhuman Teza uses meditation and reflects upon Buddhist principles to stay alive and imparts these ideas to a young boy, who though not a prisoner, lives in the prison and works there In this story we see the power of resistance and language Contraband paper and pen that would enable one to read and write are powerful weapons against oppression and the prisoners risk much to obtain such items and to have others outside hear their voices In The Lizard Cage we also see the significant of the characters relationships with other living things such as insects, lizards, what we would commonly consider pests Additionally, we see how the environment of the prison affects different jailers some are loyal and kind whereas others are cruelly blinded by ambition and their own survival Though I often had tears in my eyes as I was reading this book I loved the writing with the well drawn characters, story lines, and most of all because of its messages.

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    Very good, but very slow moving If you are going to enjoy this book, you can t get impatient with the pace You have to wait it out The only way I can think to describe it is like the ocean tide The story moves in and out, steadily building to a climax I didn t mind the pace because it fits with the story The book chronicles the slow development of an unlikely friendship between an orphaned boy who lives and works on prison grounds in a modern day Mynamar Burmese prison because he has no where else to go and a political prisoner who is being tortured and slowly starved Though fiction, the book sheds light on some of the horrible practices of the violent ruling regime of Mynamar of only a few years ago and the application and value of a Buddhist philosophy in the face of extreme torture, pain and starvation Despite the dark and violent circumstances of the story, it is a hopeful book, suggesting that we all have the power to rise above difficult circumstances to choose love, friendship and goodness, and that some of us will actually do it.

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    In the afterward, the author talks about the difficult process she underwent as she went outside herself and entered others lives in an effort to write The Lizard Cage It must have been both extraordinary and difficult considering that she was a young woman from Canada and the world she was trying to enter was that of political prisoners in a Burmese prison.Hunger, filth, disease and tortuous cruelty are all daily parts of life in such a place And you, as a reader, must go outside yourself to enter this world too You will not like to read of vicious beatings, of painful recoveries, of starvation, of a child being sexually forced but this is what the author brings you.She also brings you acts of kindness and moments of bravery in the face of great evils I cannot recommend this book to everyone, but there are those who can be moved beyond its horrors and find its merit Ms Connelly has written about a difficult subject, and written well Such a book cannot be regarded as entertainment it is much a challenge for those who are willing to accept it.

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