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Twisted Love pdf Twisted Love , ebook Twisted Love , epub Twisted Love , doc Twisted Love , e-pub Twisted Love , Twisted Love a63a18c7f59 A Collection Of True Crime Cases From Ohio And Surrounding States, Featuring Riveting Cases Of Obsession, Lust, Murder, Secret Lives, And Sexual Depravity It Showcases The Chilling Reality That Homicide Investigators Know All Too Well The Last Face Most Murder Victims See Is Not That Of A Stranger, But Of Someone Familiar

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    There is a simple joy for me in reading true crime stories Staring down into the dark souls of other people and the lengths they will go to captivates me as well as horrifies me This collection of stories wasn t any different Myers has done an excellent job with giving you both the human side of the stories and the court side of the stories She presented each one in such a way that you could empathize with all of those affected by the murders Dying is easy, the living are the ones who have to find ways to cope with the aftermath With as horrible as the crimes are, Myers manages to show that the perpetrators are just as human as their victims She illustrates that you never really know who has a monster lurking just beneath the skin I feel that is what makes these stories stand out Human monsters are the scariest because they are us They look like us They think like us and you never know who can be one This is definitely not a book for people who are overly sensitive or squeamish Not all of the stories are as well known as others One of the most well known stories in the collection happens to be the craigslist killers who would lure innocent victims with the promise of a job on a farm For all the hope that a potential new job can bring, the applicants were paid in death You will also find within the pages gruesome details of a woman killed by her husband and his family then stuffed into a septic tank all the way to a daughter getting revenge on her father So if you are looking for a good true crime story or in this case stories , this is one you should pick up.

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