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    The goal of this memoir is not to assign meaning to a life lived, nor to tie up the events and experiences one has had in a pretty package Life is rough and unformed, and so are many of the stories that Schrand has to tell What places this memoir above many others is Schrand s patient, elegiac prose for a very unique place and the wandering, often lost, people enders, as Schrand describes them who entered its doors.Schrand also captures the aimlessness of life as a teenage boy in a small Western town, and does not shy away from the consequences of his boredom Another of Schrand s admirable traits is his brutally honest eye He sees how people unconsciously wound each other, he sees the love behind simple words or acts of kindness, and he recognizes how the lives we lead are largely shaped by those who came before us.Schrand s memoir combines two memorable components the people friends, family, strangers he encounters, and the place the hotel of the title where they all came together Schrand s love for the Enders is made clear in each descriptive passage, in the way he unlocks the hidden rooms of the hotel for the reader to enter, and the way he describes the daily tedium of maintaining it as a place in which locals and drifters alike can find some brief comfort The chapters of this memoir themselves serve as rooms where one may enter and stay for awhile, or just look in briefly before moving on down the hall In its organization and careful construction, Schrand s memoir echoes the rooms, windows and, most important, the people who inhabited this time and place By the end of this powerful book, you will not forget the Enders Hotel or the people who lived there.

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    This memoir features stories from Schrand s childhood spent living and working at his family owned hotel bar cafe in a small town in Idaho Schrand perfectly captures small town life, a dysfunctional family, and the colorful patrons of the Enders Hotel The stories are simple on the surface but expertly written, drawing thorough pictures for the reader his emotions and experiences without resorting to over flowery prose If you enjoyed reading Toast by Nigel Slater, you ll love this American version.

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    Picked this up as part of our Library s Readers Dozen yearly challenge Schrand is about my age and grew up just south of me, so it was fascinating to see how our experiences might have been similar I loved his tales of living in the small town hotel meeting new guests, interacting with regulars and staff, dealing with his family.

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    Interesting memoir that provides insight into the lives of people who live in rural Idaho.

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    I picked this book up because I worked for the Caribou National Forest when the Ender s Hotel was leased for the YCC program I was interested in the hotel s history, about which the author wrote wonderfully I visited the hotel while working in Pocatello for the FS and so I was able to visualize the hotel and its surroundings while I read The book is about Brandon Schrand s coming of age while living in the Enders It was also about the people who had come and gone as residents at the hotel, about his family as they struggled to break the chain of alcoholism from one generation to the other The author told of the drifters, the down and out traveling families looking for somewhere to start a new life, those who had no money but were trying to get home, and the local people who, when they had no where else to go, stayed at the Enders The author s family who ran the hotel would take them in and help them If they had no money, they were allowed to work for room and board This all was written very well by an Idaho author who works now at the University of Idaho as coordinator for MFA coor in creative writing The book won the River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Price.

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    The writing is good but the interest in this will be limited I ve revised my views on this book after picking it up again and finishing it While I still think that interest may be limited, I think the writing is lovely, at times lyrical It reads like fiction, which I mean in the nicest possible way Schrand s story of growing up in a small town hotel among drifters, ex cons, murderers and alcoholics is quite engaging It s episodic than most fiction titles would be yet it really sucks you in Certain scenes such as finding the passed out or dead man on the stairs or the man with the gun at the lobby pay phone or tearing up the laundromat for the change in the coin boxes were very visual There was also a certain wistfulness about a time and place fast disappearing from the American landscape.

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    I was told that this was a great memoir by Mary Blew and Ladette Randolph, writers themselves, and they were right It is the story of a young boy growing up in a small Idaho town in the hotel owned by his grandparents What makes this memoir memorable is that it doesn t focus on his dysfunctional family reformed alcoholics but in the everyday incidents of a young boy and the people he meets in the hotel And it has a happy ending although he never meets his real father The best part, however, is that his experiences are so unique, but Schrand makes them universal We are all touched by the people that enter and leave our lives, and we are all searching for something that we sometimes never find Beautiful, sparkling prose that in itself made the read worthwhile Wish I could write like that

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    Given that this was the final selection for a short book discussion group, I expected it to be like most of the others mediocre, at best or downright boring Instead, I loved it Schrand s use of humor and language made the book an enjoyable read, and his casting of the Hotel itself as another character in his life was memorable As for his human characters, they truly are characters, filled with nuance, flaws, and bravado, which Schrand uses to highlight his own developing persona And, since I m new to Idaho, I enjoyed the perspective of someone who spent his entire life in this state My only disappointment was in finding that Schrand hasn t written any other books Brandon Schrand, if you read this, please write another You are good enough to do so.

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    Adult nonfiction memoir Brandon Schrand writes beautifully about his adventures growing up in a run down hotel with his grandparents Former boom town Soda Springs is not what it once was, and his family kindly takes in all sorts of people who are down on their luck, allowing them to barter or work for a few days shelter Thus it is that Brandon meets drifter after drifter after drifter after drifter This narrative isn t uninteresting, but lacks a plot the characters never hang around long enough to make much trouble and thus the book grows tedious after a while I didn t finish it, but skimmed the last half and read bits of the end I do not, at this point, have a very high opinion of the river teeth literary nonfiction prize, whatever that is.

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    I stayed up late last night reading The Enders Hotel in one night and absolutely loved it In fact, it s the best nonfiction book I ve read all year It s a tiny little book that packs a wallop The author tells stories of growing up in a hotel, but it s quite the coming of age story His hotel is full of drifters, ex cons, and people down on their luck, while his grandparents are amazing people His family has alcohol problems and AA and bad drunks play an important part in the memoir I loved the scene where he smoked tea instead of weed and his own dealings with anger management It s just a darn good book in my opinion.

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The Enders Hotel: A Memoir download The Enders Hotel: A Memoir, read online The Enders Hotel: A Memoir, kindle ebook The Enders Hotel: A Memoir, The Enders Hotel: A Memoir fe034712d492 In The Center Of The Rural Boomtown Of Soda Springs, Idaho, Stands The Historic Enders Hotel, Caf , And Bar, A Three Story Brick Building That Has Been Many Things To Many People But To One Family Who Bought It As An Attempt To Renew Themselves It Was Home, A Place They Desperately Tried To Hold On To And Yet, After Seventeen Years Of Living There, The Very Place From Which They Wanted To Escape Growing Up Under Its Leaking Roof, Brandon R Schrand Watched A Cast Of Broken Characters Pass Through The Hotel Doors An Alcoholic Artist, A Forgotten Boxing Champ, An Ex Con, A Homeless Family And Tried To Find His Own Identity Among Those Revolving Faces Haunted By A Father He Had Never Seen, He Tested The Faces Of Those Drifters For Familiarity Winner Of The River Teeth Literary Nonfiction Prize, The Enders Hotel Reveals The Promises And Warnings Of Western Boomtown Life Stories Of Alcoholism, Murder, Betrayal, Hope, And Finally, Redemption