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    Red vs Blue is the first of its kind Back in 2003 four friends got together and made a machination, taking characters from Halo and making them act out a story while people talk over their actions The comedy starts off with 6 idiots, 3 on red and 3 on Blue, in the map Blood Gulch from the first Halo The reds and blues adventures last over 13 seasons and turns into of a drama than the original comedy This book is the ins and outs of the story and tells the readers backgrounds on characters, deleted scenes, and pretty much anything else related to Red vs Blue.I liked this book because I really like the show and this just goes in depth into the story than ever before The book tells of the timeline of the story This was confusing to me because in season 10 there are flashbacks that tell the story of Project Freelancer The book also has parts that are written by the characters My favorite part of the book is the stats I loved how the book tells how many times grenades were thrown, nut shots, flags grabbed, and much pertaining to each character.

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    red vs blue the ultimate fan guide is perfect if you like the show already or are interested in watching it it has everything you would expect from a guide book, humor, facts, and a lot of other information about the characters and making of the series, as well as other things.

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    The thing I love the most about Red vs Blue is that you don t need to be a Halo fan to enjoy it I am a gamer but I ve never really played Halo I found out about Red vs Blue the old fashioned way My nephew watched it, showed my son and after my son tied me to a chair and made me watch season 9, I was hooked Now we have them all and we re eagerly awaiting season 15.Red vs Blue started back in 2003 In the Dark Ages before YouTube made uploading easy and viral videos spawned overnight So when they started Red vs Blue they had to create their own servers and went viral the old fashioned way, by word of mouth Television shows and series in general seem to follow a pattern The show will start out with complex and varied characters If the show goes on long enough those characters devolve into one note characters whose entire personalities are defined by one quirk.Red vs Blue defied this trend by starting out with goofy characters that could easily have stayed stuck in their one trait ruts Rooster Teeth evolved their characters and story lines to create a complex and rich universe.They went from four guys in a room bow chicka bow wow to holding their own conventions RTX and expanding their body of work to include another hit show, RWBY Red vs Blue also holds the honor of being the longest running American Sci Fi series.Another thing I find interesting is that Halo and Red vs Blue co exist peacefully together There have been no lawsuits over Rooster Teeth using Halo s property In fact, there are some Red vs Blue Easter Eggs hidden in some of the Halo games.You re not here to hear me ramble about Red vs Blue the series which I could happily do all day , you re here to read a review of the Red vs Blue Fan Guide.I could have wished for a bit in depth bios on the characters especially the Freelancers However, the Freelancers are somewhat of a mystery and I don t think that writers Burnie Burns creator of Red vs Blue and Eddy Rivas wanted to take that away from the Freelancers.The rest of it is great I love the asides from Delta, sometimes humorous and sometimes actual info on how they created particular scenes Now knowing how they do some of them it impresses me that much that they were able to do a new Red vs Blue episode every week I can also see why the weekly Red vs Blue episodes are on the short side I would recommend watching them as an entire season, the flow is much smooth.The character chart is hilarious and so are the character focused tidbits at the back Such as Simmons text based video game The Maroon Hero and Tucker s debriefing after the events at the dig site.The notes from the Chorus rebels are interesting and a little sad I would have liked a segment from the Federation side as well, though I also wouldn t have minded a bit on Felix and Locus but since they were writing the book while doing season 13 I can see why they would want to keep them of a mystery.The timeline is actually quite helpful since Red vs Blue can be a little loopy in their chronology.For fans of Red vs Blue it s certainly worth a look I would recommend getting the physical book Not only is it a nice looking book but it might be easier to read I read it on the Kindle and I had to hold it side ways to read it, which was a bit uncomfortable The lettering is rather small on the e book, even with the tap to enlarge feature.The pictures are very nicely reproduced though and, as a wise man once said It helps when there are pictures

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    this is my favorite show of all time.

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    Read this review and others at vs Blue began as a web series back in 2003 with a couple of friends using the original Halo video game to shoot video with comedic voice overs The unexpected popularity of the series soon gave rise to the company RoosterTeeth fun fact their chicken chattering plastic teeth icon originally stood for cock bite , an insult commonly used in early episodes of the show 14 seasons later and many other projects later, RoosterTeeth still makes Red vs Blue episodes as the cornerstone of their company s success The show has gone through changes in dynamic over the years, from pure comedy to action comedy to almost pure action, and everywhere in between One of the downsides of the series is that each episode is only a few minutes long, making expanding on lore and side stories difficult The Ultimate Fan Guide remedies that problem in a hilarious fashion.14 seasons is a long time to establish your characters Who they are, where they have been, who they will be we have seen it all through the eyes of the Reds and Blues While the Ultimate Fan Guide does highlight information already present in the series, such as character dossiers and some of the memorable quotes, it also features new materials not seen in the shows This involves personal accounts of the main characters as well as many side characters, including backstory relevant to the plot yes, there is a plot just get past season 5 of the series It also highlights other important concepts, such as key locations, as well as character elements not seen in the show that expands beautifully on our favorite hapless yet successful soldiers The snippets written by the characters are particularly gut tickling.While this book did come out after the Chorus trilogy ended season 13 , the book only goes up to season 12 with information presumably, because they were still writing while the 13th season was in production The book lightly touches on the first two parts of that trilogy to keep spoilers fairly at bay for readers However, the book has full spoilers for everything before that seasons 1 10 If you want to watch the show, doing so at least up to that point before reading the Ultimate Fan Guide is recommended After watching the show, the fan guide is very handy because it helps you grasp the chronology in the series Large portions of the show particularly seasons 9 and 10 are depicted via flashback This can make it tricky to determine exactly what happened when so as the show goes on and the number of flashbacks builds up.Although written in a comedic fashion, the Ultimate Fan Guide makes a great reference book for people who want to find some information without rewatching whole seasons to locate it Granted an entire season is only 2 hours long, but it is faster to read this than rewatch the whole show Especially if you are trying to remember the story so far as new seasons premiere This book will leave you laughing with deleted scenes, personal insights from the Reds and Blues, and insightful statistics such as the number of nutshots throughout the series For serious readers, the book does have canon information not available anywhere else if you want to know everything there is about Red vs Blue Either way, this book will appeal to any RoosterTeeth fan.

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    I had just started working at GameStop in the mall A few short weeks later, Halo 2 launched on November 9th, 2004 It was my first midnight opening The event was simply insane Massive amounts of people and I was in the thick of it Playing on the TV was an episode of Red vs Blue This was my first time seeing it and I was hooked I wasn t able to watch much of the episode since my time was taken up by the customers, but I told myself to watch the series as soon as I had the free time And I did just that.I fell behind after season five of Red vs Blue I can t say that I regret it, because just recently, I played catch up I had the Red vs Blue blu ray box set on my shelf for too long before I decided to watch it Now that I am all caught up, I am eagerly awaiting the next season and beyond This prompted me to get the book, The Red vs Blue Ultimate Fan Guide.Since I do have a history with Red vs Blue, it was only natural that I would love this book I recommend this guide to any Red vs Blue fan The book does the series justice with every page It talks about each character of Red vs Blue in hilarious detail Red vs Blue is a machinima web series and intended for those 18 years and older brought to you by Rooster Teeth Same goes for the book.

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    Perfect for fans of Red vs Blue I wanted to read this book since it came out, being an avid fan myself, and only now did I manage to get my hands on it and I devoured it It was amazing Not only did it have a bunch of information about the show, it captured the feel of it as well Meaning, it was so damn funny, I found myself laughing out loud at times I loved reading about the characters, especially the stuff written by them The Wisdom of Caboose , The Case Against Sgt Grif , Wash s interview and of course, Leonard Alison and the statistics about the show But, being who I am, I was most intrigued by the behind the scenes section The only thing it lacked, though, was on the AI fragments and Season 13 which I think was fully released when this came out But, at least we found out something about two Freelancers.

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    Damn I love Red vs Blue and this made my little fangirl heart explode with joy Read it all in two short sittings and loved every minute of it I m only a recent fan but I have no regrets with this show and with this book.

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    The greatest book ever Of all time.

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    best book over of all time

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