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    This book is adorable My kids loved each of the stories and they are the perfect length for a story before bedtime.

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    This collection features eight 5 minutes stories that will have your children giggling while they learn important life lessons The accompanying illustrations are colorful and very humorous The book as a whole is filled with lessons on sharing, teasing, bullying, standing up for yourself, listening, working as team, taking turns, and feeling good about yourself We are taught these lessons in a humorous way through lovable heroes and heroines, plump and fluffy and bedraggled and sweet As an added bonus, and a great treat for the value, this book includes a downloadable audio Read at www.diapers and daydreams.com

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    The eight stories which comprise this book tell funny stories with a message hidden within them These characters are very appealing to small children There is a porcupine named Fluffy The irony of that character is not lost on little kids These tales are humorous, almost silly, at times but they are attractive to four, five, and six year olds There is a hippopotamus named Fragility, whose name characterizes her disposition She gets her feelings hurt easily The foibles of each character are on display in each story But in this book, solutions are suggested in each case as to how to overcome or improve their situations.

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    I do not like Helen Lester s stories I don t think they really teach very good or clear lessons, but when the lessons are good or clear, they re told in a way that is not my way The story is corny or seems to pander to children like this is a book written with children in mind rather than this is a story that is a good story that works for children or just otherwise isn t my thing And not a single one of these stories is funny

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