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    Volume The RemainsTitle Part 1 of 4Writer Cullen BunnArt A.C ZamudioColors Carlos Nicolas ZamudioCover Carlos Nicolas ZamudioPublisher Date Monkeybrain Comics 2 26 2014Pages Format 25 Digital ComicIssue 1 The dead rats danced the day the hired man came around Birdie and her younger sister Abigal live on a struggling farm Their mother is several months pregnant and their father suffers from crippling rheumatism When an itinerant farmhand appears, the children should be relieved Instead, they find their lives spiraling into nightmare The hired man regards Birdie with menacing desire To make matters much worse, wherever he goes, the dead grow restless As the horror threatens to consume her home and her family, Birdie haunted by a chilling warning Some secrets are meant only for the dead.The Best The most girlie of the two, or at least the one in a dress is the one crawling around the most, under the house The artwork and attention to detail is amazing Very vibrant colors, and just the right mix of detail and cartoon, making this issue remind me of youthful summer days Children always have that other sense about them or maybe its just when your a child you see the truth of things because you don t know any better to ignore it, I like the way Birdie stands up for the farm and not wanting to hire Cole Jensen The dogs a great rat catcher and fierce.The Worst Birdie gets bite on the hand by what she thought was a dead rat The rats, even though broken and appear to be dead, are not in fact All the while the two little girls and dog are struggling to kill the rats Cole Jensen still sitting in the same spot, still staring at them strangely.I recommend to anyone who likes farm stories with a horror twist, horror dramas, the undead zombies, sibling and family stories, and rural noirs.originally posted

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    WowThat was kind of exhausting.

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The Remains download The Remains , read online The Remains , kindle ebook The Remains , The Remains 07bd07fd335d The Dead Rats Danced The Day The Hired Man Came Around Birdie And Her Younger Sister Abigail Live On A Struggling Farm Their Mother Is Several Months Pregnant And Their Father Suffers From Crippling Rheumatism When An Itinerant Farmhand Appears, The Children Should Be Relieved Instead, They Find Their Lives Spiraling Into Nightmare The Hired Man Regards Birdie With Menacing Desire To Make Matters Much Worse, Wherever He Goes, The Dead Grow Restless As The Horror Threatens To Consume Her Home And Her Family, Birdie Haunted By A Chilling Warning Some Secrets Are Meant Only For The Dead