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    A second edition to a decade old work, this book is a dichotomy presenting Gary Rubinstein s transformation from a teaching tyro into an effective educator.The earlier material drips of his hand wringing accounts of experimentation in the bifurcated business of good teacher or real teacher Although he attempts to cloak his examples in humor, the tenor of the incidents boarder on the criminal If yelling and desk slamming were actual incidences, it is a wonder that Rubenstein wasn t discharged by the school or sued by the parents.More personal memoir than policy manual, the presentation offers insights into his trial and error teaching maneuvers Despite numerous lists for does and don ts, this early effort probably died beneath a pathetic mantra Don t try to apply my advice about advice to my advice Rubenstein s additional material reflects the sage experience burnished through an intervening career in another field He found his mojo after years in a dull, unfulfilling occupation in the computer field Returning to the education field, he has been tempered in his skills to realize effective teaching is not accomplished through lists, rules, and books but rather in solid preparation, consistent individual respect, and openness in flexibility for a teaching moment.My own classroom experience is on a collegiate level but I admire those with the talent, patience, and willingness to discipline, excite, and challenge young minds before I face them I can appreciate Rubenstein s early struggles toward identity, although I can t condone his actions Nevertheless, I m heartened he was able to discover synergy between real teacher and human educator.I wouldn t recommend this book to be on any teacher college s required reading list, but it does serve for those initiates who might find themselves floundering in their new classrooms They won t need to cry on another shoulder Rubenstein has penned their miseries, yet offers survival hope Experientia docet.

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    So while my wife is reading books about the genealogy of anthropological theory, I m reading books with cartoons on the front Yeah, she makes fun of my graduate program.

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    I found the book to be a very simple, quick read with a lot of good advice in it Most teachers can identify with at least one of the issues the author faced in teaching as well as how he overcame it.

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    This is a really great book on discipline, especially for those of us who did not go the traditional route for our own teacher certifications Rubinstein, a former Teach For America corps member, has a wonderful voice and I gobbled up this book in a couple of sittings The book is very funny and I feel like he understands unlike many writers who have not been in the classroom for years or have only ever taught in suburban schools the students I deal with on a day to day basis He gives a lot of good, basic steps to follow.My only point of contention is that Rubinstein stops at the basics and does not give a whole lot of practical techniques for his reader While he gives lots of humorous and a few very unhumorous anecdotes about what doesn t work, I was ultimately left hanging thinking Okay, but what should I do One of the best parts of this book, though, is that Rubinstein does not place any judgment on teachers who have had an unsuccessful first day week month year Reluctant Disciplinarian sends the message that if you didn t get it right this time, try to do it better next time something I think all teachers, new or old, need to remind themselves.This is a great book for new teachers or new ish I am about to begin my 5th year of teaching I would not read this as a sole text on classroom management I would suggest Conscious Classroom Management as a follow up text , but it is an excellent way for any reluctant disciplinarian to start thinking about how she or he will manage a classroom.

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    I m giving this book five stars because I lived through Gary s first year of teaching with him, and the fact that he came out of it with a robust sense of humor is remarkable The author and I were first year teachers together in a middle school of 2,400 students on the ship channel in the Houston Independent School District in 1991 We were well meaning, but hopelessly underprepared by a then fly by the seat of your pants, fledgling organization called Teach for America While many of the kids were incredible, I still found that first year to be the most excruciating experience of my life Many was the day when I would have welcomed acute illness over darkening the door of my classroom Both of us survived and then later thrived as teachers Gary started fresh at a high school serving the same student population I moved to a top notch academic magnet across town and mostly loved it Today, I m working as a youth director of a large church What doesn t kill you makes you stronger as they say That s the bottom line of this book I don t see The Reluctant Disciplinarian so much as a how to book, but as something to read after your first year when you want to feel a sense of hope or solidarity If you are a lateral entry teacher in your first year, hang in there It usually does get better.

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    I m nearing the end of my 4th year teaching I often feel that my classroom discipline is an issue I m too nice let too many things slide until things are crazy As a result I lose not only instructional time, but lose some students that showed real promise In an effort to do better in the future, I have started my own personal goal to master or to at least greatly improve my classroom management This book is my first step in that direction What I found most helpful 1 This book helped me realize that I wasn t the only one who had made major mistakes It helped seeing too that someone else was able to learn from similar mistakes 2 The reflection after 10 years put some of the original content into perspective Again, it reminded me that we are all life long learners and I hope to keep this momentum going as I continue on my mission to master or at least greatly improve classroom management

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    It s hard to trust an author when he starts off by saying he never even wanted to be a teacher in the first place This author went through a two month training to be a teacher which does not qualify him to be a teacher I didn t like the first half or the last half of the book The middle parts had good advice, but it was advice that even I, being a third year teacher, know to follow He even mentioned college courses about teaching are not practical which he would know nothing about since he never went to college to be a teacher I just couldn t hardly get past the fact that he HIT and YELLED in the ear of students It blows my mind No matter how bad a student is, why would any person, much less a teacher, do such a thing Some of his advice is also contradictory from what he s said earlier This book is basically just him telling a story about his terrible teaching experiences.

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    There is some simple, important advice in this book that can be a big help for any teacher newbie or veteran This is a book I would recommend to a teacher who is really struggling with their classroom management There were some great laugh out loud moments too One area I think this book was lacking was presenting a strong description of what a well managed classroom looks like Gary is certainly clear about his success with teaching, but it wasn t entirely obvious to me what that meant about his classroom environment Having this picture in mind can be a really good starting point for a teacher who is still shaping his her image of their classroom.

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    Perfect for any teacher in their first few years and struggling with classroom management Very old school but it works

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    I am going to be starting my seventh year teaching this fall and this is the most accurate teaching book I ve ever read I stumbled upon it as I was looking for other books on education and I am glad I picked it up Even as a veteran teacher considering how long teachers stay in the profession I thought this book was helpful in reminding me about the past lessons I learned It also leads to some insights as to why most discipline programs or PDs don t work as prescribed I suggest any new teacher read this to prepare or to truly understand that it really does happen to everyone I laughed a lot at Rubinstein s humor I highly suggest for any teacher in any season of their career

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