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Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) chapter 1 Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) , meaning Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) , genre Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) , book cover Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) , flies Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) , Magic of the Drums (Lovers in Paradise Series, Book 3) 133a32d597c1c After Failing To Save Her Risk Taking Father S Life, Dr Lise Dawson Hangs Up Her Stethoscope And Seeks Refuge With Her Aunt, A Catholic Nun Working In The Highlands Of Papua New Guinea Met At The Airport By Coffee Plantation Owner Simon McDowell, A University Educated Aussie, Lise Is Reminded Why She Hung Up Her Heart, Too Which Suits Simon Just Fine His Ex Wife, Also A Medical Doctor, Couldn T Hack It In Papua New Guinea, Either Then Simon Helps Lise Deliver A Plantation Worker S Breech Baby, And Shortly Afterwards Flies Her Through A Mountain Storm In His Two Seater Plane To Aid A Village Man Gored By A Boar Yet, Despite Lise S Newly Found White Knuckled Bravery, Nothing Can Convince Her To Risk Her Heart On Simon A Dare Devil Just Like Her Father Until She Discovers The Magical Allure Of The Drums LOVERS IN PARADISE, In OrderA Woman S HeartMeet Me At MidnightMagic Of The DrumsAthenian Wish OTHER TITLES By Gael MorrisonLovers Never LieTake Me, I M YoursA Little Loving

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    Get ready for some serious romance and adventure in a great setting Fleeing the failures of her past, Dr Lise Dawson leaves America hoping to find a peaceful sanctuary with her aunt in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea only to be repeatedly yanked out of her shell by daredevil Simon McDowell, a coffee plantation owner with an equally troubling past The sparks fly immediately and never stop as both Simon and Lise challenge each other to cast off the shackles of their pasts and embrace a future together with nothing held back The wild ruggedness and history of this remote setting was the perfect backdrop for this adventure of the heart.

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    Puh, hier f llt es mir wirklich schwer, das Buch zu bewerten, weil ich es schon zwischendurch immer wieder abgebrochen habe Da es ein Rezensionsexemplar war, war klar, dass ich es zuende lese, wobei es, wenn ich dabei war, auch immer gut war und interessant, aber.Ich kann nicht genau festmachen, was mich gest rt hat, da das Buch ausgesprochen farbenfroh und intensiv geschildert ist und ein buntes, lebhaftes Bild Papua New Guineas zeichnet Die Liebe zum Land, den Menschen und ihren Traditionen, mit allem, was das Leben dort an Schwierigkeiten und Fremdartigem mitbringt, kommt immer wieder ganz stark zum Ausdruck Allen Widrigkeiten zum Trotz, zeigt sich dem Leser ein hartes, aber gutes Leben.Auch die Charaktere sind eigentlich interessant, allerdings bleiben sie mir trotz allem immer ein wenig fremd Hier war die allgemeine Intensit t der Darstellung allerdings auch mit ein Teil meines Problems, glaube ich Die Personen blieben mir fremd, dennoch waren sie sehr intensiv geschildert, ihre Probleme und Gef hle waren genauso lebhaft und plastisch dargestellt, wie das Land und das Leben dort Mir war dies manchmal ein wenig zu leidenschaftlich, sowohl wenn es um ihre Verzweiflung, ihre Zweifel und ihre verletzten Gef hle ging als auch wenn es um ihre Liebe und ihre Leidenschaft ging Es grenzte immer wieder ein wenig ans Kitschige, ans bertriebene, wobei demgegen ber auch immer wieder Szenen standen, die diese Intensit t gut vertrugen und wo diese einfach zur Situation passte Letztlich muss ich zugeben, dass ich bei beiden Protagonisten ein wenig ungeduldig wurde, als sich herauskristallisierte, was sie bedr ckte und was so einschneidend war, dass es ihr ganzes Leben so stark beeinflusst hat und ihnen auch jetzt noch im Weg stand Ehrlich gesagt, so tragisch dies oder das auch war, aber es kam ein gewisses Gef hl von suck it up and deal with it auf Insgesamt waren sie mir aber dennoch sympathisch.Atmosph risch sch n und eindringlich gezeichnet, manchmal ein wenig zu emotional und intensiv, wobei ich trotz meiner Probleme mit dem Buch denke, dass es vielen sehr gut gefallen wird I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review.

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    I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review Dr Lise Dawson couldn t save her feckless father after he suffered a fall from a horse He died in her arms Now Lise can t face the decisions to be made while treating patients in a hospital She s run to the other side of the world, to Papua New Guinea, to spend time with her Aunt Cecile and decide what to do with her life She s thinking about working in medical research At the airport in Port Moresby to catch a plane to Mount Hagen, she s confronted with the cold, black eyes of Simon McDowell, the pilot who ll take her to her aunt.Simon is an embittered, scarred man who has closed his heart to women and love He loves the land and the people of Papua New Guinea, but his ex wife left him to live in the big city of Sydney, just using him to access information for her medical investigations.We see the land and the highlanders of Papua New Guinea through Simon s and Lise s eyes Out this far from any big city, there are no hospitals and no doctors Simon wants Lise to stay and open a hospital clinic Lise fears that she can t avoid losing a patient, and is terrified of practicing medicine again.Both have had life changing losses Can they heal each other and find a road to the future together, or must they part

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    I received a copy of this book from eBook Discovery in exchange for my honest review This was a beautiful love story that was well written It was easy for me to fall in love with Lise and Simon and understand their emotions I loved how this book had Lise and Simon get to know each other and let things build between them at a slower pace however, that all changed at the end of the book and it felt rushed The ending feeling rushed was my only issue with the book and I definitely recommend reading it.

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