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    This is like watching an episode of Alias Action, suspense, mystery is never ending.Poor Tey is targeted than the other girls, just when I think she can t take anything else, something else happens.This episode ended with a lot of cliffhangers for all the Zulu members and Sam Glad I have the full season to continue the series immediately.Frankie wish someone can just put her in her place.Great series Highly recommended if you like series like 24 and Alias.

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    Not going to lie, I read this in a day because it was THAT good I mean, I literally could not put it down Out of Nowhere, part 2 in the Operation Zulu Redemption serialization was fantastic After we were left reeling and wondering what was going on from part 1, Ronie does it again with this action packed second installment.The further team Zulu gets into the mess left after Misrata, the Trace pushes his team past what they ve come to expect from themselves Being a Special Forces team, he and Boone challenge them to exceed what even they think is possible as the team follows fresh leads.Taking Zulu from Paris to England and then to Greece, new information creates an even greater sense of urgency Francesca Frankie Soloman and Sam Caliguari each pose their own threats to Trace s team due to their tenacity while Annie, T ya, and Nuala try to reconcile life back in the action after having been dormant for the last five years.At this point I d have to say this part was my favorite so far, but then again, I think all of it is my favorite I love the fact that it s like a television series and you have to wait a little bit for the next installment Really ramps up the excitement Remember, make sure you read Overkill the beginning and part 1 before you step into this or else you ll be very confused about the action and people involved.Originally posted on my blog received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but was under no obligation to read the book or post a review I do so under my own motivation and the opinions I have expressed in this review are honest and entirely my own.

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    Out of Nowhere what a title That is just what this installment served up things that came at the team from out of nowhere And I mean that in a great way It s another wild ride, full of action, fighting, shooting all kinds of pulse pounding stuff I really enjoy how the author peels back the layers little by little in this series and continues to grow the characters and deepen the storyline These serial installments truly make me feel like I am watching a television series, such as 24 And just as in that show, the endings have me anxiously awaiting the next one I will tell you that the ending of Out of Nowhere really took me by surprise in a good way.I am loving most of the characters there is one woman that I really do not like, but then, I am obviously not supposed to like her She drives me crazy with her bullheaded nosiness But, I just love the other characters and the personalities they each have that make them feel so real I highly recommend this series.I received a complimentary copy of Out of Nowhere in exchange for an honest review, which I have given.You can read this review on my blog at

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    ABOUT This installment of Operation Zulu has the Zulu team traveling to Paris and to Greece following leads that will hopefully bring them closer to whoever is hunting them In the course of their search another foe is unleashed, an assassin has marked Teya as his kill While the Zulu team is hunting for their would be killers Sam is still hunting for Ashland Annie and seems to want to stop at nothing to find her Not a good thing for the team trying to maintain their anonymity.MY THOUGHTS Once again the action had me on the edge of my seat anxiously biting my nails I like the fact that the girls are kick butt characters but yet not machines They are trained in combat, but yet are still able to feel compassion for those around them It is a little hard for me to read when one of the girls gets the stuffings knocked out of her, but I have a feeling she ll be getting her revenge soon Francesca Solomon is kind of ticking me off She reminds me of a terrier with her jaws clamped around a bone and refuses to let go She s going to be trouble I think.

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    Operation Zulu Redemption Out of Nowhere Part 2 is action packed as the girls and their handlers continue to investigate who set them up in Misrata Teya has a lot of action in this installment The most disturbing is when she is targeted by one of the world s deadliest assassins, The Turk Former Navy SEAL Sam Caliguari is still looking for Ashlane Annie, refusing to believe she would have left him However he and Otto, his techie, may have been causing her trouble I also found the addition of Quade as a trainer interesting I was so impressed when Noodle Nuala got the best of him The episodes are cliff hangers leaving you anxious for the next one Thankfully they are now all released so you can immediately download the next one You can see my full review at More Than a Review dot com where I rate the level of sex, violence, language and drug alcohol use in books.

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    this series is one of the best that I have ever read it kept me hostage until the very last page

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    First of all, why must we have the cliffhangers I got a couple of weird looks for yelling when I reached the end of the episode Operation Zulu Redemption Out of Nowhere continues the thrills that started back with Overkill This time around, we get twists and turns and discover about Zulu as they quest to figure out what happened in Misrata Of course Out of Nowhere picks up right after Collateral Damage, and answers the questions left by that episode Then we go through this one and are left with even questions and a cliffhanger hence my yelling It s filled with the drama, action, humor, danger and hints of romance that Ronie is so very proficient in providing.Thankfully for Zulu, this round of Q A allows them to get out of the bunker and spend time in the open than before This time around, they get to go to Vegas, Greece and Paris where they ve gotten some leads on people who can hopefully shed some light on Misrata and point them towards who set them up Unfortunately, they still have to deal with the people looking to take out the surviving members of Zulu, Sam who hasn t given up on finding Ashland and Frankie who is in a whole lot deeper than she realizes.Teya also seems to have grabbed the attention of a notorious assassin who I m not entirely sure about Everything that Trace Boone tell the team about him points to the fact that he wouldn t let a victim escape at all, yet he let Teya go and even gave her the way to save Noodle So I m not sure if he s really just seeing Teya as a challenge or if there s to that situation than meets the eye.Sam of course hasn t given up on finding Annie Ashland Unfortunately, while he s right in the fact that she didn t leave entirely voluntarily, he s just putting her in danger as he tries to keep her safe I think that Trace really should just bring him into the bunker he d definitely be a good protector and he s got the training to keep up Bringing in Sam would be no different than bringing in Quade Plus that would have the bonus effect of canceling out one set of worry Part of me thinks that Trace is so unwilling to bring Sam in because of Annie s feelings for Sam which is making Trace jealous Either that or he still deeply cares for Annie and seems to think that once all is said and done with the Misrata incident, they might be able to try again Maybe a combination of both I m a little worried about Sam now view spoiler The last time we see him, he s just been in an accident and now it looks like he s under arrest Silence and ringing warred for his hearing Warmth sped down his temple He groaned, shaking off the stun of the impact He reached for the steering wheel, a haze filling the car from the deployed airbag and then his gaze hit the half dozen suits surrounding the Charger, weapons aimed at him.Defeat pushed Sam s hands into the air that still reeked of the powder from the side curtain airbag. hide spoiler

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    Team Zulu is back for round two against the thugs and assassins out to kill them I really enjoyed part two of Team Zulu, though it is a little slower than the first one, in my opinion It is kind of like the middle of a book you re halfway through and it slows just a smidge, as the author works to begin bringing everything together for the final chapters It didn t hold my attention quite as tightly as the previous one, but that actually wasn t a bad thing It didn t have me on the edge of my seat constantly, since there was a bit dialogue, investigating, and planning in this part That is in fact one of the things I particularly enjoyed about it it allowed me to get to know the characters better, instead of being swept up in the action all of the time Ronie once again does an excellent job with the details, descriptions, and making me feel as though I m there with them I m spending a lot of my time between episodes trying to guess what will happen next, which isn t working at all Just when I think I have a handle on what s happening, she either takes it the complete opposite of what I excepted, or throws something else into the mix Ronie is definitely keeping readers on their toes with this serial novel I liked the team getting to travel some in this one gets the ladies out of the bunker and we finally get to see them in action, though things do go wrong right and left, it seems One of them even becomes the target of a notorious assassin not a spoiler, unless you didn t read the description then, sorry We also get to know Trace a bit better, which was cool Up til now he s kind of been an ambiguous character Giving us just a glimpse then leaving the rest to our imagination That still happens here, but a few of the blanks are filled in, which was nice.The biggest reason this one is only getting 4 stars I m getting kind of annoyed with Sam I want him to be in it , or to have made headway, or to have found Annie, or something He s basically just ramming his head into a brick wall, which makes sense, I get it It s just starting to get a little old for me I m hoping he shows up a bit in the next one.I received a free download of this book from the publisher for my honest review, which I have given I was not required to write a positive review and have not been compensated for it in any way All opinions expressed are my own.

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    Operation Zulu Redemption Out of Nowhere Part 2 by Ronie Kendig5 STARSI had to wait two weeks for this book I saw a email telling me I could get it and I put the book down I was reading and started this one, I know it is going to end in cliffhangers but I was surprised again I was not ready to put the story down for another week.I like how in front of the story they introduce the cast of characters again, their real name, the fake one they have been living under for past 5 years When they are on a mission they get a number too Plus some military terms and meanings I have one kindle open and stay on names if I want to remember something about them while I read on different Kindle fire.So Out of Nowhere does answer the cliffhangers from previous episode With new ones they end on Not just one, but cliffhangers It is full of drama, action, suspense and danger I just wonder how this will all be solved and turn out in the end You are not sure who to trust.Five years their was a special ops team trained of females They were sent in with bad information and women and children died A General was kicked out The Zulu team was disbanded and were given fake id and told to stay away from each other to be safe.LTC Trace Weston has been searching to find out what really happened and why his team he trained were used Now some assassinskilled two Zulu members, another is in the hospital in a coma The remainder are ready to find out why now someone wants them dead.This is a clean read but lot of violence and sad slums areas It makes it a hard read to know people are having tough times Ronie Kendig draws on your emotions You care and worry about the characters Talk about the characters and wonder how it is all going to turn out Their are a few different story lines that I really wonder about especially Teya s She was ready to join the Amish religion and let David court her Now she is back as a soldier.Annie has a neighbor who wants to date her Sam a US Navy Seal looking for her and putting her picture out on the internet looking for her.The setting for this episode has them in Virginia, Paris and Greece.I will be waiting for the next episode I was given this ebook to read from Net Galley and Barbour Publishing, Inc Shiloh Run Studios

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    It s a cliff hanger At every turn in this exhilarating second episode of Operation Zulu there is a road block, a game changer, a page turner, a gut wrencher As Trace Weston s elite group of all female special ops soldiers begin to burrow into the reasons why their lives are on the receiving end of an assassin s rifle, they find themselves travelling to the countries of France and Greece determined to track down the originators of the covert assignment that left innocent children dead and a cache of assault weapons unaccounted for Would international manufacturers of illegal arms possibly have teamed with what appeared to be an innocent humanitarian effort Would these kinds of secrets warrant hiring a killer, feared among everyone in the covert world, to stalk highly trained American soldiers Unfortunately, the person leaving the most clues is already dead Meanwhile, those at home who love, want to love, think they love, don t love members of this prestigious seem to have vanished team, are also frantically searching for ZULU The harder they search, the determined ZULU is to remain invisible And the stakes are incredibly high for everyone Yet, nestled within the folds of this military thriller is the soft heartbeat of love a timid search for love, an unabashed regret over lost love and the curiosity associated with growing love I d say that Operation Zulu is definitely on the move I received this advance copy in return for my honest review.

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