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A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story summary A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story, series A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story, book A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story, pdf A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story, A Dog's Purpose - Ellie's Story fef962fdff Ellie S Story Is A Heartwarming Illustrated Novel Adapted For Young Readers From The Beloved And New York Times Bestselling A Dog S Purpose By W Bruce CameronEllie Is A Very Special Dog With A Very Important Purpose From Puppyhood, Ellie Has Been Trained As A Search And Rescue Dog She Can Track Down A Lost Child In A Forest Or An Injured Victim Under A Fallen Building She Finds People She Saves Them It S What She Was Meant To DoBut Ellie Must Do Her Handlers Widowed Jakob, Lonely Maya Need Her Too People Can Be Lost In Many Ways, And To Do The Job She Was Born To Do, Ellie Needs To Find A Way To Save The People She Loves Best Ellie S Story Is An Inspiring Tale For Young Animal Lovers Adorable Black And White Illustrations By Richard Cowdrey Bring Ellie And Her World To Life A Discussion And Activity Guide At The End Of The Book Will Help Promote Family And Classroom Discussions About Ellie S Story And The Insights It Provides About Humankind S Best Friends

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    Ellie s life story as told from her perspective Touching yet informative as the reader learns how search and rescue dogs are trained Recommended for children and adults.

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    5 StarsI am not really a dog person but when I was reading this book I fell in with Ellie s Story It is about Ellie is a puppy that gets adopted and she is trained to be a service dog that is supposed to find people It is amazing story I like how it is really different from other stories I like how it is a dog s life and perspective instead of a humans perspective I have never read any kind of books that are like that until I read this I really love this story I would recommend this book to anyone even though you may not be a dog person or a animal person, but I think you would really love this story.

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    Ellie s Story is an inspirational, heartwarming and memorable book that people of all ages will enjoy It is both awakening, sweet and upbeat Don t miss out on this spectacular book Ellie was born to do something special Ever since she was with all her brothers and sisters in the litter, she could tell that she was simply made to do something Then, when adoption day comes, Ellie finally gets her big break Recently widowed police officer Jakob takes in the curious puppy Every day is an adventure for Ellie as she trains to search and rescue and even gets a chance to do it for real Though as time goes by, Ellie begins to realize the people who really need saving This young pup must save her owner Jakob from the grief of losing a loved one It won t be easy, though Ellie was never one to give up Sometimes the people that really need our help are not the ones fighting a war on the outside, though the ones fighting a battle on the inside This is Ellie s purpose, a dog s purpose This novel is by far one of the best book that I have ever read I loved how W Bruce Cameron really gave Ellie a personality He portrayed everything in so much detail, though from a dog s perspective The creativity that it must have taken to put yourself into the shoes of another living thing is tremendous It left me wondering at what my dog thinks of me and if he is trying to save me just like Ellie is trying to save Jakob It was truly an eyeopener The only thing I did not like was that the plot was a bit hard to follow at times and the author did not give enough information about Jakob s past Despite this, the book was a rush of emotions I laughed at all the different perceptions that Ellie had of the human world Though most importantly, I felt hope I felt so much hope that things can and will get better Even when you feel like giving up, work through it and it will pass This is probably one of the biggest morals of this book Anyone who enjoys a humorous and deep story will love this novel If you have enjoyed any other book by this author, you will fall in love with the story as well It is a lot like the book Bailey s Story which is by the same author and the sequel to the book, as well as the new movie A Dog s Purpose.

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    The story of a search and rescue dog, from puppyhood to retirement, told from the dog s perspective I think a lot of kids would like this book because so many of them have had encounters with the various types of working dogs And the information at the back will help them to learn about than just Ellie.

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    Ellie s Story is about a German Sheppard puppy named Ellie who has been trained as a service dog, specifically search and rescue If you don t read it because the puppy on the cover is so cute, read it for the story it is heartwarming The story is told from Ellie s point of view, which makes it all the adorable.Ellie s training has taught her to be an excellent search and rescue dog and the reader learns all about her adventures as she does her job She also has handlers in whom she senses sadness and she wants to help them too Overall, this is just a sweet, wonderful, and enjoyable story, particularly for dog lovers.

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    What a great, great story for dog lovers everywhere Seth has been reading all things dog and animals lately, and he suggested I read this one before we go see the Dog s Purpose movie together This is a tween aged version of one the dog stories in the Dog s Purpose adult novel this one is about Ellie, the search and rescue German Shepherd It is heart warming, exciting, and eye opening, the whole book is told from the dog s point of view Recommended to dog lovers everywhere

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    A cute and easy read..it s tailored to kids but I absolutely loved it, ha There were moments of sadness of course because it wouldn t be A Dog s Purpose series book without it but so many happy tears too

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    This story is written for the juvenile reader, but it is enjoyable for the adult reader as well Very well done, and a great addition to animal related literature for kids.

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    This story is a heartwarming tale of a search and rescue dog who is devoted to her cause, and won t leave a person behind This is an incredible book that EVERYONE should read

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    Can t wait to read this I hope it is as good as A Dogs Purpose

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