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Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow chapter 1 Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow , meaning Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow , genre Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow , book cover Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow , flies Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow , Billy Tabbs & The Glorious Darrow 92f6a299a08b9 A Youthful Vagrant, Billy Tabbs Has Been Living In The Streets For As Long As He Can Remember, Scratching Out A Pitiable Existence In A City That Doesn T Much Care If He Lives Or Dies Amidst Rumors That His Kind Are Disappearing From The Alleyways And The Overpasses, Billy Is Recruited Into A Bizarre Homeless Sect Living In The Underbelly Of High Society It Is Here Where He Meets Darrow The Mysterious And Volatile Leader Of An Organization Committed To Escalating Acts Of Civil Disobedience An Organization Meant To Force The People Of The City Toward Equal Respect For All Inhabitants Of SocietyFollowing A Brazen Public Initiation, Billy Is Accepted Into The Group, Soon Becoming A Valued Member However, As Their Movement Gains Popularity, And Their Own Numbers Continue To Swell, Can They Avoid Becoming That Which They D Originally Set Out To Fight Compounding This Disturbing Trend Is The Growing Divide Among Their Leadership, With Their Ideology Ever Teetering Between Violent And Non Violent ActivismEqual Parts Harrowing, Controversial, And Humorous, Billy Tabbs The Glorious Darrow Explores Decadence, Homelessness, And The Lack Of Compassion Exhibited Toward Society S Most Vulnerable Demographics

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    This novel is the debut novel of Michael P Michaud For a debut novel, I was pretty impressed I was a bit skeptical when I first started reading it There was not a real attention grabber that would grab my attention for an extended amount of time I found my mind drifting to other things that I needed to finish, or just zoning out in general One thing that really irritated me was how the chapters were not consistent in length I am not saying that every chapter needs to be exactly the same, but I felt like there were chapters that could have been made into separate chapters I bet you re wondering how this novel got a four out of five star rating I have this rule for myself that I must finish a book no matter how terrible it may be Like I ve said, I thought this novel was going to be torture to get through when I began reading However, I set myself down one day to read it, and really focus my mind on it A little over a third of the way in I started enjoying it I began to understand what was going on, and I started thinking about what the outcome would be Events began to take place, and characters were being introduced resulting in the speed of reading to pick up My favorite character out of the novel would be Darrow Darrow is the leader of the House of Darrow I feel like he embodies the concept of greed and desire that so many people fall victim too He starts out with good intentions, which allows him to gain a small following He is able to provide an abundance of supplies for his followers The small organization begins developing, and pretty soon it expands considerably Darrow sees this as great progress, and begins to desire an even larger impact on the society they are fighting against All this desire and greed eventually goes to Darrow s head causing him to lose sight of what he originally built his organization on Overall, I m glad that I stuck with this book, because it did end up being a wonderful book It was refreshing to read, because it wasn t about vampires or girl falls in love with boy who lives next door The novel was difficult at first to grasp, and at times difficult to swallow due to events that took place I would recommend this novel, especially if you are looking for a novel that isn t the norm right now.

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    Imagine living your whole life as a homeless individual, starving all the time, just trying to get through the day, your only concern being the next meal Imagine getting used to that because it s all you ever knew, to being treated less than human, and then someone comes and tells you it doesn t have to be that way, that you are worth just as much as everyone who passes you on the street and watches you suffer on a daily basis Someone who actually wants you and tells you that you can belong to something The premise of this book is very interesting and thought provoking Billy is a very believable character and you can definitely sympathize with him He s not a hero, he s just a normal guy trying to get by He has his beliefs and tries to stay true to them but sometimes it s just not possible I wonder if I would have done anything different, were I in his shoes Positives The book succeeds very well in making us think about subjects that bother us Why should we give anything to people who don t work Why is it our problem Yet I wonder often how easy it would be to end up in such a place myself Billy Tabbs forces you to put yourself in their shoes The author does a great job portraying the atmosphere of adulation How easy it is for someone as charismatic as Darrow to prey on people s desperation every step of the way He truly is a daunting character And Totter is basically his extension in the brainwashing procedure That dude really irked me and reminded me of several politicians and other people in power For the most part it is an extremely well written book and there are very few typos, even in an advanced copy.Negatives The present tense in Lambert Meyers chapters left me very confused at first I think it was unnecessary the different font highlights what is necessary well enough, and as the story progresses we can tell quite well those actions happen after Billy s story but that is a small personal preferrence which in no way affected my rating Some things were unclear to me Examples view spoiler Ever since the first couple of chapters, I wondered how exactly society was supposed to know what the group intended which such acts of mischief They were pretty much only practicing crimes, never speaking out what they wanted It never seemed obvious to me how such deeds could ever lead to anything productive and I always thought it was a matter of time till the members were arrested or even killed It never seemed clear who or why those actions were being performed, even after the sketching of Darrow knows and the symbol it could be anything Yet it seemed completely evident to everyone in the group In the beginning of chapter 12, Billy finally addressed this, asking Jacob how people could tell what exactly the group was demanding The answer was absolutely noncommittal He basically told him it was obvious Then on chapter 12 it is mentioned that Jenny has a baby One minute Jacob lifted the shapeless form carried the stillborn tenderly for a moonlight burial and the next Jenny is tending to little Samuel What happened Was there than one baby If not, who or what was buried What did I miss It took me several chapters to finally find the answer to that Not sure if this was done on purpose, but while I appreciate little clues lain around that I can pick up later on like the fact that Darrow was the father , this was just not one of those cases, I wanted that bit to be clear, even if all the rest was left just as mysterious I couldn t get how Billy suddently got great fighting skills in the last few chapters, after the prison thing I only remember seeing his thieving skills praised hide spoiler

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    People need a sense a belonging at least that is what I believe No matter who you are, you need someone to care about you and sometimes that could be a four legged animal but you need to feel a connection, a reason to keep moving forward In Billy Tabbs, it was the individuals on the streets that joined together to form an alliance This alliance was lead by Darrow and it began with solidarity and protocol as Darrow provides the group with security He guides them and gives them hope, something some of these individuals never had He s seen as an equal, providing each of them value and worth to the team that they are now a part of I understood why they formed and banded together but their cause and their strategies alarmed me It started out innocent enough with just a few manageable members but as word spread, the number of member grew significantly and the energy in the group intensified As a member of the group, Billy realizes what they are targeting and right now, their tactics seem reasonable I think Billy saw things changing slowly but this was also his home finally as it was for many individuals and for Darrow, he was gaining speed I just knew that things were going to get intense and I wondered how long it was going to take and what would be the outcome when the dust finally settled I thought there was some lag time in the story where I wished there could have been action and less detail, the story was good and some of the characters I really enjoyed, it just seemed that my attention wandered a bit at times and for the storyline, I wished I could have stayed focused Darrow was targeting society as a whole for he feels that by changing one thing at a time he can change the world I do believe that myself but the techniques and the mentality that Darrow pushes onto his followers to accomplish this goal just seems so intense to me At times it was so frustrating to read the strategies they were using when they themselves when not helping out the situation at all The members all love being in the House of Darrow and they will do their part as Darrow leads them, it s the solidity of being a part of a team that they love As members join the movement and the underground facility fills to the brinks, Billy keeps having flashbacks to his childhood His mother and the fireman, her words of shame and ridicule will haunt him forever It s a gripping portrayal of how far individuals will go and another view of the world Thank you NetGalley for providing this book to me.

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    First off I d like to thank the author for giving me the chance to read his debut novel Billy Tabbs The Glorious Darrow I shelved this not only under my shelf dystopian favorites but also Classics because I feel like if enough people see this book it s going to be widely talked about This would be an excellent book to assign in schools I definitely feel like it s going to be a book that will spark conversation and good healthy debates about the fault of human nature While I was reading this I was so impressed with the sophisticated language that the author used to write this novel For anyone that s wondering what this book is like I compared it right off the bat to popular classics like Animal Farm and Lord of The Flies This book definitely made me think I m so glad I got the chance to read it I m not going to reveal any spoiler or storyline so that s why this is going to be a short review but I highly recommend this book I love a book that gives me a different view point on different situations 4 out of 5 stars

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    I received this book as a preview from Net Galley and so glad I did It is an allegorical satire combining the larger themes from 1984, Animal Farm, Lord of the Flies, and Brave New World describing the community that is set up working toward a better future I cannot and will not give too much away as it is quite deep, it gets you thinking, and it has a wicked twist at the end which made me want to reread the book knowing this information No one should reveal this information for anyone about to read the book It would be a total spoiler Themes of power struggles, equality, revenge and revolution A great ride It isn t published until November but keep a look out for it I think it will become one of those books that everyone needs to read.Accompanying website Darrow knowshttp www.darrowknows.com Home_Page.html

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    This book is definitely different from any book I ve read recently, and I mean that in the best way possible My brain was constantly working trying to figure out what would happen next and how different aspects of the story would tie together I don t want to give anything away so all I will say about the ending is that it was completely unexpected and thought provoking Immediately on finishing this book I wanted to start it again with my new knowledge A must read for sure I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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    When you start reading this book, it will for sure have you thinking It s a great book Easy to follow with a well balanced plot and character line I had a hard time putting it down, kept telling myself one page and would find myself reading a few chapters Very talented author Received for an honest review

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    Very clever and thought provoking

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    What the crap did I just read

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    Loved it I m pretty good about figuring out where a book is going and reading into the characters This read ended with a great reveal at the end that rocked me and my whole book club Had go read it again immediately

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