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Letters to a Secret Lover txt Letters to a Secret Lover, text ebook Letters to a Secret Lover, adobe reader Letters to a Secret Lover, chapter 2 Letters to a Secret Lover, Letters to a Secret Lover a342ff The Last Thing She Needs Right Now Is A ManLindsey Brooks Had It All An Awesome Job Doling Out Advice To The Lovelorn, A Fabulous High Rise Apartment, And A To Die For Fiance But Then She Got Dumped Wearing Nothing But A Kiss The Cook Apron And Desperate To Escape, She Retreats To A Tiny Montana Town To Reclaim A Family Treasure She Never Dreamed Anyone Would Try To Stop Her Or That He D Be Sexy As Sin Too Bad She Finds Such A Hot One Rob Colter Isn T Into Relationships But Lindsey Sees Rob As The Perfect Guy To Help Her Get Back On The Horse The Sex Horse, That Is Unfortunately, He Comes Complete With A Mysterious Past, Which Gets Even Mysterious When She Finds His Passionate Letters To Another Woman Whose Name Happens To Be Tattooed On His Chest And Too Bad He Has So Many Secrets Now Rob S Dangerous Past Is About To Catch Up With Them Both And If That S Not Horrible Enough, Lindsey Is Falling For Him Hard For A Girl Who Usually Has All The Answers, Lindsey Is Up To Her Neck In Trouble

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    Every so often I read a book that seems to have been special ordered for my needs at the time You know the ones they have just the right amount of angst, just the right level of steam, the perfect amount of relationship building before they finally admit they belong together and a story line that touches you deeply Well, Letters to a Secret Lover is all that and .I can t really tell you why without spoiling the story, but Rob Colter is my champion Few storybook heroes touch me the way he did, and I have to admit, I cried than a few tears for him There were moments when my heart just broke because of the pain he s lived with the loneliness, the emptiness knowing that there s something he s missing out on and believing he ll never have it in his life I can t tell you what that something was without giving away too much of the story, but suffice it to say it moved me deeply.Lindsey Brooks was such a fun loving heroine To be honest, I didn t much like her in the beginning I thought for someone doling out relationship advice on her wildly popular Love Letters blog, she was pretty ditzy But once she left Chicago and found her way to Moosefalls, she really started to become grounded I loved how she grew as a person, realizing that there really was to life than shopping for Jimmy Choos and being seen with the social elite she d always associated with before her move I m glad she became the woman she did, because I couldn t have accepted her relationship with Rob under any other conditions The other characters, the residents of Moosefalls, were all awesome people They were just down to earth men and women who I d love to have as friends and neighbors I love Toni Blake s writing It s so easy to read, so normal so real. I don t feel like I m reading a book, rather like I m watching a story unfold before my eyes The characters are compelling people and their passions run deep The sex scenes sizzle and border on erotic, but never feel out of place within the story The physical relationship enhances the emotional relationship and that s an absolute must if I m going to give a book 5 stars There was one thing that I thought was a little too coincidental, but it didn t take away from my overall enjoyment of the story The bottom line this is my 3rd Toni Blake book and I ve loved each one Whether part of a series or a standalone like Letters to a Secret Lover, she s become one of my favorite contemporary romance authors I laughed, I cried, and I m happy to say that I fell in love with Rob, Lindsey, and the entire town of Moosefalls, Montana And I wouldn t mind revisiting there someday.4.5 5

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    This was only my first book by Toni Blake, an author that almost all of my trusted GR friends love, and now I wonder why I d waited so long to give her a try Maybe I was afraid of the high expectations raised by their praise, maybe I didn t want to find a new to me author to play havoc with my book budget, maybe I m just too darn slow to catch up What can I say I adored this book It made me smile, laugh, sigh and even shed some tears Rob and Lindsey were amazing characters and I couldn t help loving them to pieces They were both flawed and had to do a lot of learning and growing throughout the story, but I never got mad at their mistakes In fact, I could relate to them, which made them much real to me And their love scenes Boy, oh boy Ms Blake sure knows how to steam things up Where can I find my own Rob I m already like Lindesy I don t cook naked and don t wear animal print clothes, but I can be self centered and high maintenance, I blabber when I m nervous, I hiked in high heels once don t ask, LOL and I wear jewel encrusted flip flops mine are black, not white I m willing to cook naked and fill my closet with animal print clothes and accessories, just tell me where I can find my Rob and I m game.Confession time Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned I skimmed the last pages of the book before starting to read it Why view spoiler Because I needed to know there was a true HEA waiting for me I didn t want to invest my not so precious time rooting for Rob and Lindsey throughout the whole book, only to have him reunited with his secret lover and her having a HFN with some other unsuspected guy or worse, getting back together with her idiot ex fianc in the end Once relieved and satisfied with the HEA, I went back and started to read the book properly hide spoiler

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    5 Stars I loved this book Look past the cover and read this Yes the book had a lot of smokin hot sex, but there was also a great story to go along with it Two very endearing characters, Rob and Lindsey, lots of humor, a little suspense, and some really terrific feel good moments When you can t wait to get home to read and get lost in their world, you know you ve hit on something good I couldn t stop thinking about these people I want to move to Moose Falls, canoe on Spirit Lake, have drink at the Lazy Elk, get a room at the Grizzly Inn, eat at the Lakeside Caf sounds good right oh and find a Mr Sexy Flannel of my own Ahhh Toni Blake s books are going to the top of my list.

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    5 stars Contemporary RomanceThere s probably not much left to say that hasn t already been covered since many of my GR friends have already written such great reviews, so I ll just join the bandwagon and do a little bit of gushing.Letters to a Secret Lover is a fun, sweet, sexy, touching, smokin hot contemporary romance with a H H who s initial opposition transitions to an explosive attraction that results in a steamy affair and of course leads to a deep emotional connection It s reminiscent of Blake s Destiny series and Robyn Carr s Virgin River series only waaay hotter because of the charming small town setting of Moose Falls and endearing secondary characters that add an extra fun spark to the story.I really liked Lindsey, even though she was a bit airheaded, na ve, shallow, and selfish at times, but she was also nice, funny, adorably cute and quirky, and most of all, real I could totally see myself shopping and laughing over cosmos with heror raiding her designer shoes Her tendency to babble nonstop over ridiculous, random things when she was nervous was hilarious I thought she was a perfect fit for Rob, who was such an incredibly sweet, romantic, caring soul underneath his surly, gruff, guarded, lone wolf, lumberjack persona I just about melted over the way he insisted on always holding Lindsey s hand, once she started to crack through his tough shell, and his fetish for her extravagant, animal print lingerie cracked me up Their love scenes were supercharged with passion and scorching hot Rob s painful, mysterious past and dangerous secrets were handled and revealed in a realistic, honest way I just knew Lindsey s revealing private details about her affair with Rob, however innocently, on her blog was going to have some serious consequences, but the twist and turn of events and character reactions still took me by surprise, which I liked since I find it irritating when I easily predict exactly what s going to happen in a story So kudos to Ms Blake for keeping the characters genuine, the story refreshing, the suspense exciting, the emotion compelling, and the romance extra steamy It s an enjoyable, moving romance with a lovable H H that had me laughing, sighing, smiling, reaching for some ice water, and even crying 5 stars

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    I don t say or think this often, but if I could give this wonderful, hot, tear jerker of a story than five stars, I would I m just afraid I m not going to do it justice with my little review, but here goesLindsey Brooks is an advice columnist She writes a Chicago newspaper advice column for the lovelorn, and also a blog on the internet She s a real girly girl, interested in fashion especially shoes and her appearance so much so that she comes off sort of self absorbed and shallow She s a real city girl, leading a jet set lifestyle She s got everything going for her in her professional and personal life, until one day her fiance unexpectedly dumps her, and an embarrassing photo of her appears on the internet She s so humiliated that she wants to get out of town for awhile She decides to turn tail and disappear to the small town of Moose Falls, Montana, a place she remembers fondly from her childhood Her late great aunt Millie lived there, and wanted Lindsey to take over her little canoe livery business from her before she died, but Lindsey turned her down Now it seems like the perfect place for Lindsey to hide out while she nurses her wounds And Lindsey would also like to buy her Aunt s business back from the new owner.Rob Colter is the new owner of Aunt Millie s little canoe rental business He s also living in Aunt Millie s house He s got a reputation in town as a quiet, mysterious, gruff man, who just wants to be left alone But in Lindsey s eyes he s got to be the sexiest man alive, even if he is a little rude and stand off ish And he doesn t want to sell Aunt Millie s business, or have anything to do with Lindsey, even though he s wildly attracted to her Rob s got some big secrets in his life, and he s learned from experience that it doesn t pay to get too close to people Will Lindsey be able to win him over And, importantly, can she get past the walls surrounding his heart This book was so good, and it had elements about it that reminded me a lot of other books I ve read The small town atmosphere and characterizations reminded me a lot of Robyn Carr s Virgin River series, only much hotter The character of Lindsey reminded me a lot of Blair Mallory from Linda Howard s To Die For , only she wasn t as much as an air head And some of the plot twists reminded me of Pamela Clare s Unlawful Contact , although I can t say without giving something important away And the H H, Rob and Lindsey, were so hot, so absolutely perfect together Lindsey turned out to be quite a lovable heroine smart, sweet, and loving enough to get Rob to take a chance on life again.This story is about regrets, guilt, second chances, and most importantly, forgiveness including forgiving yourself I just fell in love with the characters, and wanted their love story to work out so badly It got so emotional near the end, I found myself tearing up And that s a good sign for me, because that means I m emotionally invested in the story What can I say except this was one of the best books I ve read all year from any genre

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    Great book I really enjoyed this one, and there is so much to like about this book For me I think the best part of this book is how well the author gives the town and the characters a real three dimensional feel The hero heroine Rob and Lindsey were so likable and great together Lindsey is a city girl who loves fashion, but I was very happy that the author didn t turn her into a twit She is grounded, smart and very funny Rob is yummy on a stick He writes letters to someone named Gina , and I LOVED how this really helped us see who he really is as a person despite his outward persona of a reclusive non sociable person The romance between Rob and Lindsey was amazingly hot and very believable They build a real friendship too, which really added a lot to this book I can t recommend it enough to fans who love steamy contemporary romances.

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    3 out of 2,5 The blurb but mostly the title of the book is misleading The book is so very different from what I expected it to be based on its title and blurb I will try to give you some insight about the book, making sure I won t give spoilers or giving them under spoiler tags only All in all, it was an OK book and I do not regret having read it but I really had higher expectations and the book didn t live up to my expectations Letters to a Secret Lover is a book about a city girl who likes fashion, gossip and being in the limelight She writes an advice column in a newspaper and she is also the owner of the blog named Love Letters The break up with the fianc the get away to a small townAt the very beginning of the book, she is dumped by her fianc in a very rude and humiliating way and then, her half naked photos with only an apron on her body are all over the internet.Feeling devastated, Lindsey decides to leave the city for a while and she goes to the small Montana town Moose Falls to find some peace, meanwhile reclaiming a family treasure there, which she refused one year ago Her aunt used to live there and now she is dead, and she regrets that she didn t treat her aunt the way she should have She is sorry that she didn t accept her invitation and her gift last year.Moose Falls Spirit Lake, MontanaWhen she arrives at the town Moose Falls, she learns that Aunt Millie s property and legacy now belongs to a grumpy, mysterious but a very hot guy named Rob Colter Rob is not a people person He stays away from the town folks as much as possible except for relations that are business related He manages the canoe livery of her deceased Aunt Millie but he also has a construction business in the town.Rob LindseyWhen Lindsey wants to buy the cabin and the canoe livery from Rob, he says he will never ever sell it He is finally happy in this town and with the place he is living She believes she can change his mind in time and she tries to befriend him, asking him to give her some insight about the life of her aunt in this town She asks him to take her to the places that her aunt has left her trail She really wants to do that, I mean she wants to know about her aunt and her life here she doesn t fake it.Despite being unwilling, Rob agrees to do it for the only friend he had in this town once Millie And while they are visiting the places her aunt has loved, Lindsey starts to regret because she didn t visit her often when she was alive.Slowly, the beauty of the town, the friends she has made here and Ron start to change the self absorbed fashion crazy girl into a humble and likable one Meanwhile, Lindsey also changes Rob and he becomes a friendlier and softer guy.And there is also an undeniable attraction growing between them, which leads to a sex only affair first, which later turns out to be something deeper and serious.Rob s horrifying secret past the love letters Rob has secrets He knows that when people learn about his past and his secrets, they are horrified Women have left him in the past because of his secrets.People have treated him in a hostile way because of his horrifying past That s why, he doesn t let anyone get close to him any or he didn t until Lindsey Rob slowly lowers his guard when he is with her and he starts to like and trust her Rob s secret is not only about the horrifying deeds he has done He has a tattoo on his chest that says Gina and Lindsey also finds some letters that Rob has written to Gina He has never sent those letters to Gina, though.Secrets revealedUp until %50 of the book, we do not know what horrifying things he did in the past to scare everyone away now if they learn.And when we learn all about it, personally, I was like, Huh This was the reason It was nowhere close to the horrifying things I had imagined Therefore, I felt a little bit of an exaggeration about his past there.After this point on, I mean after he confessed what happened in the past, I predicted who Gina was although it wasn t revealed yet it was so clear and easy to predict from then on but I had to wait for Lindsey to discover it.Lindsey Like or dislike her That s the hardest question First, I didn t like the shallow and na ve person she was Then, she started to seem sweet, vulnerable and cute and I started to like her She was indeed a good person and her heart was in the right place But when she foolishly did what I feared she would, I was really pissed at her for making such a careless mistake One must be really dumb to do what she did view spoiler Rob trusts her with his secret and she keeps it but she is used to sharing bits and pieces about her life in her blog and she stupidly mentions about Rob and gives information about their relationship despite his warnings that he needed his whereabouts to remain secret hide spoiler

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    Awesome book If you ve not read this Blake, you need to get it today I just loved it DAt first I had trouble warming up to Lindsey because she seemed shallow and self centered, but then I really liked her She s dumped by her fianc in a very public and humiliating way, and she leaves Chicago for the woods of Montana in the hopes to buy her late aunt s canoe livery She doesn t really put much thought into the plan Just loads up the Infinity and gets the hell out of Dodge.Rob is a handsome, crabby, hermit That s the best I can describe him at first He s got some secrets, and you can just feel his pain The story is mainly Lindsey s point of view, but we get enough of his to understand him He s taken over Lindsey s aunt s business, and he doesn t plan to let some city girl take it away from him, even if she is family to the original owner.As you can guess, there is a lot of sexual tension when they meet and butt heads Rob dislikes Lindsey on sight, and isn t shy about letting it show She prances around the country in heels and designer clothes, and doesn t know what she is doing Both people are kind of lost, and trying to find themselves and happiness It s very satisfying to watch them grow I loved them together when they finally do decide to make a go of it We have a great couple, wonderful secondary characters, and the steam factor is high If you love small town stories, I m sure you ll love this one.

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    This was all right, but for some reason I just couldn t fall in love with it It started off strong, and I expected Mr Douchecanoe ex fiance to get his butt handed to him later That opening scene was nothing if not memorable And the hero is my kinda guya reclusive gamma guy who s also a bit of a badass Yum.The rest of the story was nicenothing in particular wrong other than it was a bit slow for metoo much back and forth and wishy washiness, maybe The suspense part of it felt somewhat superfluous and tacked onnot to mention the coincidence was really, REALLY one hell of a coincidence Small world, maybe I don t know Most of my friends LOVED this book Very few gave mediocre ratings like mine, so go read some of those D

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    4.5 stars grins I loved this book It was a surprising, beautiful, sexy love story about second chances, acceptance, self forgiveness, and finding happiness I started it last night intending to only reading the first 10 20% of it but ended up staying up till 3 30AM to finish it It kind of fools you a little because it starts out light and funny but before you know it, it gets really emotionally deep.Linsday is sure she has it all great job as a love advice columist blogger, a to die for shoe collection and she is one half of Chicogo s latest it couple But everything comes crashing down after her fiance abruptly and unceremoniously dumps her Desperate to get away from the humiliation of her break up, she heads off to a small town in Montana intent on buying back the an old family property from whoever now owns it and simultaneously deciding that a little fling would help her get back on the sex horse.Upon arriving in the town, she sets her eyes on a tall, dark, scowling hunk of a man who walks in the bar Little did she expect he would be Rob Coulter, the reclusive new owner of her aunt s property and who not only would not be interested in selling it but also seems uninterested in a fling or pretty much anything social He s gruff, rough and hot as hell and she has her work cut out for her trying to get to know this man who holds two things she now wants But the time they spend together, they both start realizing that they are falling for whats behind the facades they have both built up against the world Well, you re in, and headed unceremoniously for the door.And without meaning to, she said exactly what she was thinking, her sarcasm coming through loud and clear My hero He stopped with one black work boot out the door and looked back, his eyes narrowing slightly, his expression going even darker I never claimed to be anybody s hero, sweetheart And then he was gone The characters were lovable, the story intrigued me and did not have any dull moments, and I adored the writing style it was fun and light on the surface with undertones of deep and serious Even though I was laughing out loud and cackling with glee in the beginning, it was in a serious way, you know It wasn t a humorous book, it just had funny moments, and you could tell there were a lot deeper emotions just beneath the surface and when they all came out, boy did it HIT me I loved Rob Although on the outside he appeared aloof, reclusive and gruff, as we got bits of his POV, it became very clear he had a big heart and had suffered serious hurt in the past that had left a big mark on him Along with a tattoo of Gina that he had over his heart, an aversion to relationships and a series of beautiful love letters written to Gina, he was quite the mysterious, tortured and yet lovable, sexy mountain man.And I actually also really loved Lindsay It took her a while to lose her overly materialistic side lol, and figure out that 5 inch spiky heels weren t prime hiking material but I liked that despite that, she had really good intentions, wasn t ditzy, and grew a lot as a person over the course of the story.I felt myself totally drawn into the story I wanted to know There s so much anticipation So many secrets I wanted to know Rob s past Why was the the way he was What could have made such a big hearted guy so reclusive Who was the girl in his letters Why did he get her name tattooed on his heart What was their history Why did he withdraw from people, and especially relationships And what was it that made him open himself back up, to her Would Lindsay end up with the property Was that even the best decision I loved it I had so many theories forming about the secrets at the same time as watching their romance unfold.And speaking of romance, Rob and Linsday s chemistry was on FIRE Their sexual tension sizzled but when they finally pushed through it, it was scorching faints When they fell, they fell hard It was intense, beautiful and thrilling.Oddly enough, at about 65% in, I put two and two together and figured it all out I had strong suspicions from earlier on what the secret was, but at that point, I was sure I could totally predict the bad stuff that was unfolding, I literally face palmed myself twice yes, it hurt, I m an idiot while vividly imaging screaming and cursing at the heroine but here s the weird thing, it didn t bother me that I knew, and the mistake was pretty innocent so I found it very forgiveable, and I still totally enjoyed every moment of the story.By the end of the book, my heart was in my throat My prediction was right and that didn t help me prepare for it one tiny bit I had fallen so in love with the characters and felt for them so strongly that I was terrified for them but don t let that scare you there is, of course, a beautiful HEA and epilogue Definitely add this to the steamy contemporary romance to read pile I reeeeeally really hope someone in the movie industry reads this book and decides to turn it into a movie I could picture the whole thing in my head so vividly some of the scenes were just gorgeous It really would make the PERFECT movie crosses fingers and toes Here s how I could cast Rob and Lindsay image error

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