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    An enchanting historical romance fantasy between Highlander Magnus Darroch who is cursed by the Sidhe to eternally wander the Highland forest, and American heiress Elizabeth Harrison who thinks she will never find love because she is too tall and awkward and considered a social misfit An entertaining short read featuring lovable main characters and a charming and magical story.

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    The magic of Love If you love Scottish romance with a touch of magic, then this novella is perfect for you I really enjoyed reading Joanne Rock s second story in the Secrets of the Darroch Clan series Just released, The Highlander s Dark Seduction, is the story of Magnus Magnus is a brave Highlander who meets the mesmerizing heiress Elizabeth The heroine didn t like society parties, because people were cruel to her by their remarks But when she meets Magnus, this wanderer with a Scot brogue, she will fall in love with him Sparks will flare to ignite a sweet highland passion Will their love have effect on Magnus s curse of wandering through time I recommend this short novella filled with tenderness, magic and adventure Don t hesitate to read her first book in this series, The Highlander s Haunted Kiss, Iain Darroch s story, who was cursed to wander the Highlands for all time, along with his brothers Magnus and Alexander I am looking forward to read Alexander s story This was a nice and short interlude of Scottish adventure

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    It was a good book Just way too short Took me only an hour and a bit to read this Wish it was longer but it was still a good book to read

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    The writing of Ms Joanne Rock again blows me away in a other beautiful short story in book two of The Darroch Clan Series as she did for me in book one, The Highlanders Haunted Kiss This can be read as a stand alone book or in series order I personally find reading in book order you can connect secondary characters as well and as the main characters of this book For instance the appearance of Iain and Lily whom were the main characters in book one Again it is easy enough to follow if you just want to read this book by itself I tend to find reading in series order a bit fun and know little tidbits you might not normally be aware of, but not necessary Again it s the readers choice.In this book, The Secrets of the Darroch Clan continues still paying for the sins of their Father For over a hundred years the brothers are cursed to live as time walkers in the fae realm, to an eternal wondering like purgatory trying to protect innocent humans from getting their souls stolen from the evil Sidhe The Sidhe have cursed them and stolen their sister, which they keep searching for without success for over a hundred years.The brothers have even a very short period of time at dusk when they can be in to he same space to even walk together in this non existent hell.Each brother takes a turn as to watch and protect unsuspecting humans and there long ago paternal home Invergale.They live in a world living, but not living on a magical plain where the veil is very thin between human and Sidhe world unknown to humans As most humans cannot see then a shadow, flash of color or movement in the woods, as time goes a lot faster in the immortal plain The Darroch brothers are immortal, but not Sidhe and not human, as they are cursed to be time walkers to eternal wondering as it is a very hallow and sad existence they live The hero of book is Magnus Darroch, the fierce brother of the three brothers As the heroine in this book is American heiress, Elizabeth Harrison, and also best friend of Lily, whom went to finishing school together in America My heartstrings really pulled for Elizabeth, whom has been treated rather cruelly by both her family who only seem s to want to sell her for an English title no matter whom she marries Also the peers at the London balls, soir es, parties and social setting she attends to attract herself a husband, but she is treated cruelty and told she is unattractive mostly due to her tall height As a way to escape she decides to go to Scotland and visit her dear friend Lily.On Elizabeth s trip she meets Magnus Darroch lets just say they save each and you can feel the sparks right away and feel so happy and are rooting for this couple, whom both have had so much unhappiness in their past Yet Magnus won t take a chance on happiness due to his ties to his brother Alexander whom is also a twin and will not condemn Elizabeth to an eternity as a cursed time walker like himself which is no life at all So is this couple doomed to eternal misery or will they somehow find a way to be happy and together and escape this purgatory You will have to read this magically spectacular story and find out Again I absolutely loved this short story and what a sharp mind and imagination Ms Joanne Rock has, as it is pure brilliance Actually I recommend you read this entire series as it is so truly amazing I can t wait for Alexander s story and hopefully Shannon their sister as well I hope to see Scottish historical stories by Joanne Rock in the future as I always love Ms Rock s medieval style of writing as it s always absolutely fantabulous Love Love Loved it B

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    Impatient to get away from the snooty, judgmental, London society, Elizabeth Harrison says goodbye to her aunt assuring her that her former schoolmate and best friend Lillian is waiting for her in the Scottish countryside Elizabeth s family sent her to England to marry a titled gentlemen but all she found was poor gentry wanting to wed her for her money while looking down on her as clumsy, plain and American Dozing in the carriage that is taking her to Lillian, Elizabeth wakes to a surreal light and a half naked man pulling her from her coach If this is a dream she never wants to awaken.The devilishly handsome highlander Magnus Darroch has one thought, save Lillian s friend from the sidhe He and his brothers have been cursed to roam the lands between the sidhe and men while searching for their sister taken one hundred years ago Since his brother Iain s curse was broken by true love, the burden has fallen on him and his twin brother Alexander to guard the portal between the two worlds Magnus is sorely tested by Elizabeth s charms and the chance to have his own curse broken but he would never leave his twin by himself, destined to wander endlessly and alone.Once again readers visit the dreamlike realm of Invergale created by the ingenuity of historical romance writer Joanne Rock THE HIGHLANDER S DARK SEDUCTION is the romantic story of another American heiress, Elizabeth Harrison, and another strong Darroch brother, Magnus All the dimensions are present for their rapidly developing love affair sexual attraction, admiration and selflessness Each story in the Secrets of the Darroch Clan series teases readers just enough to make us want to learn and we can always count on the storytelling talent of best selling author Joanne Rock to satisfy and entertain.

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    This was a good little Undone novella with a spunky heroine and a big, gruff hero who fell into instalove with her But, while I would ordinarily give this 4 stars, I m deducting for the quasi cliffhanger deal we ve got going on It wasn t left as one, but it s clear that there s a third brother whose story remains untold and after the set up from this story it desperately needs to be I felt awful for the third brother and now I ll never know what happened to him because this author never wrote the third book Alas On the bright side, this story had a delightful amount of angst as Magnus refuses to abandon his brother to wander alone, no matter how much he loves Elizabeth.

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    La sicurezza del suo a risiedeva dentro di lui come aveva fatto in precedenza l incantesimo Si strofin allora la mano sul petto per trattenere il regalo che gli aveva fatto proprio nel posto che gli spettava.

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    Miniseries Secrets of the Darroch Clan

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    Miniseries Secrets of the Darroch Clan

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