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In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) summary In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) , series In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) , book In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) , pdf In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) , In Love with Lucy (NSFW, #1) 9d9384b55b Lucy Daniels Dreams Are Finally Coming True After Three Years Of Working For One Of The Youngest, Most Ambitious CEO S In Dallas, She Has The Opportunity To Leave It All Behind And Begin Her Career As A PhotographerLucy S Girlfriends Think She S Nuts For Leaving A Job That Pays Well And Includes A Boss Who Doubles As Eyecandy What They Don T Know Is That Christopher James Barden The Third May Be Pretty To Look At But He Has A Giant Stick Up His AssHowever, Lucy Is About To Discover That Chris Barden Has Been Fighting His Attraction For His Gorgeous, Extroverted Assistant Since She Started Working For Him Now That She Intends To Leave, She S Fair Game Because Chris Has Wanted Lucy For A Long Time And He Always Gets What He Wants This Novella Is The First In The Not Safe For Work Series Each Book Contains A HEA For The Hero And Heroine

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    Since I ve discovered this author, I ve seemed to have gobbled up every single thing she s written.I love Ms Wood s voice, writing, humor, and characters and she did not disappoint with this story This is a short, sweet, funny story The characters were well developed The story line was great, and the writing amazing Chris and Lucy are awesome together, and it was wonderful reading their journey to one another I can t wait to read the next book in this series.Congratulations Ms Wood for another great story

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    Boss Attraction Assistant It s been 3 years and now he s making a play for her once she decides to leave Attraction must not have been that strong then cause both of them have been happy go lucky before that point.

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    Well that was a super cute and funny read Review to come.

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    received a gifted copy for an honest review What a fun sexy read I immediately fell in love with Lucy You are going to hear that from most if not all that read this novella Lucy is a woman we can all relate to, a woman that we would quickly become friends with Lucy s dreams of becoming a photographer are finally taking off Now she can put her assistance job aside and pursue her passion One problem Christopher James Barden the Third Her very sexy, very gruff, and very intimidating boss For the past 3 years she has worked alongside this very difficult man and now when it s time to put him in the past, is when he decides he can t let her go I love a dark read but I will jump into the Teacher student or office romance any day, they are my guilty pleasures C.C Wood gave me exactly what I want She delivered a hot alpha, strong woman and some very sexy smoldering scenes This 4 star read is one that I think you will read again and again It s perfect for on the beach, a long train ride, or to get that office quickie you keep thinking about As it is a novella I can t say much without giving away spoilers, and that s something I never do Just know that the author delivers a wonderfully fun romance, amusing secondary characters, and a story that will put a smile on your face, and warm your heart and other bits

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Where to start From the word go, I enjoyed this book As soon as I started, I wanted to know if there would be a second book and who it would be about I held my questions until the end Well most of them This book is a great read It s funny, sexy, hot, and most likely something I could and would read again And I m not big on re reads Here s a little quote from the book He glanced down at my phone, then his eyes widened as he stared at the screen I snatched it up to see that Tanya s newest message was a picture of an enormous purple double penetrator dildo and her message read, You are obviously in need of this Another great read by C.C Wood I ll be waiting impatiently for the next book in the series.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Just call her the Queen of Denial After working for Chris for 3 years, Lucy had no idea that he was attracted to her nor did she allow herself to entertain any thoughts beyond the employer employee relationship with him This wasn t actually surprising as he had shown her he could be a major PITA and had a string of short term relationships So when she is close to realizing her personal dream and gives her notice, she finds herself dealing with a change in their relationship that she never saw coming and the gloves come off Needless to say, I freaking loved this book The interactions between Chris and Lucy are hilarious Both have strong personalities and while Lucy might be his assistant, she doesn t hesitate to put him in his place This makes for a very entertaining read and some serious sexual tension And Ms Wood does not disappoint when these two finally get together What is it about a man in a suit that makes the sex that much hotter Whew In Love With Lucy is a quick read that kept me entertained from beginning to end I cannot wait until the next book in the Not Safe For Work series is released.

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    4 sugar and spice and everything nice stars

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    In Love with Lucy was light, fun and pretty steamy read.Of course, I d experienced the oh, no, do not give in, be strong, woman moments while reading it, but that was just a little black spot on bright and shiny platter of awesomeness.

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    Lucy has been working for a sexy ass of a man for 3 long years She has been working under him but secretively he would like her to just be under him Lucy has been working as an assistant but her true passion is Photography When a successful showing of her work propels her to put in her notice to Chris, he uses that as an excuse to finally make his feelings and intentions known to her.This novella by C.C Wood is a funny, smart and super sexy read Being a novella I do not want to delve to far into it so that I don t give anything away This story had me from the beginning since I love a workplace romance and I was surprised how much I fell in love with Chris The forceful way he pursued Lucy had me tingling in all the right spots and still it came off very sweet too Not only were the two characters so much fun for me but I am in LOVE with Lucy s friends and I really hope each one of them gets their own story line For me, Novella s are often hit or miss since it can be hard to put a well formed story into a short amount of time For me this is where C.C Wood excels where so many others have failed She always seems to know just the right mix of story line, humor and steam I enjoyed every minute of In Love With Lucy and cannot wait for from this series mirandaI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads.Oh EM GEE Chris Barden is the boss everyone dreams about except the woman that works for him Lucy doesn t have time to deal with his crap or anyone else s She s forcused on doing her job as his assistant and of following her dream of being a professional photographer.After three years of being his personal assistant, she has no idea that the man even likes her much less sees her in something other than a professional light When she realizes that Chris does in fact notice her and for than her typing skills, Lucy figuratively runs for the hills.Even her friends are on his side what s a girl to do Should she go with the flow and be his booty call What happens if he wants Can she have a relationship and a career Read the book to find out how a smart ass assistant and hard nosed boss according to Lucy make their way along the bumpy path of love.

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