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    Actually made me laugh out loud at times Funny, charming and entirely perfect at capturing the spirit of a plucky little terrier cross called Lucky.

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    This was an absolute joy to read and I just couldn t put it down A yachtie journalist and his partner save a small terrier from death row and set upon a journey. It is a celebration of love and life Loved it.

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    This is one of the most heart warming books I have ever read The kindness shown to Lucky by Frank restores my faith in human nature This is one very memorable little dog and his wonderful owner.

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    The best moment in this book when the author describes his realisation that he loves his dog, Lucky Love of the sort that makes you anxious for someone s wellbeing, as much as for any human member of the family Since I have guinea pig children, I completely related to this, and cried, of course.

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    It s always scary to read dog stories but this was definitely an exception Loved the humour and very much related to the relationship Frank Robson developed with Lucky.

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    When I started to read this book, I feared it would be another book that appears to be about an animal but is really about a human ie a man talking about his dog, but really, mostly talking about himself I also got an uneasy feeling that the author was another cashed up bogan, which this country seems to be full of But as the book progressed, my fears abated Whilst the author does talk a bit about his family and childhood, he also talks about his childhood dog and his family s relation to him The book is peppered with human characters but they are brought in, in relation to their interactions with Lucky I finally took a warming to the author when he started quoting Jeffrey Masson, and philosophizing about his relationship with Lucky There is a fair amount of humour in this book and the reader gets a good feel for the character of the dog I just wish the book was longer I have the sequel and will look forward to reading it.

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    Have always had real dogs in my life, not pretty fluffy pocket sized ones Until one little dog called Mouse totally changed me Mouse was like Lucky in the book If you are prejudiced like I once was and need to understand what life is like with a little fluff ball , then go read Lucky for Me This book is a page turner you won t put down Now i need to trace down the sequel Lucky goes to Sea.

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    Lucky For Me the follow up Lucky goes to Sea Frank Robson I haven t read Marley Me yet or seen the movie as I came across Lucky For Me and developed a stubborn refusal to accept any other book that could measure up to this well written, heartwarming and unforgettable story of a pint sized terror terrier.

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    Hahaha Loved it Well worth a read, for all those animal lovers out there

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    Good enough but not great.

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Lucky For Me download Lucky For Me, read online Lucky For Me, kindle ebook Lucky For Me, Lucky For Me 6d4f200f3ae9 How Hard Living Journalist Frank Robson Fell Under The Spell Of A Small Dog Called LuckyAt Eighteen Months Of Age, Lucky, A Cream Coloured Terrier, Was Dropped Off At A Vet S Clinic In Queensland, Abandoned By His Owners And Suffering From Ticks And Other Terrors A Week From Being Put Down He Was Adopted By Frank Robson And His Partner, Leisa From The Start, The Fluffy New Member Of The Household Proved An Enigma, Displaying A Twelve Snort Vocabulary, An Ability To Climb Trees The Better To Chase Parrots And A Disdain For Suburbia In This Full Blooded Account Of A Friendship Between Man And Dog, Robson Puzzles On The Sentient Being Who Trotted Into His Life And Taught Him About Survival, Mateship And The Joys Of An Independent Spirit