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The Truth About Love chapter 1 The Truth About Love, meaning The Truth About Love, genre The Truth About Love, book cover The Truth About Love, flies The Truth About Love, The Truth About Love f72e37400ac54 Bold, Passionate And Possessive, The Cynster Men Let Nothing Stand In Their Way When It Comes To Claiming The Women Of Their Hearts Gerrard Debbington, Vane Cynster S Brother In Law, Is One Of London S Most Eligible Gentlemen Uninterested In Marriage, His Driving Passion Is To Paint The Fabled Gardens Of Lord Tregonning S Hellebore Hall An Opportunity That Is Now At Handif Gerrard Agrees To Create An Honest Portrait Of Tregonning S Daughter As Well Gerrard Chafes At Wasting His Talents On Some Simpering Miss, Only To Discover That Jacqueline Tregonning Stirs Him As No Other Certainly, She Is Beautiful, But It Is Her Passionate Nature That Strikes Sparks With Gerrard S Own, Igniting Desire And Sweeping Them Into Each Other S Arms, Convincing Gerrard That He Has Found His Ideal Soul Mate The Lady He Must Have As His Wife But Something Is Horribly Wrong At Hellebore Hall Evil And Lies Are Reaching Out To Ensnare Jacqueline And Gerrard Will Have To Move Heaven And Earth To Protect The Remarkable Woman Who, For Him, Personifies The Truth About Love

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    An outstanding story filled with searing romance, panoramic landscapes and a sprawling estate crawling with intrigue and sinister mystery Gerrard and Jacqueline are dynamic, passionate and electrifying together Although it was obvious to me who the villains were, I couldn t wait to see how it all played out The ending was imaginative and stunning This novel is filled with mesmerizing descriptions and some of the best research in historical fiction It s why I love this family series and why I continue to read the Cynster family saga.

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    Really enjoy all these characters and how hey are all kind on entwined

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    In the heat of the night, they d burned Soared Shattered Lots of exposure before the murderer s identity 12 Cynster series did not continue past 1 Barnaby.Deeply serious artists with seriously deep pockets, Lord Gerrard landscapes must paint Lady Jacqueline embroidery to prove true innocence in her mother s fatal fall into the sinister Gothic Garden of Night Mutually entranced by deep eyes endowments charms neckline, breath stops betray their first glance L word I languish in lush multi syllable language depicting rich old aristocratic Britain Bon mots may not be original What will be will be p375, are catchy, such as I don t follow fashion We set it p67 Pal Barnaby, curious about crimes, convinces me to stay the distance, despite others sardonic indeed that incongruously reminds me of Stargate s sober Tealc Strong brave men are comfort, protect passive women vessels Tough funny females are admirable sadly easier to identify with weaklings For the younger naive girl to not think of marriage first seems foolish, not forceful The finale, disclosure, hostage rescue, reveals warped crazy deviant villains Question Huntress Greek Artemis is Roman Diana, Athena is also a virgin protector , so three separate gardens seem redundant If Gerrard s ominous dream is ignored anyway p11, couldn t the portent be cut

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    This was a good bit darker than anything I ve read by Stephanie Laurens before It was a nice departure from the usual Cynster novel yet Gerrard was just as arrogant as the rest of the Cynster men

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    Love love love love it I mean, it s the typical historical romance but it was the exchange between hero and heroine that got me hooked on this book There was also a lot of things that kept me hooked but I guess you just have to read it and find it out for yourself So, it started of with rich famous painter meet damsel in distress And first, Gerrard Debbington, yeap, he s the painter our hero, have reserves on painting our heroine but there s a catch because upon painting Jacqueline Tregonning, she s our damsel in distress, he can also paint the famous gardens of Hellebore Hall So, finally, he decides to go to Hellebore Hall, accompanied by his good friend Barnaby Adair They arrive and meet the people residing at Hellebore Hall Gerrard meets Jacqueline for the first time and he s curious and very much attracted to her but has reserves thinking he might lose his painting prowess if ever he falls in love with her But still he pursues her and then goes his journey to win her But then there s a mystery to be solved and until then they can t really be together Both main characters were likable and at the same time lovable Gerrard shows this persona where at first I though he was this cold very faraway person but then, it was revealed that he s very compassionate and loving He goes out of his way to win Jacqueline over Loved the part where Jacqueline was proving that he does not intend to marry her, and they get into a fight about it, it was really funny and sweet Jacqueline, on the other hand, she s the type that I can relate to, she doesn t have any special talents, except for the embroidery that was mentioned at the beginning, but she is as normal and mediocre as anyone out there And during reading, throughout the story, everything she did was a normal reaction with regards to her situation I can see it actually happening in real life I felt like her situation wasn t over exaggerated like some stories are Love Barnaby too, it seemed like he was the opposite of Gerrard Where Gerrard was artistic he was the logical one Where Gerrard was quiet and reserve, he was the funny, outgoing one And they both put their heads together to solve the mystery around Jacqueline Love Aunt Millicent too, she s very supportive and kept things together Lord Tregonning, Jacqueline s dad, was at first annoying because how can you just let your daughter be a victim of rumor and gossip But then comes the end and everything was all put to order Eleanor was annoying especially when she was trying to seduce Gerrard Jordan was just an ass I don t want to give anything away really because it was such a nice story, than nice actually I enjoyed it a lot And there was this one chapter where I just love their dialogues that I kept on twitting them on twitter I loved how Gerrard never let go of Jacqueline even though she was determined not to marry him with a good reason of course But Gerrard, in that chapter, was convincing her that everything s going to be alright and that he won t let her go and he would keep on seducing until she accepts him as her husband It was so cute, I swear So, all in all, it was really an amazing read This made me smile a lot Made me giddy too The word we use is kinikilig I don t know how to translate that to English but yeah, that describes how I felt Anyway, I do recommend this book It was my first Stephanie Laurens novel and I can definitely say I wasn t disappointed Hoping to read from her in the future D

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    3.5 Stars I was still feeling pretty happy with the Cynsters when it came time for this August buddy read I wasn t quite as eager for this one as I had been for those last three, but I was still looking forward to it Gerrard was a likable character when we first met him as a young man in A Rake s Vow, so I was kind of interested in seeing him as a grown man, confident in himself He didn t disappoint in that aspect, this guy was nothing if not confident, arrogant at times He learned well from his Cynster men relatives for sure I liked him though I also liked Jacqueline, she was reserved, but still strong The mystery in this one was good, it kept me guessing until almost the end I had suspects, but was never sure, and the reasons behind the murders had me curious as well My only complaint really is the abrupt conclusion Like, there was the big build up, climactic action, and then the answers come out, but then the aftermath was like closed door, behind the scenes I was wanting details of how the villain was dealt with, the reactions of all the people who had witnessed the action, etc Of course the ending was a happy one, and it was sweet, but I wasn t ready for the action to close so quickly I was super happy though that Gerrard confessed his love without a fight, it went well, and avoided a huge drawn out drama about it I liked how it was handled The supporting cast was also good to see again, Gerrard s aunt Minnie and her maid Timms, and seeing some of the Cynster clan I especially liked meeting Mr Barnaby Adair His character was great, I liked his humor and charm, and he was indispensable when it came to the mystery I m really looking forward to seeing him again This month s book was enjoyable, I liked it Looking forward to next month s

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    A good addition to the series.Gerrard is a well renowned painter and Patience s brother He is summoned reluctantly by Lord Tregonning to paint his daughter, Jaqueline and in turn given a chance to sketch his very mysterious, rarely visited garden of night.He and his friend Barnaby travel to the elusive garden to gain once in a lifetime opportunity to visit it While entranced by the beauty of the place, what fascinates both the man and the artist is the innocent Jaqueline, who is under suspicion for many follies and Gerard gets a once in a lifetime opportunity to prove her innocence.What follows is a series of trysts, murder attempts, mysteries, confessions and a HEA.These books have started following a well set pattern barring a few But they are still fresh enough to keep me interested.As usual, super hot make out and love making scenes.and finally, a beautiful epilogue Safe read4 5

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    It was ok Just a run of the mill historical romance I don t really get how painting someone s portrait is supposed to prove they re not a murderer Kind of stupid to me If I had been reading the print version I probably would have dropped it but it was tolerable in audio format Could have been 100 pages shorter.

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    It seems silly to me that an entire community would believe a daughter would kill her mother, particularly with absolutely no evidence or motive People are not sheep Nor are all of them at the same time likely to be idiots, or that easily swayed

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    What the hell, I ll review another romance novel I might as well admit that I read them.So, the best thing about this book is the cover GREAT cover I think it s funny that the cover is so non typical of romance novels no shirtless hero, nor gasping female , but the book is pretty typically romance novel y I don t think the plot is typical, just the way the way it was written So dramatic I thought the portrait painting aspect was interesting, and I enjoyed the description of the gardens, but the rest had me snickering The sex scenes weren t bad, just drawn out in the wrong moments, causing some sort of weird slow motion feeling This is the second book I ve read by Stephanie Laurens, and I find that the thing I enjoyed most about both books is that she describes what characters are wearing, and how they get dressed and undressed, including the men, which is important to me It probably wouldn t be important to other people, but I have always remembered events and people and time periods by what people were wearing It gives a nice visual aspect that I appreciate I do wish she had humor in her characters though Not like a screwball comedy, just something real I couldn t feel any warmth towards these characters.Back to the great cover I wish Loretta Chase s books had covers like this I love her writing, but her book covers are just atrocious Avon Romance worst covers ever I can t read them in public I shudder and not in a good way So 5 stars to the art director hehehe.

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