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The Crying Sisters pdf The Crying Sisters, ebook The Crying Sisters, epub The Crying Sisters, doc The Crying Sisters, e-pub The Crying Sisters, The Crying Sisters 78b494a80d9 When Mabel Seeley Died At The Age Of Eighty Eight In New Jersey In , The St Paul Pioneer Press Described The Former St Paulite As A Well Known Mystery Writer In The S And S That She Was Mabel Seeley S Novels Were Published By Doubleday And Distriubted Nationally By The Prestigious Crime Club Her Last Mystery, THE WHISTLING SHADOW Set In Minneapolis Was Published In To High Praise From The New York Herold Tribune Book Review In This New Tale She Is As Adroit As Ever In Evoking And Expressing Terror, Fed Fat On Intuitions Cover Painting For These New Afton Press Reprint Editions THE BECKONING DOOR, THE CHUCKLING FINGERS, THE WHISTLING SHADOW, And THE CRYING SISTERS By Paul S Kramer

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    This book is awesome and unfortunately not well known After I read Crying Sisters I went ahead and read everything else Seeley wrote, I like CS that much.

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    I read this because I saw it listed as a classic mystery On the whole, I think it deserves it I had my doubts because early on, and intermittently thereafter, it is was very heavy on the Had I but known sort of very obvious foreshadowing by the first person narrator But I found that tended to drop away when the story really took off The narrator is a small town librarian who takes a job caring fora mysterious man s charming son and pretending to be the man s wife emphatically not sexually while they stay at an isolated small resort near Duluth known as the Crying Sisters from a legend about the lakes on which the resort is set The man spends his time prowling around at night,another man is murdered, the murder is blamed on a passing bank robber who is himself killed, a woman vanishes, and finally there is a climactic confrontation with a genuinely unlikely villain Once everything is unravelled, it does make sense Much of the suspense is supposed to derive fromthe question of whether the narrator s enigmatic employer is himself a villain That particular aspect did not work for me, but much of the rest I thought competently done.

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    Loved it I picked this up at my mom s house it had been my granmother s book I expected it to be outdated since it was 1939 but it was good from start to finish Ony disappointment is that I cant buy any of her books on Kindle.

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    Well written and exciting.

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    Nice period piece.

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    This was an atmospheric suspense book There was a lot of tension between the various characters Each may not have been who they were portraying themselves to be It was the case of two of the main characters.Janet Ruell was going on vacation with hopes of having an adventure Living the dull life of a librarian in a small town in Minnesota, she craved experiencing excitement When she met up with Steve Corbett and his little boy Cottie Corbett she got than what she was hoping for Corbett asked her to come with them to a small lakeside resort and take care of his son The unusual thing is that she was to act as if she was Corbett s wife and Cottie s mother She felt that this was her chance for adventure and agreed.Cottie is a charming little boy and Janet found herself becoming attached to him Corbett, on the other hand, was a mystery He went out late at night, locking Janet and Cottie in the cabin they were staying in What he did and where he went he didn t tell her about She was a little frightened of him, but there was a little attraction too.The other visitors staying at the resort were quite an assortment.Edna Rudeen, the Willards, Al Sprung, Hoxie Mueller and the others All seemed to have something to hide When Al Sprung is found dead next to the Corbett s cottage the cans of worms start to open up.Sheriff Boxruud may seem like a back country cop, but there is much to him and he sees much than people think.I took my time reading this It did not hit me as a fast read, but rather something to work through To take in the tension and mystery that the author took the trouble to portray The story kept building to a crescendo with a bang of an ending It is not my usual, but I do like reading something different periodically It keeps me from getting into a rutreading subject wise.

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    A quintessential had I but known, with a heroine who withholds evidence from the authorities at the insistence of a brutish man who appears to be a dangerous criminal Her reasoning this is told in the first person is flawed, and the whole story lacks conviction.

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    Can t believe I haven t read Mabel Seeley Checking out the rest of the books now Really enjoyed this mystery set in Minnesota.

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    I love the main characters, particularly Steve Corbett, who is an embodiment of independence, individualism, and strength of character The story was going to live or die by the ending, and it was a bit of a wet noodle not in the events themselves, but in the telling, which was uncharacteristically expository I ll remember the characters and the atmosphere of this story for a long time, but the climax did manage to diminish the experience.

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    My grandmother gave me this book that use to be her mothers when I was just a young teen This book was the beginning of the love for mysteries and reading I loved this book and cherish it, it was my very first mystery I every read Thank you grandma for giving me the love of reading and for sending me on many adventures specially with an author like MS Mabel Seeley.

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