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  • Play Dead
  • Anne Frasier
  • 09 October 2017

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    Play Dead by Anne Frasier and narrated by Natalie Rios is an audible book that kept me at the edge of my seat Lots of suspense, a strange way of people dying, and lots of twists Enjoyed the characters, each with unique flawed lives Very interesting listen People that were pronounced dead were waking up No, not zombies Drugged with a chemical from the puffer fish Narration was wonderful

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    Looking for the perfect book for Halloween Look no further Creepy enough to give you the shivers Raise the tiny hairs on the back of your neck Make your flesh crawl Cause you to jump at the slightest noise Give you the heebie jeebies Make you turn on all the lights in the house Scare you out of your wits Outside, the storm was raging, but the autopsy suite within the heart of the morgue was silent John had almost forgotten about the weather when the unmistakable sound of a lightning strike penetrated the thick walls, rattling glass containers in nearby cupboards The room was plunged into darkness Seconds later, the emergency generators kicked in and the lights flickered on Everything under control John continued with the autopsy He placed a rubber block under the cadaver s neck, then positioned the scalpel for the Y incision, beginning at the right shoulder, below the collarbone One inch into the cut, the dead body let out a long sigh.The scalpel slipped from John s fingers, clattering to the stainless steel exam table He stared at the dead man s face, searching for signs of life A decaying body rapidly formed gas, and it wasn t unusual for a dead person to appear to exhale Some bodies even moved as the gas shifted around looking for an escape route Son of a bitch John let out a nervous laugh.He retrieved the scalpel and poised his hand to continue with the incision He was shaking Shit What a baby Calm down It was just a little gas, that s all Too late, he remembered the Dictaphone With his slipper covered foot, he shut it off with the remote switch, then stood there, breathing hard The down draft fan was humming.He tossed the scalpel on the instrument tray, then picked up the dead man s wrist and felt for a pulse Nothing He felt the carotid artery in the neck Nothing He pulled out a miniature flashlight and checked the pupils No reaction No reflex No eye movement He turned the head from side to side Some skin discoloration Due to lack of circulation a fairly significant sign of death Lips were purple Fingers and nails, purple.He rolled the body from one side to the other, checking the back and buttocks No lividity He let the body drop to the previous position In the adjoining scrub room, he rummaged through the cabinets until he found a stethoscope Back in the autopsy suite, feeling foolish and glad nobody else was around, he turned off the downdraft fan and placed the stethoscope against the dead man s chest Was that something A faint sound A gentle lub lub Or was it his own heart beating He pulled the stethoscope from his ears, then began another search, finally finding what he was looking for A mirror Round, eight inches in diameter With a paper towel he rubbed it clean, making sure there were no smudges or fingerprints on the glass Then he held it to the dead man s mouth and nose.Primitive but effective Keeping an eye on the clock, he waited a full minute before lifting it away On the surface of the mirror was a small cloud of condensation a cloud that gradually vanished as John stared at it in horror and disbelief This couldn t be happening Not again First, let me just say that when I started this audiobook and discovered that it s heavy on zombies and voodoo, I did an internal grown, thinking I wouldn t make it through the fifth chapter, despite the terrifying beginning Never one to be too quick in deciding whether to put it as a not for me and return it to my shelves, I always to give the book a fair chance I m very happy to say that this audiobook quickly became one that I made excuses to return to every chance I got This is not your usual, run of the mill zombie, voodo, folklore vs fact story The characters are complex and interesting and I enjoyed learning about them as the story unfolds Play Dead by Anne Frasier, narrated by Natalie Ross delivers a whopping dose of the heeby jeebies right into your lap And this isn t just a creepy, made up zombie story, either What horrified me and made it truly terrifying is that the events in this book are absolutely plausible Here s why As I m a nut for anything relating to the creatures throughout the wild kingdom, so I put together a few factual tidbits relating tetrodotoxin or TTX Found in the Puffer Fish, the Blue Ringed Octopus, and the Cane Toad is one of nature s strangest molecules and is one of the deadliest poisons on earth After the Box Jellyfish, Puffer Fish are considered the second most poisonous vertebrates in the world Gram for gram tetradotoxin is 1,200 deadly than cyanide A single puffer fish can kill thirty adult people A few short minutes after exposure, it paralyzes its victims but doesn t cross the blood brain barrier, leaving the victim fully aware of what is happening That is until the fatal paralyzing toxin reaches your lungs and heart But here s the catch The toxin is short acting, usually lasting around two to six hours depending upon how much toxin the person receives If you re unfortunate enough to get a potentially fatal dose of poison, as long as someone breathes for you until you can get to a hospital and placed on a ventilator, the effects of the paralysis will wear off allowing you to breathe and move on your own again Seriously What could be terrifying than being killed by tetrodotoxin Receiving a dose that leaves you still alive To answer the next obvious question Is listening to the audiobook better than reading the book Absolutely Natalie Ross earns the full 5 s for her narrative performance She deftly navigates listeners through the story captivating her audience so that you don t want to stop listening, even without using tetradotoxin on her audience It s easy to decipher who is speaking, male, female, different characters, etc and what is happening in the story, leaving nothing to the imagination which, I don t mind admitting, is rather unfortunate at times, in a good way Play Dead is a combination of brilliant writing and an experienced, flawless narration, becoming a twisted and horrifying story full of zombified, barely breathing victims who are a heartbeat away from death

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    Really enjoyed this story, bit creepy and loved the flawed David This is my second by this author and I am liking her writing, very easy to read I didn t want to put this one down Looking forward to the sequel.

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    Didnt think I would like this book so much..voodoo, witchcraft, darkness, night, weird things happening..but it grabbed me and didnt let go Great story, with happy, sad and a few surpriseswhat you thought you knewwell, that changed in the end Takes place in Savannah Georgia..with Det Elise Sandburg investigating a mysterious homicide.she herself has mystery surrounding her being left in a cemetery as an infant Things get hot by mid bookalot of murders happening, until Elise gets to the point of almost losing her life..thats all I am saying, must read book very enjoyable.

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    Love the Savannah, GA setting and the chemistry between detectives Elise and David The whole zombie science was interesting and the who done it wasn t obvious Definitely a series to follow.

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    I m in love with this narrator s voice I ll get the rest of the series for that alone Just so happens the mystery and story were very engaging as well.

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    2.5 stars The element of suspense was well executed in this read I was glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited as well the plot was fast paced as well what really kept me from liking this book we re the main characters The heroine seemed generic for me The hero was disgusting and simply repulsive He was basically a binge drinker that called an escort service He even had sex numerous times with one of the prostitutes That ruined his character for me I doubt I ll continue this series.

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    First time reader of this author and now i am hooked This was such a great, easy and creative series i was hooked after the first page The characters were easy to fall in love with and follow, along with the story the author made the mental visions so easy and vivid of the surroundings and the characters actions felt so real.i would highly recommend this author and this series.

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    Love this series Such amazing characters.

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    I know you guys are probably pretty tired of hearing me sing the praises of Goodreads Deals, or just mentioning them in every single post But some of us are on a budget, so I appreciate the fact that Goodreads is appealing to my thriftiness Anyway, this book came up in an e mail from Goodreads because it was on sale and I immediately latched on to it because I remembered how much I loved The Body Reader by Anne Frasier, and I wanted to see if maybe it was just Anne Frasier s writing that I loved, or if it was the plot of The Body Reader that really drew me in I discovered that it was in fact, the plotAnd so, I gave this one only.two small stars.My main take away from this book was just that there was a whole lot going on Elise is a detective with the Savannah police department She also has a teenaged daughter named Audrey who kind of hates her and lives with her father and his new wife Elise has also wrestled with the concept that she is the daughter of Jackson Sweet, a famous voodoo guy who died a while ago in the Savannah area Her partner is David Gould who is chocked full of his own issues view spoiler like the fact that his wife murdered their son because her side piece told her he didn t like kids and they could only be together if she got rid of hers and then the FBI office that he worked for told him it was probably best if he went and worked somewhere else so that negative attention wouldn t be drawn to the Bureau and he has since been addicted to depression pills that often leave him vacant than present and he has just moved to Georgia on top of all of that hide spoiler

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Play Deadcharacters Play Dead, audiobook Play Dead, files book Play Dead, today Play Dead, Play Dead 96300 No One Is Familiar With Savannah S Dark Side Than Homicide Detective And Native Resident Elise Sandburg She S Been Haunted For Years By Her Own Mysterious Past She Was Abandoned As A Baby In One Of The City S Ancient Cemeteries, And It S Rud That She Is The Illegitimate Daughter Of An Infamous Savannah Root Doctor The Local Gullah Culture Of Voodoo And Magic Is One That Few Outsiders Can Understand, Least Of All Elise S New Partner Now Someone Is Terrorizing The City, Creating Real Life Zombies By Poisoning Victims Into A Conscious Paralysis That Mimics Death As The Chilling Case Unfolds, Elise Is Drawn Back Into The Haunted Past She S Tried So Hard To Leave Behind

About the Author: Anne Frasier

Anne Frasier is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author The Body Reader received the 2017 THRILLER AWARD for Best Paperback Original from International Thriller Writers Other honors include a RITA for romantic suspense and a Daphne du Maurier Award for paranormal romance Her memoir The Orchard was an O, The Oprah Magazine Fall Pick a One Book, One Community read a B review in Enter