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Cursed Bounty chapter 1 Cursed Bounty , meaning Cursed Bounty , genre Cursed Bounty , book cover Cursed Bounty , flies Cursed Bounty , Cursed Bounty e3291a3278cb7 When A Zombie Bounty Hunter Is Sent To A Small Western Town After Bank Robbers, Things Get Complicated And Deadly For The Local Sheriff And His MenThey Must Fight The Battle For Moral Good Against A Powerful, Corrupt Politician And The Zombies He Controls

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    I got hold of Cursed Bounty a bit ago when it was either free or on sale, I cannot recall which, at the moment, but I feel kinda bad, because I forgot about it Then I happened across a post by the author mentioning that it was ranking fairly high on the charts and so I decided to bust it out and take a look at what was rocking up the charts.A small town is taken aback when a gang of bank robbers strike their town, not only stealing the life savings of the people, but also taking the lives of many of the townsfolk Sending word to the governor that they may need some help in catching this band of marauders and getting justice for their little town The help they receive is not exactly what they expected, as it comes in the form of a zombie bounty hunter that is controlled by the governor This can t be a good thing, right Well, as this story is only 84 pages long, I don t want to give any away, but believe me when I say I was surprised at the ending, which within the zombie genre tends to be rather predictable.

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    Cursed Bounty is a wonderful, novella length weird Western by a new to me author, Rebecca Besser, whose work I discovered from the Summer of Zombie Blog Tour that occurred just this past month In this story, a motley group of bank robbers are targeted by a zombie bounty hunter The story is well crafted, appropriately bloody, and has a nice little surprise ending that makes the reader sit up and take notice Well done and recommended.

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    Great shortThis might be my favorite Besser short story A different type of zombie I was hoping for a bit of a happy ending Looking forward to reading from Rebecca Thx for offering this free on kindle.

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    zombie westernThe story is really blah Some bandits rob a town..sheriff asks someone to contact govenor The Gov sends a zombie assassinandwell pretty boring Their is no details or reasons for the zombies Nor a conclusion for the story, it just abruptly ends.

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