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The Front Nine chapter 1 The Front Nine , meaning The Front Nine , genre The Front Nine , book cover The Front Nine , flies The Front Nine , The Front Nine 3371c46b73686 Who Is Gryphen Reed A Miracle Worker Or A Madman In The Front Nine The Reader Will Travel From The Coast Of Long Island To The Jungles Of Costa Rica, From Outer Space To The Depths Of Hell The Front Nine Features A Diverse Cast Of Characters And An Ever Present, Psychotic Greens Keeper The Front Nine Is A Collection Of Short Stories The Works Are Each Quite Different And Can Be Read Independently, However, A Common Character Is Threaded Across The Series Prevarication Is A General Theme Throughout These Nine Tales As Well To Get The Full Effect, It Is Important That You Read Each Story All The Way To The End Several Of These Tales Are Purely Original, While Others Are My Take On Classic Stories Some Are A Blend Of Both Many Of The Connections Are Obvious, While Others Are Subtle As Anyone Who Plays The Game Knows, Golf Is A Burdensome Vice These Stories, Like Several Of My Novels, Are Golf Themed, But Certainly Not Just About Golf If They Were, They Would Probably Be Too Tedious For Even The Most Obsessed Fans Golf Serves As A Setting, A Background, And A Common Connection Among Characters In My Writing Within A Golfing Framework, I Still Strive To Create Stories That Are Engaging Even For Non Golfers I Hope That Everyone Who Reads The Front Nine Finds It An Entertaining Place To Play

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    I don t know a single thing about golf but I found this book Quite interesting and entertaining The author had a unique way about his stories that I liked I even laughed at the one where he took his dad and daughter golfing I didn t expect that ending at all and he seemed to do the same thing through out the book You never knew what to expect I really did enjoy the book and plan to pass it on.

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