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Copia pdf Copia , ebook Copia , epub Copia , doc Copia , e-pub Copia , Copia 1ceb3124afd Erika Meitner S Fourth Book Grapples With The Widespread Implications Of Commercialism And Over Consumption, Particularly In Exurban America Documentary Poems Originally Commissioned By Virginia Quarterly Review Examine The Now Bankrupt City Of Detroit, Once The Thriving Heart Of The American Dream Meitner Probes The Hulking Ruins Of Office Buildings, Tract Housing, Superstores, Construction Sites, And Freeways Exposing A Vacuous World Of Decay And Abandonment While Holding Out Hope For Re Birth From Ashes Because It Is An Uninhabited Place, Because Itmakes Me Hollow, I Pried Open The Pages OfDetroit The Houses Blanked Out, Factoriesabsorbed Back Into Ghetto Palms And Scrub Oak, Piles Of Tires, Heaps Of Cement BlockVines Knock And Enter Through Shattereddrop Ceilings, Glassless Windows Ragwortcracks The Street S Asphalt To UnsolvablepuzzlesErika Meitner Was A National Poetry Series Winner Her Work Has Appeared In American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, Tin House, The Best American Poetry , Kenyon Review, And Elsewhere She Is Associate Professor Of English At Virginia Tech

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    What a collection Meitner s work is on the radar now, and I will seek out I was looking for a theme here and didn t really find one, it s this beautiful mash of trailer parks, Yiddish, Detroit, religious overtones, and verb conjugations.Highlights To Whom It May Concern And After the ArkApologeticsPorto, Portare, Portavi, PortatusMaple RidgeYiddishland Wal Mart Supercenter

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    This knocked me out Can t wait to read Meitner s other books and reread this one And reading interviews with her after devouring Copia, I m further impressed by her approach to writing the travel and research and, especially, the interest in photography Brilliant.

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    I met Erika Meitner when I as in an MFA program a few years after she released her first collection, but before her second This was about a decade ago and we were talking to her for a few minutes about books such as when one should probably read The Catcher in the Rye I noticed she had an ability to draw insight and even spiritual connections out of the banal and exhaustive This book continues to prove to that this was a valid observation This book feels Whitman esque in its cataloguing and often breathless lines, Meitner incorporates Detroit, Virginia, Niagara Falls, the Bronx and the ghosts of various Walmart s with bits of Christian and Hebrew theology, the intimacies of beginning a family, and the frustrations of clerical and academic life Meitner is serious without being overly solemn, sometimes sexy, sometimes even a bit gross, and often cracking a sly smile in the middle of a poet A strong showing for her fourth collection.

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    Meitner brings a wide net to this project, mingling the personal and the political through deft use of beautifully discrete and tragic syntax that of the Jewish diaspora, the post industrial exurbs of our new American century, and the dramas and small confidences of family life Her engagement with each of these styles of thought talk marks her interest in the copia, or plenty, if you want to get all Whitman about it, of living in the here and now, but her deft touch for the people behind the words and word styles a mysterious but totally believable toddler, a litany of voices from the ever present past as well as contemporary Detroit make this collection than the sum of its disparate voices While I am new to her work, I eagerly await whatever Erika Meitner comes up with next.

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    Favorite poem in the collection Interrobang which is exactly the shape of naked John Lennon wrapped around clothed Yoko Ono Favorite sentences in the collection We had hallelujah billboards We had industrial rust from Terra Nullius Ending that made me gasp and say, yes, yes In the image of plenty we created them Because though this world is changing, we will remain the same abundant and impossible to fill from Retail Space Available Lines I d like to co opt for use as an email signature I understand the task is important, but I do not want to be part of this committee from To Whom It May Concern Overall, the tone and themes of the book reminded me of LaToya Ruby Frazier s Born By a RiverBummed that I missed the Rumpus chat with Erika So many questions I wanted to ask

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    This is my favorite collection of Meitner s to date The poems are fresh, resonant, and skilfully crafted They transport you to Detroit, Virginia, Niagara Falls, the Bronx, and various Wal Marts across the nation but each is spoken by a familiar, steady voice.As expected, my faith in verse has been restored.

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    Original read August 2015 Had a longer review which I just lost through some ill advised right click action Think Detroit as apocalyptic landscape of foreclosed houses, rebar crouching in basements, empty parkings lots and burnt out auto beautiesThink anaphora and list poem of Rust Belt, Big Box stores, carts full of pampers and OJ power and Kool Aid Babies traded for meth in WalMart parking lots, old men stabbed to death in January rain.View America billboards for PAYDAY LOANS, GOD BLESS, BANKTUPTCY MAY BE A BLESSING, COME INTO TODAY DO YOU KNOW JESUS YETGun toting preacher men and their recoil bruised sons, 12 and juiced on patriotismWeave in those references to bubbe and her wig, Yizkor Bukh, Holocaust, the lost language of Yiddish when The people who sang to their children in Yiddish and worked in Yiddish and made love in Yiddish are nearly all gone Phantasmic Heym Welcome to America, the beautiful, the blessed, the blighted and Godforsaken Not my usual style, but unexpectedly good Terra Nullius We had hallelujah billboards We had industrial rust He put his finger to my lips and I became the wreckage so we could find our way back We sat like that a long time.

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    I have been unoccupied I have been foreclosed I have been vacant for a long time Everything of any real value has been looted my pulse, my breath, my hereafter The most intimate place of all in this city of sadness is the distance between sounds

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    Erika Meitner s latest collection traverses time, places, and forms, with a copious amount of prosody and heart Although sometimes these poems can list toward the prosey, the book s final sect on with its Detroit poems are worth it alone.

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    I loved this collection of Poems There was so much that was said It is our lineage as Americans written in free verse.

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