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Montessori chapter 1 Montessori , meaning Montessori , genre Montessori , book cover Montessori , flies Montessori , Montessori d61409d053fdc As With All Things Montessori, Students Begin With The Concrete And Move To The Abstract When Learning Geography, Students First Develop An Understanding That The Earth Is A Round Globe, Made Up Of Land And Water They Then Manipulate The Shape Of Each Continent Before Addressing Its Name And Location Montessori Map Work Introduces Readers To The Seven Continents Via Textured Edges To Trace With Their Fingers, Modes Of Transportation Between Each One For Spatial Context, And Illustrated Native Animals For Relevant And Meaningful Associations Young Children Will Absorb The Age Appropriate Geography And Gain A Better Sense Of Their Place In The World Praise For Montessori Map Work This Ingeniously Designed Book Follows The Montessori Way Of Teaching Children Concrete Concepts In An Accessible Way School Library Journal

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    My toddler loves this book The textures and pictures really interest him.

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    Get your little one ready to travel the world with this one

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    finger traceable outlines of continents and familiarity with animals from each continent

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    Young readers learn basic geography facts about the continents through the Montessori approach utilized here Starting from the concrete and moving to the abstract, they are introduced to the world s lands and have a chance to touch the outline of the continents Two facing pages are devoted to each continent, beginning first with North America and moving across the globe through various modes of transportation Each continent s pages also feature animals representative of the region By the time youngsters have reached the last pages of the book, they can see the whole world with animals and continents in their proper perspective I liked the illustrations colors and the focus on the land masses instead of all the planet s water Part of the Abrams Appleseed series, this book would certainly be useful in many early classrooms.

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    We move through the continents of the world, showing a few animals from each continent A bit advanced for my not quite two year old, but there are elements in this book to appeal to a wide range of ages.

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    I thought continents were a bit advanced for a board book, but I think the board pages are only to support the rough texture and edges of the landmasses, which you learn are different from water smooth by feeling Neat Montessori focuses on the concrete before the abstract.

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    Enjoyable presentation to introduce the continents through the animals that live there.

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