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May Day in Magadan files May Day in Magadan, read online May Day in Magadan, free May Day in Magadan, free May Day in Magadan, May Day in Magadan 3e4bc1ed4 An Old Cleaning Woman Caught At Magadan Airport With Sacks Containing Priceless FursA Tragic Airline Accident That Kills A Woman With A Devastating SecretA Sudden Flurrying Shift In The Soviet HierarchySuch Are The Sinister Threads Which Intertwine To Thrust Ivan Duvakin Into The Menacing Glace Of KGB Suspicions Now Duvakin Is Running For His Life, Plunged Into The Vortex Of A Deadly Conspiracy That Reaches From The Top Levels Of Party Command His Only Ally Is Galya, A Woman Doctor Whose Sensual Charms Mask A Ferocious Heart And Who May Or May Not Be His Ultimate Betrayer

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    Read this shortly after Gorky Park and loved this too.Didn t even know that there was a place called Magadan until I read this book.

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    MAY DAY IN MAGADAN is a good enough murder spy mystery One could wish the characters were a bit developed, and the resolution is confusing why was the inept, almost comical protagonist rewarded The best character in the book is the small Siberian city of Magadan in the Soviet time The harsh weather, the lingering metaphysical darkness Magadan was an administrative center for several concentration camps before the Gulag system was ended , the hypocrisy, ineptitude, and looting endemic to Communism, and the bitterness of life in the USSR are very well developed.A brilliant moment is the understatement when an airliner explodes on takeoff There was a pop, faint but loud enough to make Duvakin look backthe merry twinkle of sun sparkling on a rain of shredded steel, torn clothing, and specks of human flesh This is the one moment of gore in the narrative, appalling because unexpected.

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    Ivan Duvakin is a victim of circumstance Previously caught up in a scandal while working security in Moscow he now finds himself Magadan, a former center for the regional slave labor camps of the Gulag Duvakin has been given a cushy job in Agitprop in the isolated town, which is literally in the middle of nowhere And yet, because of a chance encounter at the airport he finds himself in the middle of a new plot that threatens to spin out of control and consume everything around it including him Olcott s writing doesn t sugar coat life under communism and the picture he paints of Magadan in the early 1980s, and the operations of the Militia and the KGB, certainly rings true In a society where the signed confession replaces trials, can anyone expect justice

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