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  • Paperback
  • 480 pages
  • The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work
  • Peter Turchi
  • English
  • 24 August 2019
  • 9780393325324

10 thoughts on “The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work

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    This is too good for me to have invented it, but I don t know where it comes from anyone A short story is a novel on its way to becoming a poemWell, maybe Reading short stories is not everyone s favourite form of entertainment You have to do many things, and you might not be bothered to do them, because you only have 30 pages to do em in Whereas if you were in the middle of a 400 page novel, you would do em You know, like figure this, deduce that, love this, hate that, sneer, bark This anthology uniquely partners each story with a couple of pages about the story by the author Unhappily, these mini essays can t help being rather too self congratulatory Of course all these authors think their included story works rather well, otherwise they would not be included But still, these sel back patters grate a bit For instance Margot Livesey s struggles with The Flowers of the Forest taught her she says important lessons about fiction, including the one where she learned that The familiar, far fetched plot could work if the prose was sufficiently lustrous and precise and atmosphericmeaning that she thinks her story is indeed sufficiently lustrous and precise and atmospheric David Shields says that in writing his story I could call upon my strengths meditation and analysis , hide my weaknesses plot and plot and be as smart on the page as I wanted to be I d found a way to write that seemed true to how I am in the world.Charles Baxter says I am proud of it this is a one time only story Sometimes I can t believe I did it.Get a room, you shameless authors, where we don t have to watch you making sweet love with yourselves.But still, there are some corkers in here, so, as per usual, I would urge you to read the good ones and skip the rubbish.

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    I used this anthology as a required text in an intermediate workshop Wanted a collection that offered short fiction paired with commentary about craft in this case from the authors themselves The commentary provided for some interesting discussions, but overall many of these are middling stories by excellent authors who have produced better fiction elsewhere Some stories worked and were compelling Quite a few, however, seemed to fall apart under the weight of their authors objectives.

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    This book was a mixed bag, but a great idea There s one story by Steve Schwartz that I m going to study There are a lot of throw away stories, even though sometimes the behind the story essays about them contain interesting nuggets of insight about how stories get made The biggest problem is the whiteness of the book The editors clearly have a preference for white people writing white working class and white collar stories, as if no one else in the world exists After a while, the book felt repetitive, like they were all telling a story from the same prompt, over and over Also, wow, almost 500 pages

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    Found this book quite fascinating as we get a chance to discover each of the 26 writer s process and thinking when developing the selected stories I realize from their sharing that I still have a way to go in my own growth The bottom line is that each writer stood true to their creative process if it if it defies writing conventions learned in creative writing classes.

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    For any writer or aspiring writer of short fiction, this book is a gem Not only does it present 26 beautifully crafted stories for your reading pleasure which would be enough to make this book worth your time but it then gives us a glimpse of how each story was constructed What considerations went into the structure of the story How did the author develop the characters Why was this particular point of view chosen How did the setting come into play in the writing of the story Things most readers never think of when they re reading short stories and many new writers fail to consider when they re writing them are unveiled and clarified This book gave me new ways to think of short fiction.

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    A fantastic anthology of amazing writing from exceptional authors This book is a must read for any literary major or anyone with hopes of becoming a writer themselves one day What makes these stories great is the discussion after the story with the author The authors go into great detail about their inspirations, writing style, and the evolution of the stories Boasting a wide array of authors and each story having its own unique voice The Story Behind the Story is as close as a reader can get with having the author in the room with them discussing the story with them.

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    As a reader, I admire the selections, especially Charles Baxter s The Old Fascist in Retirement, based on the late days of Ezra Pound In fact, I liked that story so much that I have ordered Baxter s collection, A RELATIVE STRANGER, because I want unlimited access to this story As a writer, I value the commentary from the authors that follows each story An excellent book with which I spend many good hours.

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    When I came across this at the AWP W.W Norton booth I expressed delight and wondered why I d never seen this book before The young twit working the booth sniffed It s been around forever Well, excuse me The idea of this book is marvelous though the stories are dated and a little soft, IMHO Also, several glaring typos BUT if you teach or love short stories, this book is indispensable.

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    I wasn t thrilled with this particular book I felt like some of the stories were written, maybe even still in draft format at this point, solely for the book They didn t strike me as stories that would succeed generally, with the exception of A Walk in Winter, the last story I think there are probably better instructive books on short story writing Better yet, just go buy books of short fiction by Hemingway, Fitzgerald, etc.

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    Anybody who wants to write short stories should get this book One of my fascinations is to hear how other writers go about the process of creating a short story, and this book gives you glimpses into several authors creative minds Twenty six short stories by unique writers, followed by an essay on the birth of each story by its author priceless.

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The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Workcharacters The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work, audiobook The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work, files book The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work, today The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work, The Story Behind the Story: 26 Stories by Contemporary Writers and How They Work 141b4 This Big, Beautiful Anthology Of Short Fiction Is For Readers, Writers, And Anyone Curious About The Mysterious Processes Of Literary Minds All Contributors Have Been Recent Faculty Members Of The Prestigious Warren Wilson Low Residency Program, Including Such Literary Favorites As Margot Livesey, Charles Baxter, Robert Boswell, Jim Shepard, Antonya Nelson, David Shields, And The Editors ThemselvesEach Writer Was Asked To Submit An Original Story, Accompanied By An Essay Describing The Challenges Of The Story And How They Were Met Since Writers Resist Herding, The Editors Were Happily Surprised By The Wide Range Of Essays Fiction Writers, When Given The Space, Think About Their Work Very Differently We Learn About The Genesis Of A Story, How Story Evolves, What Was Eventually Relinquished And Why, And How A Story Surprisingly Might Insist On ChangingArranged Alphabetically By Author, And Beginning With Richard Russo S Cogent Introduction, This Volume Is A Treasure Throughout

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