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Bed of Coals chapter 1 Bed of Coals, meaning Bed of Coals, genre Bed of Coals, book cover Bed of Coals, flies Bed of Coals, Bed of Coals 40201f62c727d Joseph Hutchison S BED OF COALS Is A Poetic Sequence That Tells A Story Of Emotional Crisis And Recovery At The Unsparing Hand Of Eros Rooted In Transgression, The Poems Honor The Powerful Psychic Energies At Work In The Book S Tragicomical Hero, Whose Name Is Vander Meer They Trace His Journey Toward Balance And Wholeness In Ways That Reflect His Struggle Shifting Points Of View, Mercurial Mood Swings, Now Layered And Allusive, Now Plain As A Single Plucked Guitar String It Is A Highly Crafted But Deeply Human Book, A Book For Readers Who Appreciate The Strange Richness Of Our Inner Lives

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    We are the publisher, so all of our authors get five stars from us Excerpts JULY 22 BUYING THE DIVORCE MOBILE from the Blue NotebookThe smashed headlamp makes the whole frontlook wall eyed, and the dented left doorwinces like a pockmarked cheek I can t believeI m thinking this, anthropomorphically I mean,but the car s as pitiful as certain girlsin hand me down prom dresses horn rims thickas depression glass and the vague, halfhopeful, off the other way looks they alllisten to dance music with It s listeningtoo, this beat up blue car for sale so cheapI ve already figured I might need to wirethe muffler up with a bent coat hanger an idea I don t announce The pretty owner whose tattooed boyfriend just roared offfor beer and smokes on the long throbof his Harley clearly still cares, achesto sell and not sell But here on the ridgeabove the snarling freeway, money s tight she needs to shake some loose from me It drives good, she says And y knowhow great Bugs are in snow It s been realnice, cause believe me this hill s the lastroad on earth they bother to plow I touchthe torn fender, the cracked side mirror,amazed that this is what I m worth me,my first good job and one broken marriageinto a life that will end I look at herhard, counting the costs, and she looksoff the other way With a darkness dancingin my veins, I shrug All right I ll take it, I say.VANDER MEER S DUPLICITYVander Meer at the mirror, mouthpropped wide with a gun barrelindex finger, thinking easeful death playing homo ludens to the hilt Who was itsaid, a good poem always takesthe top of one s head off Gruesome Vander Meer Not a littletired of getting so weird Peersto find the tooth that stabshis sleep but as ever the ache sgeneral in his jaw, as if he d chewedhis tongue s bloody rag all night Look, mirror man whispers, suchmorbidity s a sign of decay mentalscolding with a dogtailwag of his finger No no no no,like Beethoven said.Bitter Vander Meer Half in lovewith this new life alone with his art a cracked memoir he calls Bed of Coals ,half with a dream of being gatheredinto artless eternity from which sleepwhat holds him back One truth his heart s not in it.

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    Most people won t spend as much time as I did on this book Most people don t spend nearly as much time as they ought to do on poetry We treat it like prose but let s be honest most of us don t spend nearly as much time on prose as it deserves The reason in both cases is lack of time or not so much lack of time but the insistence on trying to read books than we can manage in the time we have available to us to do the job properly On my first cursory read through this collection I didn t like it at all but I know Brad in that Internetty way you get to know people these days and I d said I d review the book and so I persevered where normally I would ve given up Of course in taking making the time to read the book properly an entire new universe appeared before me It s not a perfect universe but it is an interesting one and I certainly don t feel that my time was wasted But if your time is limited precious but you think you might want to risk a few bucks on some guy from the Great Plains then check out the article on my blog where I detail my reading experience You can call it a review if you like but it really is simply a record of what I got out of it which was a helluva lot You won t remember it all hell, I don t remember it all so buy the book while it s fresh in your mind, stick on on a shelf for a few months and hopefully when you discover it you ll go Hey, that s that book Jim Murdoch went on about I should really read that and see what the fuss was about And maybe you ll be disappointed because you re not me and the baggage you brought with you s a bad fit or maybe because you don t live in Scotland you see stuff I completely missed Every book s a gamble.

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    I read quite a bit of poetry but not familiar with this type style at all Seemed there was a lot on broken romance or divorce, kind of depressing I ll go with the writer s credentials, since I m a graduate student A very awesome book cover, great font writing style A very well written set of poems prose book They were all very easy to read follow from start finish never a dull moment No grammar errors, repetitive or out of line sequence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios, with several twists turns a great set of unique characters to keep track of A very easy rating of 5 stars for all of them Thank you for the free book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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