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Edward Thomas summary Edward Thomas , series Edward Thomas , book Edward Thomas , pdf Edward Thomas , Edward Thomas d2a54af757 Along With Sassoon And Wilfred Owen, Edward Thomas Is By Any Reckoning A Major First World War Poet A War Poet Is Not One Who Chooses To Commemorate Or Celebrate A War, But One Who Reacts Against Having A War Thrust Upon Him His Great Friend Robert Frost Wrote His Poetry Is So Very Brave, So Unconsciously Brave Apart From A Most Illuminating Understanding Of His Poetry, Dr Wilson Shows How Thomas Life Alone Makes For Absorbing Reading His Early Marriage, His Dependence On Laudanum, His Friendships With Conrad, Edward Garnett, Rupert Brooke And Hilaire Belloc Among Others The Novelist Eleanor Farjeon Entered Into A Curious Menage A Trois With Him And His Wife He Died In France In , On The First Day Of The Battle Of Arras This Is The Stuff Of Which Myths Are Made And Posterity Has Been Quick To Oblige But This Has Tended To Obscure His True Worth As A Writer, As Dr Wilson Argues Edward Thomas S Poems Were Not Published Until Some Months After His Death, But They Have Never Since Been Out Of Print Described By Ted Hughes As The Father Of Us All , Thomas S Distinctively Modern Sensibility Is Probably The One Most In Tune With Our Twenty First Century OutlookHe Occupies A Crucial Place In The Development Of Twentieth Century Poetry This Is The Extraordinary Life Of A Poetic Genius

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    I have already banged on about Edward Thomas at length in another review so I wll be brief.This is the first full biography of Thomas for some thirty years and so well overdue It contains much new material, especially on his strained relationship with his long suffering wife, Helen In many respects Thomas was an archetype for the tortured artist among the many reasons for this were, a feeling of inadequacy, an innate melancholia and a restless desire to find his niche in the literary world The book brings out this constant unease well, and, in particular, how Thomas sought consolation in the company of the prominent literati of his time de la Mare, Conrad, Brooke, W H Davies, Belloc et al It should be remembered that while Thomas was, of course, a great writer of prose and poetry in his own right, he was also one the most celebrated reviewers of his generation Through this medium his knowledge of contemporary writers, and poets in particular, was unrivalled Perhaps this constant exposure to poetry ultimately led him to write his own, encouraged by yet another of his literary friends, Robert Frost.Jean Moorcroft Wilson also reveals interesting new information about his death at the Battle of Arras which I will not go into here, for obvious reasons.Well written, always engrossing and the perfect book for anyone wanting to find out about this giant of English letters.

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    Respectful and restrained biography of the great poet Moorcroft Wilson struggles to fit Thomas into the war poet category, and those coming to this work will wonder on the need, valuing instead the discomforting details of a man deeply unhappy with his lot in life.

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