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    So the infection has reached America Only to be expected though since an infected pregnant girl was evacuated at the end of book 6 The reading seemed fresh with new ideas and this is good as this is book 7 in the series.I liked all the news characters and the new setting It seems the people in the USA can t deal with the zombie Armageddon any than w e could So a quick food fun book I d recommend it to any one who s a zombie fan.

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    OMG Please tell me this isn t over I pretty much like every thing he writes So many things were unexpected, he doesn t follow everyone else s rule of what a zombie should be like Wow Great, great great I m trying to read as many books of his that I can Always expect the unexpected Can t wait for Book 8 Don t take too long.

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    HARVEST OF THE DEAD Zombies are Monsters, TooAny zombie enthusiast activist will tell you that the truth about zombies is that they are not really monsters at all, but a simple shuffling, dripping backdrop for the real horror The fall of society The evil inherent in humankind The bane of humanities egotistical view on controlling nature Which is one of the reasons I enjoyed HARVEST OF THE DEAD Ian Woodhead and Christine Sutton make it perfectly clear that their zombies are horrific, violent, cannibalistic and power mad monsters Set in Vermont, HARVEST OF THE DEAD takes the safe haven, post Z apocalypse town of Greendale Falls and expedites the degradation of society with the onset of martial law and growing debauchery, then turns the whole thing on its head with immediate outbreak The traditional real monsters are exposed from the beginning, the politically corrupt, the sexist, the bully, the glutton, all of the typical fun cast of a good necrotic read and then some Then Woodhead and Sutton throw in their monsters The undead come in different forms and are reminiscent of RESIDENT EVIL at times, making for quite a fun if not scary ride And the writer s pull no stops on gore, insane acts of violence, and sex Yes, that s right, there is enough sex to turn even you necrophiles into a drooling mess The pacing is fast and the chapters short enough to make for a great read, and the plot drives on with enough positive negative exchange to keep it interesting At times there are too many subplots, but fortunately the writers dispatch those usually within the same chapter in which they are introduced, kind of leading me to believe this book came with an appetizer menu As far as the characters, the POV shifts are done fairly well, although most of the adults tend to have the same over all voice depending on their good evil polarization, but as the POVs turn to teens and tweens, the writing became most impressive I had to applaud the midgrade POV in particular One down side I found was that there is very little room for character growth, and I felt that was in part to the amount of players in this story Finally, the theme of poetic justice prevails to the very end and the book has moments when you can t help but feel a little victory for the good people of Greendale Falls.Overall, I found HARVEST OF THE DEAD to be a fast paced and enjoyable read, and am hoping to see of this style in the upcoming KINGDOM OF THE DEAD I definitely recommend it for the zombie slayers lovers, and leave you with a word of advice Watch for wall crawlers.

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    Well, here we are with book 7 of the brilliant Zombie Armageddon series by Ian Woodhead and we leave the shores of sunny old England and pay a visit to the good old US of A, where due to a raid on England by a zombie snatch squad, are about to see first hand how devastating the virus can be.The bodies pile up from the very start due in thanks to an infected newborn, and of course the usual scientists screwing around with something they shouldn t be The story moves at a fast pace once the infection takes hold, and those of you that have read the previous books know Ian doesn t do normal zombies, there are mutants and hunters in the mix as well The characters are good and develop as the story progresses, and I m wondering will we got to see them again in future books, especially after the parting words of one of the hunters Get it, read it, rate it, and hopefully you ll enjoy it as much as I did.

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    This is the story of Greendale Falls, a small town in the US, it has been hit with the zombie virus from the UK The local school principle is head of The Enforcers , a band of townsfolk tasked with killing zombies on sight It is also his job to ensure the town is kept safe from the shambling hordes Something has happened to him though and is not the man he used to be I loved this It was a great idea to get Christine on board and take the apocalypse to the US, it added a whole new dimension to the series The characters were brilliant, and their backstories made them seem real There was even the obligatory bad guy everyone loves to hate The pace was relentless, and the ending left the way clear for This was another great addition to Ian s Zombie Armageddon series, and with Christine Sutton on board there is a wealth of new content to come hopefully.

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    The infection has made its way across the ocean and landed in the U.S The small town of Greendale Falls,VT has taken precautions to stop the infection, but somehow it has made its way into their sleepy little town Battle zombies, hunters and worse in the latest installment of the Zombie Armageddon series This is the first novella I ve read in this series When I first started I thought Oh no, not smart zombies that climb walls but a few paragraphs after that I was hooked With characters you care about and villians you love to hate the story drags you in for a fast and fun ride If your like me and love zombies do yourself a favor and check out this set, I will definitely be checking out books in this series as soon as possible A solid 4 star read.

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    Yet another great Zombie book

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    OkayIt had the potential to be a new twist to the zombie world, but it went in to many directions without keeping my interest A quick read for a boring day

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    Good book in a good series, our American cousins are now feeling the darkness of The authors mind

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Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7) summary pdf Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7) , summary chapter 2 Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7) , sparknotes Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7) , Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7) a2328a7 The Infection Has Made Its Way Across The Ocean And Landed In The US The Small Town Of Greendale Falls, VT Has Taken Precautions To Stop The Infection, But Somehow It Has Made Its Way Into Their Sleepy Little Town Battle Zombies, Hunters And Worse In The Latest Installment Of The ZA Series

  • Kindle Edition
  • 145 pages
  • Harvest of the Dead (Zombie Armageddon #7)
  • Ian Woodhead
  • English
  • 07 July 2019

About the Author: Ian Woodhead

Ian Woodhead is just past the age of forty He lives in the north of England and is married to a wonderful woman He has forgotten how many children he has He had been writing for nearly twenty years but has only just gained the confidence to start showing his work Ian finds it a little creepy writing about himself in the third person.