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    Trapped Hearts Author Maggie Raine has created a story of two strong willed characters who are forced to rely on each other to escape an underwater cave Sailing aboard the charter fishing vessel The Sandra in the Caribbean, the sea suddenly becomes rough, bouncing up and down without wind or storm Soon, spouts of dirty water surround the vessel and then, suddenly everything becomes calm again Once into port, Captain Rigby Jake Jacobs contacts Professor Eugene Thornsley known to his students as Thorny at the Gerace Research Center For the Study of Archeology The professor s findings reveal an insular shelf shift undersea off the island of Barbuda caused by an underwater volcano eruption This has caused an increase in water temperature and created many small caves and caverns he plans to explore Eugene has invited Dr Marielle Farnan, a marine biologist, to join his four man research team along with Catherine and Paul, who have worked with him in the past Their mission is to set up underwater seismographs and current monitors along with cameras and thermometers The professor is arrogant, prickly, and makes Marielle feel she has made the wrong decision to join this team Her hackles are up and she s building a strong dislike for this intolerable man While Catherine and Paul team together, that leaves Marielle to dive with Eugene Once in the water she is surprised how he apparently has changed he s an elegant diver, comfortable in this element, and his eyes are sparkling Though Thorny set the rule of the buddy system, he himself breaks it by entering a nearby underwater cave Marielle adheres to the rule and follows him Almost instantly a vibration can be felt, and the cave opening collapses, trapping them inside with very little air in their tanks This is an interesting story of how two people open up to one another, drawn together, and must rely on each other for survival It is not your average romance story, but is a story of survival,acceptance and forgiveness I can imagine a sequel to this story and would like to see how the relationship builds between Thorny and Marielle.

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    I was asked by the author to read and review this book, so here is my review This is a great story, a little short about 74 pages but I thought it was worth the time invested to read it Dr Marielle Farnan is a marine biologist and coral is her favorite under the waves Dr Eugene Thornsby is an archaeology but in the ocean He loves to explore the ocean bottom and any caves he might find On one expedition in Barbuda, He is teamed up with Marielle as his dive partner They are placing instruments to record wave action and other undersea activities When Thorny drifts towards a cave, Marielle goes to try and get him to not enter and help her place the instruments before their air supply runs out When they enter the cave, a rock slide blocks their path and they are stuck in the cave They try to find their way out but it is hard to do when your flashlights are losing power And Marielle has a problem of her own and it is life threatening Will they find their way out or be stuck and die in this cave Will Marielle tell Eugene about her condition before it is too late If you are looking for a quick, fast paced great story, then this one is for you I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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    This is definitely a unique take on the romantic suspense genre There is definitely budding romance and a great deal of suspense but it comes from a very unusual quarter She develops the story in this novella in a uniquely captivating manner that highlights both the best and the worst in her characters Raine s look at nautical and marine life is just breathtaking You can almost feel the salty sea air Regardless of the situation these characters find themselves in, you can t help but laugh at the way they interact with each other Combine a man who is used to everyone deferring to him with a woman who s worked hard to get where she is and won t kowtow to anyone The way things happen is quite priceless, and scary at the same time I also enjoyed getting to know the characters as they came to know one another in a very peculiar yet life threatening manner.My last comment is on the ending of this unique tale It is definitely an ending, but is also the beginning Just think of it as what comes before the HEA.Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.

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    I wish the editing had been better There were little mistakes throughout the story, enough that I almost gave a rating of two stars One of my pet peeves is your you re and in one or two spots the wrong one was used There also appeared to be missing punctuation With that said, I will be keeping an eye out for books by Ms Petton.

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