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    Check out picture book reviews Perspective of a WriterDo you have a preschooler fascinated by dinosaurs and eager to learn all of their names This colorful parade of dinosaurs provides the vehicle for them to learn it all My nephew is a mega fan of dinosaurs He loves to draw them, read about them and talk about them His favorite is by far T rex or Tyrannosaurus as the book calls him So it didn t surprise me that he chose the t rex spread to drawn with the mama dinosaur on the other end The words were simple but he was having a hard day today so it was actually perfect.I actually would have preferred the pronunciation keys as part of the colorful pages as well as the little blurbs about each dinosaur so we could read them as we went through the books I also wasn t a huge fan of the art style It was perfect for my nephew to draw and feel super confident but if I was a parent I would get tired of this book fast There was no message and actually the words borderline on being totally meaningless It was all about learning the dinosaurs BOTTOM LINE Particularly for very young dinosaur lovers ______________________You can find this review and many others on my book blog Perspective of a Writer See my picture book reviews in a special feature called Boo s Picture Gallery

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    Dinosaur Parade by Shari Halpern BOARD BOOK Christy Ottaviano Books Henry Holt Co , 2018 8 9781250155245BUYING ADVISORY Pre K ADVISABLEAUDIENCE APPEAL HIGHThis is a colorful and fun board book about dinosaurs A young boy creates a dinosaur parade with his toy dinosaurs, and in doing so introduces the reader to a whole variety of different dinosaurs.Had I read and reviewed this book entirely on my own I d have rated it optional The rhyming cadence is poor and trying to read in quasi rhyme while stopping every line to say the name of a dinosaur is really annoying But since I read and reviewed this with my toddler and she cannot get enough of this book I d have to say the appeal is obviously there for the intended audience I do like the color palate used, and its fun to have a board book with such a good connection to actual science Its a bear to read out loud, but still a fun board book kids will love.Reviewer TChttps kissthebookjr.blogspot.com 20

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    My toddler loves this book I like that we can read the story or read the names of the dinosaurs or both My toddler often asks me to draw the dinosaurs as well The illustrations in the book are simple and cute and my son is learning dinosaur names.butwhenever I read the story I get into a rhythm with the rhyming pattern and then inexplicably changes for the last couple of pages It s baffling Why How did this happen Why start a rhyming pattern at all I need answers, Shari

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    A picture book dealing primarily in rhymes, Dinosaur Parade shows one little boy playing with his dinosaurs and describing them all The end pages provide a glossary of sorts, with a printed pattern of different dinosaurs and a brief description with each s name A simple illustration style is cute and bold for holding attention and kids will love yet another opportunity to learn about their favor extinct animals.

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    While shelved as a picture book, this one almost works as a non fiction piece It s an easy read aloud and a very basic introduction to dinosaurs Since we re pretty far into out unit on dinosaurs, there wasn t anything new for us, and I do have to not that swimming and flying reptiles are not, by definition, dinosaurs, but it was still fun to read.

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    A little plain for my older story time kids unless we name all of the pictured dinosaurs, I think , but the younger ones would probably enjoy More a read aloud for one on one reading than in the groups of 20 ish that I get at story time.

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    Short and sweet My littlest storytime kiddos just loved the pictures

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    Simple enough for a 3 year old to enjoy Perfect for my little dinophile that likes learning ALL the names of the dinosaurs.

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    Cute introduction to dinosaurs, but a bit advanced for me I ll come back to this one later when I m older.

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    My 2o mo old loves dinosaurs, but could never get into this book.

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Dinosaur Parade summary pdf Dinosaur Parade , summary chapter 2 Dinosaur Parade , sparknotes Dinosaur Parade , Dinosaur Parade 25b3eeb Some Dinosaurs Are Tall Some Dinosaurs Are Very SmallSome Dinosaurs Walk On Two Legs, Others On FourAnd Some Dinosaurs Look Sweet While Others Look ScaryThis Colorful Parade Of Dinosaurs Is A Visual Feast For Very Young Fans Of Prehistorical Creatures The Simple Text And Bold Illustrations Are Ideal For Preschoolers Who Are Fascinated With These Magnificent Animals

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Dinosaur Parade
  • Shari Halpern
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9780805092424

About the Author: Shari Halpern

Sherri Halpern, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, illustrates children s books using collage and gouache She enjoys spending time with her family and cats.