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Lady Sophia's Lover quotes Lady Sophia's Lover, litcharts Lady Sophia's Lover, symbolism Lady Sophia's Lover, summary shmoop Lady Sophia's Lover, Lady Sophia's Lover e69be260 Why Is Lady Sophia Looking For A Lover And Could She Seduce The Most Marriageable Man In London Lady Sophia Sydney Would Do Anything To Ensnare The Unattainable Sir Ross Cannon Her Goal To Ruin His Reputation And Cause A Scandal That Would Be The Talk Of All London So She Insinuates Herself Into His Life By Gaining His Trust And Living In His HouseEvery Morning, Her Lush Presence Tempts Him Beyond All Reason The Way She Bends Over The Table To Serve Him The Meals She Has Prepared The Way Her Hands Oh, So Gently Yet Sensuously Brush Against Him Every Night, She Promises With Her Eyes And Her Body That The Hours Before Dawn Could Be Spent In Unbridled Passion Instead Of Restless Sleep If Only He D Let Her Share His BedShe Knows He Is Falling In Love With Her Each Day But She Never Counted On Falling In Love With Him And She Never Dreamed He Might Very Respectably Ask For Her Hand In Marriage

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    I ll make this short and sweet This book was a pleasure from the first page to the last As always, Lisa Kleypas gives us amazing characters, exciting yet believable situations and lots and lots of sexual tension, written only the way she can write it sizzling hot Who knew antique exercising furniture could be so much fun

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    Ross Cannon is yet another of Lisa Kleypas wonderful heroes He is so honorable and dignified He has this intelligence and way about him that inspires respect in others He reminds me of how I think King Arthur must have been He was mostly celibate for eight years after his wife dies That s why the way he falls for Sophia is so wonderful She becomes his obsession and sets his heart on fire And he does everything to keep her happy and to show his love for her Sigh I liked Sophia, and I thought she was a good heroine, but this book is mainly a favorite because of Ross What a man I also liked Nick Gentry, who is sort of the villain of this book, but turns out to be a very interesting character that we will see much of wink If you like an older, mature, but intense hero who will steal your heart along with his heroine, you have to read this book.

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    Sin duda cinco estrellas Este libro es el primero de la lista del Retointimo de este a o, y ya que empec esta serie me ha venido de lujo que este sea el segundo As mato dos p jaros de un tiro Sin duda leer el tercero lo antes posible Si el primer libro me encant , este no se queda atr s, me ha encantado la historia de Sir Ross y Sophia Como en la historia anterior a medida que iba leyendo ya ve a por donde iba los tiros y en este libro me ha pasado igual, pero a n as me ha gustado mucho ese final Espero poder cuanto antes leer el siguiente libro y creo que ltimo de esta serie y m s sabiendo de quien se trata.Me ha encantado, no puedo decir nada malo

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    4 Hot Hot Hot StarsI did the audio version and it was Fantastic The audio narrator is one of my top favorites for British narrators I LOVE LOVE LOVE her voice I love love love her voice transitions She made the book SUPER enjoyable and I ll probably stalk which books she narrators If you are a fan of accents, as I am, then I highly recommend you getting the audio.I love Lisa Kleypas as do a lot of others and I was kind of concerned reading an old book and although her writing style isn t the same, I still enjoyed this one a lot This book was SUPER steamy I don t think Lisa Kleypas is known for her steamy reads, sure it has steam, but I would put this one in the erotica category It didn t bother me, but something I noticed.I really liked the flow of this one, it had some angst, but it had things I liked in a read The Hero chases after the Heroine The Heroine has a past with issues, there are other issues that are thrown at the couple and some twists and turns along the way.Sophia wants revenge and she wants it towards Ross because he s the guy that put her brother in a horrible prison Sophia goes to Ross to become one of his assistance Ross is very hesitant to allow a woman near him He doesn t uses ladies and he s known as a monk.I like the working relationship between Sophia and Ross I loved the tension and I loved how Ross was curious about her What I enjoyed most about the book is that it shifts throughout the book and you never know what you were going to get What else could you ask for I will now continue with the series.

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    Ross Cannon, the Monk of Bow Street A Magistrate, a widower, celibate for years He lives for his work and cannot ever see himself in a relationship, let alone married in the future But then Sophia Sydney enters his life and turns it upside down.Once again, I sort of guessed one of the reveals but not all of it.Ross, bless him, was well able to keep up with Sophia up being the operative word Lord above, he was no longer done doing the deed when he was off again Jaysus, he could do it four or five times a night Maybe I should put Himself on a celibacy diet for 4 years and see what happens at the end of it LOL Ross could not help wondering if she found him attractive He would soon be forty, and he looked his age Off to read the last in the series.

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    5 stars Historical RomanceThis is another beautiful, lush, evocative, and passionate romance from amazingly talented author, Lisa Kleypas I ve absolutely loved every single book of hers that I ve read and Lady Sophia s Lover is another 5 star LK favorite for my keeper shelf Sophia is an endearing heroine, and Bow Street Runner Sir Ross Cannon is such a sexy, gruff alpha hero He can chase after me anytime Watching the stoic, disciplined, cynical Bow Street Magistrate being brought back to life and to his knees by Sophia s nurturing, care, and affection was sweet, charming, and utterly romantic Their relationship was believable and touching, and the love scenes were tender, intense, and very hot I just loved it Big 5 stars

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    While Someone to Watch Over Me was somewhat of a disappointment, Lady Sophia s Lover truly made up for it ten fold In Someone to Watch Over Me you meet Ross Cannon who appears cold but not uncaring with the weight of the world not riding on his shoulders Know to pretty much live as a monk, after the death of his first wife, straightlaced, and a true believer in right and wrong Ross appears to be large then life almost superhuman Slowly you comes to see Ross in a different light, as just a man, lonely, filled with passion and not afraid to put his heart on the line to get what he wants in the end Sophia at first comes across as a manipulative woman with a revenge filled plan to destroy Ross for a past crime, but she truly has no heart for the plan and slowly as she starts to see who Ross truly is, gives up the plan and as she realized she has fallen in love with him which she fights as she now is a servant and Ross an important figure Both characters have a lot of depth and whom had their share of heartache and hardships With Ross first impressions could not be any off base with him, and after finally accepting his feelings for Sophia doesn t let anything stand in his way and goes out of his way to win her over Very open with his thoughts and feelings and doesn t run over Sophia like other Alpha Males would have, but slowly draws her out Sophia stands to be a strong character next to Ross and with her strong will and kindness toward Ross opens his heart that he locked away The sparks fly red hot between the two and the sensual level is very high The story was great and showed to a life of a Bow Street Runner but also the top guy would have to go through giving up a lot of his private life to serve justice and protect the innocents keeping order where at the times there wasn t Plus the rivalry between thief takers and the Bow Street Runners was a great part to the story mostly the best thief taker Nick Gentry Overall an another amazing LK story with some great twists and a high sensual level between Ross and Sophia but proving that lurking behind a block of ice maybe a blaze of fire fans self

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    Oh how I hate this book I gave 1 star for the first 2 3 of the book and 1 star for the fantastic hero LK has always been so amazing with her male leads and she does not disappoint We first see a glimpse of Sir Ross in the first Bow Street Runners, Someone to Watch Over Me Even then I couldn t wait for Ross s story He is masculine, strong, kind, merciful, quick witted and great in any situation Then you have Lady Sophia bleh The first 2 3 of the book she s hell bent on revenge It s fantastic She slowly falls in love with this honorable man and realizes she can t hurt him LK does an amazing job fleshing out her character in a way that Sophia isn t a simple 1 tone vindictive woman Then Nick Gentry aka John Sydney SO TOTALLY OBVIOUS BTW walks in And Sophia turns into a blithering idiot She is everything that Ross is not weak, stupid, slow and cumbersome And she solves everything with sex Yes, I know this is a romance book but seriously, porn much Rather than communicating her with husband she simply jumps him and forgets everything else.She allows herself to be blackmailed by her long lost brother She follows through on his request She then, WHILE IN THE MIDST OF BETRAYING HER LOVE , accepts Ross s marriage proposal Mid sex Cause she can t keep it in her pants She meets her former lover at the wedding and he practically molests her She cowers in the corner and acts like nothing is wrong I guess she forgot her husband is a freaking magistrate He fixes it She gets pregnant and expects Ross to be exhilarated In fact, she s disappointed that he s not as enthusiastic as she thought he would be smacks head I guess she forgot how his previous wife died She talks a little to make him feel better and yep sex.Finally her brother is caught red handed Seems like he ll be hanged What does this fantastic Lady Sophia do Finally tell her husband that Gentry is her brother Oh and while she s at it, she basically asks him to forget all his morals, all his ideals, everything he stood for and everything he worked towards for the past ten years and please get her brother of of this mess WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER I hate unreasonably stupid characters I hate it even when they start out so amazing and all of a sudden, out of the blue, they end up acting like they just got a home made lobotomy.In fact, I think I ll go get one myself Maybe then I ll end up likingor maybe understanding the abomination that is Lady Sophia.

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    Sophia Sydney tiene un objetivo claro y es vengar la muerte de su hermano John es por ello que se infiltrar en la vida del causante de su desgracia que no es otro que el magistrado y jefe de la polic a Ross Cannon Su objetivo ser seducirlo y romper su coraz n y acabar con su carrera Pero su meta no ser f cil de alcanzar ya que el fr o hombre esconde secretos que la har n cambiar de actitud y empezar a sentir algo por l Un hombre que se mantiene en celibato desde que su mujer falleci esa figura fr a y autoritaria esconde una pasi n desbordante.Ten a ganas de continuar esta serie sobretodo por saber un poquito m s de el monje de Bow Street, Ross Cannon y de nuevo su autora me ha conquistado con esta novela que rezuma pasi n e intriga Pasi n porque tanto Sophia como Cannon sobretodo ste ltimo son muy pasionales y la qu mica es notable Su romance se va gestando en un ambiente, en un Londres algo convulso sobretodo con un personaje que nos trae con la mosca detr s de la oreja que no es otro que Nick Gentry un cazarrecompensas bastante arrogante y con mucho desparpajo En esta ocasi n Lisa Kleypas nos deleita con una novela de lo m s completa con su inconfundible estilo narrativo, su ambientaci n y presentaci n de la sociedad londinense, sus costumbres luego una parte para la intriga, ese thriller policial y otra para el romance m s pasional que a las devoradoras de este tipo de libros nos encanta Sin duda Ross Cannon es uno de mis personajes favoritos porque tiene su parte dura pero tambi n otra de lo m s dulce y tambi n ardiente no os perd is el cap tulo de la silla de montar bastante divertido y por otra parte Nick Gentry es de esos personajes que te llaman la atenci n y sin duda ya tendr que leer su historia en la tercera novela de esta serie.En resumen, creo que esta novela se merece las cinco estrellas porque est complet sima no le falta detalle, es entretenida y emocionante PD Y por lo menos su portada no es que sea fea, me gusta me sac una sonrisa, porque ese hombre me recuerda a una mezcla entre Eduardo Noriega y Conde Dr cula a punto de morder a la pobre chica, jajaja.

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    4.5 starsI ll be honest with you Here s the thing There are two kinds of writers The ones to whom writing and inspiration come easily and those to whom they don t and they are jealous of the people that belong in the first category Clearly, Lisa Kleypas falls under the first category, but this isn t the issue here The issue is that as a reviewer I m the equivalent of an uninspired writer, those green with envy people that belong in the second category.Long story short, I don t know what to write about this book right now The only reason I m even going to try this is that I loved it too much and I know that a simple rating, even a 5 star one, won t make anyone want to read it.As I ve said before, this is, in my opinion, one of Lisa Kleypas best moments I haven t loved all the books she s ever written, but I have loved most of them and when I think about why I keep going back to her books and why they always turn out to be the perfect comfort reads it all comes down to two things Great characterization No two heroes or heroines are ever the same or even remotely similar.I believe Lisa Kleypas is a master in that last thing There are writers like Julie Garwood that write lovely, lovely books, but you ve read one and you ve read them all No reading experience is ever the same with Lisa Kleypas Even her writing style seems to have changed a little through the years.Anyway, let s go back to this book.Sophia There is nothing that particularly stands out about her, but this is not a bad thing She s an all around likable and relatable character Just an ordinary sweet woman, that is strong and hard working nevertheless She s been dealt a bad hand in life, but she s not annoying or miserable and she doesn t complain all the time.RossWhat a man No, really What a man We all enjoy our alpha heroes, but, let s face it, there are too many of them I hereby present you the perfection a beta hero can be Sir Ross Cannon You see, he s the guy you want to have in real life The man you dream about, but you re afraid you ll never find you re right, you won t Awwwww, he s so sweet he s forgiving, understanding and he wears his heart on his sleeve There s not an indecent bone in his body And because he s been celibate for three years he s too decent to sleep with a woman for money and he didn t want to marry again , he s also the most sex crazed hero LK has ever written which only made me think he s even cuter Really, he s adorable.The plot For a book whose plot is driven by revenge initially, this is surprisingly angst free I feel almost like LK is afraid to insert a conflict, small as it may be, in her books I don t know how I feel about that here On the one hand, it made me love and appreciate Ross even , but, on the other hand, I am a reader who appreciates a little angst in her books a small amount of it mind you I don t like BIG misunderstandings that last for too long or that happen one after another and won t let me even catch my breath But this almost seemed like a wasted opportunity Why would you even have a plot like this when there is no groveling, no angst, nada Poor Sophia tried to grovel, she cried and worried about what would happen, but the moment she told Ross he was like of course I forgive you dear Sophia.However, Sophia and Ross are so good They made butterflies appear in my stomach every time they were together I could feel their attraction growing and turning, first into affection, and then into love.In any case, this is a great book Read it for the hero alone if not for anything else.

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