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Gaby - The Anime Days chapter 1 Gaby - The Anime Days , meaning Gaby - The Anime Days , genre Gaby - The Anime Days , book cover Gaby - The Anime Days , flies Gaby - The Anime Days , Gaby - The Anime Days c8e92eec3b881 Drew Is Just An Ordinary Thirteen Year Old Well Perhaps Not That Ordinary The Girls Challenge Him To Wear An Anime Costume To The Easter Dance, However They Forgot To Mention That He D Be Going As A Girl Enter Gaby First It Was His Friends, Then It S His Family Everyone Seems To Want Gaby Around Except Drew And When Perfect Strangers Think He S A Girl, Well The Lad S Got Problems Can He Kill Gaby Or Will He Get Dragged Ever Deeper Into Girldom Every Copy Of Gaby Will Help Support Kids With Gender Issues Through The Mermaids Charity

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    This is a fairly long series about a young boy named Drew There are developments in later books that are very important but I will review this book without those in mind, letting this one stand on its own merits.Drew has a mother who is a profession cyclist He also does cycling races Physically he appears to be rather female in appearance although he definitely identifies himself as a male.Throughout the book Drew gets steered, tricked or otherwise maneuvered into dressing up as a girl and, when dressed as such, fools virtually everyone into thinking he s a genetic girl He is not overly fond of getting dressed that way but, on the other hand, he seems to always give in It s sort of a running gag since each time he dresses up as a girl he says it s the absolute last time he will but then ends up getting dressed that way again He does well at cycling, even winning a couple of times The school principal drafts Drew into dressing as a girl for a school brochure It s quite obvious that dressing as a girl will definitely for him by hook or by crook.

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    Really enjoyed reading the first of the Gaby saga I can see why it has been so popular for quite a while Poor Drew keeps resolving not to do it again, but Gaby keeps on emerging.

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