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(Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3) summary (Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3), series (Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3), book (Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3), pdf (Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3), (Un)wise (Judgement of the Six, #3) 7daa42f9e2 The Dreams Start, And Bethi S Very Normal Life Goes Down The Toilet She Soon Realizes The Dreams Are Actually Memories From Past Lives And Not Just Hers She Sees The Lives Of Other Women Like Her The Recalled Memories Follow The Same Terrifying Pattern Dog Men Chase Her, And She Sees Her Eventual Tormented Death Learning From The Past, Bethi Sets Out To Find A Way To Live This Time Around The Dreams Hint At An Answer She Needs To Be Strong Enough To Find It Or Die Again

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    This book was just annoying 1 Bethi and EVERYTHING about her was annoying.2 The constant, CONSTANT dream sequences were annoying.3 Luke refusing to claim her until she was 18 was really fucking annoying.4 The fact that the whole mating thing was so fickle was annoying You could mate with anyone or be forced into a mating That s not my kind of mating book 5 Bethi thinking that in the past when she cared about make up and boys that her life wasn t worth living because those things are shallow was annoying.6 The romance was annoying Why did he love her Did she actually love him For most of the book it felt like she just wanted to use him.7 view spoiler Her claiming the bad guy was annoying hide spoiler

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    Now this heroine just drove me nuts The story is great but Bethi, alone dropped those stars Talk about TSTL Let s see how many really stupid choices we can make and still stay alive I can t imagine even a teenager couldn t think through consequences a little better than this chick

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    Bethi is a normal teenage girl, going to school, living her life when all the sudden she starts dreaming these horrible, horrible dreams They are of past lives and they all end the same way in her death She wakes up screaming because she not only sees everything but feels it as well It s like she s there reliving everything over and over again It gets so bad that she tries extremely hard to stay awake at any cost When she meets Luke she knows exactly what he is She doesn t want to have anything to do with him because she thinks that he is just like the other werewolves in her past lives She knows that they will only torture and use her For what She doesn t know but she will do everything she can to figure it out The dreams mean something but until she can figure it out, she is stuck with trying to stay far away from any werewolves. if only her heart and tummy will stop doing crazy things whenever Luke is around And if only Luke would stop being so nice and protecting her She doesn t really know what to do about him or her growing feelings Will she realize that Luke is nothing like the other werewolves and is her true mate before it s too late Can she figure everything else out before she dies again Holy crow Batman Information overload This book is packed with A LOT of information Most of my questions from books 1 and 2 were answered but arose by the time I finished Un wise I m still trying to wrap my head around everything There was literally SO much So many dreams memories pain anger frustration and yes even romance be prepared for an emotional roller coaster And do not even try to figure anything out there are twists and turns that had me shaking my head, scratching my head, asking what While I am definitely enjoying this series I need to take a short break before delving back in This book has a lot of flashbacks and since Charlene s book is the next one, I have a feeling it s going to be loaded with even flashbacks I usually don t mind all the flashbacks but this was a bit too much for me I can see why the author did what she did but it was just too much crammed in in my opinion I would have liked to see some of this information in the earlier books.And of course I have my casting choices Hehe.

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    I definitely see why basically everyone didn t like this book.It s all Bethi.I get it She dreamt all these past lives and lived through the hell of it all but damn she came off horrible And I m being nice.

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    Look, I m never happy with the age gaps in this series but this is had 17 year old jailbait I remember being the 13 year old people thought was 18 and getting propositioned, I m never going to be comfortable with a romance involving a man in his mid twenties and a 17 year old I don t care if she s the romantic aggressor, I don t care about any excuse the author built into the plot because the author chose to view spoiler have the 20 something and the 17 year old fuck hide spoiler

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    REREAD 3.75 stars I love reading over my reviews after a reread, because so many times I feel EXACTLY the same way, with maybe only slight variations I agree with most of my opinions on my lack of connection with Bethi, and with the romance between Bethi and Luke From a installment in the overall series standpoint, this book is a standout We learn SO MUCH, and I m super intrigued about what the Judgements are, what their purpose is we get a bit of that , and what s going to happen in the future But from a fall in love with the MCs standpoint, this one was lacking a teeny tiny bit Bethi is so hardened and focused on the mission, and I loved the way she learns to trust Luke at least a little, but I just didn t connect with the two of them in a romance perspective Which makes me bummed for Luke We ll see what his book has to say, whether it helps or not.ORIGINAL REVIEW stars This was the book I was most looking forward to after reading Curly s reviews, and probably what sold me on starting the series in the first place It definitely isn t my favourite so far, which surprised me, but it s kind of fun knowing that Curly Carla and I have different tastes There s a part of me that kind of wants to rate it 3.5 stars, but I think that s mostly just because I had high expectations, and wouldn t actually reflect my overall enjoyment of the book.Bethi was a mixed bag for me I enjoyed her sass and independence, but at times her hard shell was hard to get past It s so hard, b c I understand why she is the way she is how could you not end up that way with what she s learning and experiencing in her dreams And her fear of the werewolves prevents her from feeling all of her emotions because she s worried they will detect them on herbut it also prevents me, as a reader, from truly getting a feel for her There were these aspects of her that I guess I almost wanted to explore, or needed to know of to truly connect with her It was like we were only given a shallow glimpse at times, and it wasn t enough for me So while I thought she was fantastic, she isn t my favourite so far.But saying that, I LOVED her gift and what it gave us as readers I learned so much in this story And it was frightening and horrifying and confusing But I feel like I have a better grip as a whole on where this story is going and what s been going on so far I will say that I am of two minds with the sheer number of dreams flashbacks we received I really enjoyed getting to see glimpses of how the different abilities affected the girls throughout their different lifetimes I also felt like this really drove home the evilness of the Urbat and what they are doing and wanting to achieveso much disgust And I loved getting glimpses into the current incarnations of the other sisters and what they felt growing up But it got to be a bit much at times Like, I m torn I enjoyed everything I got, but a part of me feels like it was overdonebut then which dreams would I eliminate, you know Ugh.And that brings me to Luke sigh Can I admit I was a little disappointed Luke showed so much personality in Hope less , and I really feel like we were shortchanged in this novel BUT But But I ve been enjoying the companion series, so I m wondering if when she got to this book she already knew she would be writing the companion series, and so she left a lot for that book I just don t feel like I know Luke at all, and I get that there is a pull there, but I felt like he was a secondary character in this novel at times Now don t get me wrong, I ADORED his quiet protection for the first half of the story He really has his work cut out for him But I felt like something was missing in the romance area It felt like Bethi just needed him, and that all that was connecting them was the pull I would have liked a bit somethingin the romance department.So all in all this reads like a terrible review Sometimes I think I m a horrible reviewer I mean, I gave this 4 stars And I wholeheartedly stand by that I guess when I just get involved in a series and enjoy it, I need to get all my thoughts out on the page Maybe it really was a 3.5 star I don t know I go with my gut I m still enthralled with the series, but it just didn t live up to my expectations I can t wait to see what Luke s Dream will tell us though Meanwhile, I m going to move on to book 4 and find out what Charlene has to tell us.

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    4.5 5 stars RabidReads This is one of those series that continues to get better as it goes Not that the first books were bad, because they definitely weren t, but that the story line gets More everything answers, romance, running for your life moments, action, new characters But because this is wisdom s book, we do get answers than anything else well except for the romance Just a heads up, since this is the third in this series, there could be some spoilers ahead if you haven t started the series yet.Bethi Pederson has a problem She can t allow herself to sleep, so she spends her time buying pills to keep herself awake, and trying to stay awake even with the pills When she sleeps, she dreams, only these aren t your everyday dreams These are dreams of herself in many different time periods, some from a millennium before, or even older, and without exception, she dies Bethi feels every death, every horrible second of it, and the reader goes with her in the dreams, but there s nothing really horribly explicit as far as the violence, although I could have done without the being burned alive dream She also knows from her dreams that she is being hunted by a group of men that can change into horrible wolf like creatures She knows that if she is found, they will kill her, just like in all of her dreams So when she is at the mall and is approached by a young man who seems extremely interested in her, she runs She leaves everything she knows behind, including her mother, and her senior year of high school.If you have read the first book in this series, Hope less ,then you know that Luke, one of the good guy werewolves, is searching for Bethi So when he finds her and she seems to know what he is and runs, he is understandably upset because he knows that Bethi is his mate and she has spurned him So he follows her and helps her, without her knowledge The read turns into an on the road adventure and I must say, it was both filled with action and bad moments, but it s also the story of Luke and Bethi s romance, eventually The premise of this series involves two separate types of werewolves The regular werewolves are the good ones, and the second group, Urbats, are a delusional group of werewolves that want the six women for their own nefarious reasons Or evil reasons, whichever works Bethi doesn t know there are two groups, so of course she thinks Luke is going to kill her.As with the other books in this series so far, I literally could not stop reading, so it was a very fast read for me This is the book where the characters from the previous books all come together, so I really liked that part Now with Bethi, they are all learning what they are and why they exist There really is an interesting back story to their existence, and why they keep getting born again All this added a lot to this author s world building for me I could have done with a little less of the dreams, and of the romance however.Three books in, and I already have the fourth one to read, Un Bidden The main character from that book has already been introduced in both of the previous books I recommend these books to paranormal romance readers ages 16 due to sexual situations mentioned, but not really shown.FYI As of the writing, book one Hope less is free on some if not all outlets.

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    Un wise is book 3 of the Judgement of the Six paranormal clean romance series This is Bethi s story Each of the six young women in this series has a powerful ability Bethi s is wisdom she has started having very vivid dreams, some about her own past lives, some about other women, but most about their deaths Over and over, Bethi dreams of danger and death She tries not to sleep, fearing dreams.A stranger approaches in a shopping mall, but Bethi senses danger and runs Leaving home, she runs for her life and from her dreams Exhaustion and lack of money allow the stranger a chance to help.Sent to find Bethi by Gabby, Luke has a hard time getting near her she doesn t trust him and sees too much in her dreams Hoping to put an end to her nightmares Bethi agrees Luke can take her to meet the others, but danger lurks and others track and attack them Travelling on a stolen motorbike, the pair head to Canada and into the jaws of the enemy Can Luke keep his precious cargo safe In this book Bethi must learn to understand the messages in her dreams there is very little interaction from other characters It s Luke and Bethi on the open road and Bethi s dreaming state It does fill in lots of background about the sisters and their thousand year recurring cycle, with re births and deaths constantly revolving similar to the beliefs systems of reincarnation, where each time a person returns to earth they do so to evolve or settle an issue from a past life Bethi sees her sisters and herself die over and over However, as she understands her dreams she also sees the skills which each of them has learnt and how they ve brought them to this lifetime.

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    So far, Bethi undoubtedly has the worst ability among the girls every time she dreams and that happens a lot she has nightmares memories of past lives In those dreams she witnesses the lives and all the awful deaths of herself and every other girl from the Judgment The plus side of her ability is that we now have a better understanding of what is happening in the story and what purpose this girls have Unfortunately, I absolutely did not like Bethi as a heroine She annoyed me throughout the whole book with her behavior In general and toward Luke specifically The only reason she decided to claim him was for her personal gain at least in the first half of the book and she did not consider anyone else s feelings And I did not see any chemistry between Luke and Bethi, which was unfortunate But, despite my opinion of the MC, I still very much liked the book I really like the story as a whole and direction where this is all going.

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    Wow Just wow Ok This series has me So many questions So much information Wow I was a little annoyed that there was so much innuendo and tongue kissing I wanted my daughter to read these Not so much any I do wish the book would be from everyone s perspective Ready for book 4 Except it probably won t be about peace and I wish it was.

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