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Miss Match chapter 1 Miss Match , meaning Miss Match , genre Miss Match , book cover Miss Match , flies Miss Match , Miss Match 96bdbf3eac2fd Meet Tansy Breakspear A Mid S Journalist, She Works For A Free Newspaper Called Urban Trend And Writes A Popular Agony Aunt Column Under The Pseudonym Of Betty Carpenter Betty Carpenter S Advice To Her Readers Is Compassionate, Clever And Practical She Has A Reputation For Supplying Sympathetic, Workable Solutions To Readers Who Come To Her With A Bewildering Range Of Relationship Problems But If Anyone Needs The Help Of An Agony Aunt, It S Tansy Herself Her Own Love Life Is A Major Disaster Area, And That S Putting It Mildly She S Having Unsatisfactory Affairs With Two Married Men And Has Been Stalking A Third As Her Relationships Start Falling Apart, It Seems That There S Nowhere To Go For A Single, Sexy, Self Deluding, Rubenesque Redhead With A Taste For Expensive Restaurants, Illicit Liaisons And Aperol Spritzers But Then A Chance Of Happiness Comes From An Unexpected Source, And It Looks As Though Tansy May Find True Love After All With The Help Of Betty Carpenter Will Tansy Meet Her Perfect Match Or Can Miss Match Only Match Up Other People Miss Match Is Sparkling Romantic Comedy, Perfect For Fans Of Jane Green And Sophie Kinsella Praise For Nicola Yeager S Books Summer Lovingyou Ll Have A Blast Holly Kinsella, Author Of Uptown Girl Nicola Yeager Was Born In Lincoln To Dutch Parents And Is Married With Two Children She Currently Lives In London And Amsterdam She Is The Author Of Two Novellas, Picture Imperfect And The Spa Day Previously Published As Christmas Without Holly And One Novel, Summer LovingEndeavour Press Is The UK S Leading Independent Publisher Of Digital Books

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    Have you met Miss Tansy No Then waste nothing less than the time of reading my ravings about her and hurry up to read the book Yes, yes, I know, I know, haven t seen the movie either Too bad they didn t make one so far Now please allow me some bits of spoiling chit chat for your entertainment Not too much because I want you to consume the story with your own eyes, and mind, and fingers, and laughs, and I m drifting If you re a gal, Miss Match will take you back, or forth, to those nonchalant days of teensy adventures, where nostalgia had no place, and no time, because of the married grown ups pestering your life with their clutter If you re a gent, Tansy will keep you wired with her contours and her wits If you re a wife, this reading will teach, or remind, you what not to be as a wife, in spite of an entire society blaring at you to comply Tansy s story is no fantasy, but everyday reality That kind of reality that would drive you mad if there was no sense of humor on this earth Miss Match is a book of passage, a discovery quest where all horizons blend across the changing skies of London You don t have to wear a fancy hat and imposing garments, to sail over the oceans and defile virgin jungles in order to have your hands on the holy grail of love No, your happiness is closer to you than you could imagine I heartily recommend this lovely novella to anyone who looks to brighten up her, or his, day And the super spoiler stays with me My lips are sealed

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    Another book that was sat at the back of my kindle quietly that has now got its moment in the sun Sometimes i will see authors advertising their freebie books on on twitter, i usually then pick them up, i m sure this was was on Anyway, lets talk about it shall we We meet Tansy, a beautiful fiery redhead that seems to be getting her selfs in all sorts of wrong relationships and convincing herself they are right In her professional life she is well known advice giver Betty Carpenter Tansy is going through a crazy patch in her life, and even i felt a bit like, love what are you doing But all intents and purposes she means well As a character i love her to bits and wanted all flaws to be loved by an honest man We follow her as her career progresses and moves into the online world, where she dispenses even advice to her dutiful followers Will her own advice come in handy I guess you should read and find out This was a well built story that was a fun light read perfect for a chilly afternoon Tansy is a great character that has all the flaws we humans have, and all the issues that we could all face..some extreme yes, but these things make the book great.

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    I absolutely loved this book I shouldn t, because I m a bloke and the story s told from the girl s point of view, but I fell in love or maybe it was lust with Tansy immediately I think it was her description of herself as Rubenesque that endeared her to me Rubenesque is overweight but shaggable because of it That s my definition anyway Lying down naked on a chaise longue, a hand discreetly placed across the crotch, partially draped in a black silk sheet with plump red lips, come hither green eyes, sumptuous, grabbable boobs and long red hair Nicola Yeager has it right Blokes don t really fancy birds who like Gandhi We want something to grab hold of So why do I like this book so much when it s written from the female point of view I think it s because for some reason I m the bloke women come to when they re having problems with their own men There s a danger I ll get the blame when other couples split up, but women seem to trust me My wife thinks I attract certain types of women as friends, and that may be true, but I do enjoy their company I would love having a few drinks with Tansy every now and again We d get drunk and she d share her secrets with me while I d try and catch a sneaky peek at her cleavage She d catch me looking, of course, but she s the type of girl who d be flattered, and we d part with a hug, knowing her confidences are safe with me And I think that s why I like the main character here Yeager has cleverly characterised her so you feel she s your mate.Tansy is clearly a little nuts, demonstrated by her stalking of Dr Jason Campbell All of this sounds like I m stalking what I m doing is definitely not stalking Not yet, anyway I m not mad although when the doctor s taking her shoe off to inspect her injured ankle I d have expected Tansy, after several Aperol Spritzers, to raise her knee a little higher than necessary to allow the good doctor, who is behaving in an impeccably professional manner, to catch a glimpse of that little white or black or sky blue satin triangle.Tansy is incorrigible, you see, and that s part of her appeal.I was surprised at her choice of spag bol in the Italian restaurant for her first date with Francis Tansy, for all her kooky ways, is a thinking girl s flirt and she d be unlikely to choose something with the potential to get messy I think she d pick a boring item off the menu, even if she didn t enjoy it, just to ensure she doesn t get anything stuck between her teeth or, worse, end up spitting food across the table at an inappropriate moment Not that there s ever an appropriate moment to spit food across a table, but you know what I mean.When alls said and done and you wake up one morning to discover Tansy lying naked under the covers besides you, and you re both a little bit embarrassed because you d agreed your relationship was purely platonic, you both realise that s no reason not to have one shag before climbing out of bed and facing the day.

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    I believe that I ve now read all of the books by this author to date, and this was by far my favorite This felt like a complete story than some of her others The humor that I ve come to expect was on full display This was a light, fun read.That being said, I could see the ending coming a mile away Not that that s always a bad thing, but given who the main character is, you d think she would have caught on, too At times it was frustrating to watch her dispense advice to others when her own life was in such a shambles But I guess that s where the saying do as I say and not as I do comes from, right The conversational tone sometimes made things seem disjointed and other times provided some of the best punch lines The going back and forth between the actual goings on and the columns she was writing was sometimes difficult to distinguish stylistically I know I m being picky, but I think that could have been formatted a little better for the Kindle experience.There s a reason that I like this author and keep coming back to her works They are consistently witty, breezy stories that are enjoyable to read This was another that didn t disappoint.

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    The first page had a great start It s a potential breakup scene and we get into the character s mind right away There s humor, tension, and almost blabbering wandering thoughts, but it worked I liked the story right on the first page I hate to say that things slowly went downhill There s a second breakup and workplace stories The workplace people were interesting and told and quirky Her assistant is a real complement to her Then we get into the advice column they write The mother that wonders if she s a lesbian was an interesting storyline, but it stayed removed from the main story I don t know if it ever really resolved I know in life advice columnists don t dive into those things, but it s a fiction book What happened to the woman beyond their advice and few follow ups The stalked doctor storyline was funny It s just that after awhile, I didn t know when it would all tie together and it doesn t Her obssession with bad relationships becomes grating I don t think we had a complete resolution to the story The good parts were really good so I can t give this a totally off review, but it didn t end well for me.

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    Tansy Breakspear has a bad habit of falling in love with married men and at the beginning of the book it has put her into a downhill spin Will she ever find a normal relationship Miss Match is full of great characters and the story line held my attention pretty well Miss Yeager s writing style is fantastic and I will look into her other books.The only downfall of the book in my opinion is the lack of follow up on basic editing The word tough for instance is written touch and some words are missing Another thorough read would have caught these I am sure and the book would have been stronger for it As it was, the errors were not enough to force me to put it down.

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    I got this as a free book and had already read one of her other books so I thought I would give this one a try, I really enjoyed the whole story I felt a little sympathy for the main character after all the mishaps that happened throughout.

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