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Trapped txt Trapped , text ebook Trapped , adobe reader Trapped , chapter 2 Trapped , Trapped e137a1 Trapped Was A Sunday Times Bestseller And The First Memoir From Foster Carer Rosie LewisPhoebe, An Autistic Nine Year Old Girl, Is Taken Into Police Protection After A Chance Comment To One Of Her Teachers Alerts The Authorities That All Might Not Be What It Seems In Her Comfortable, Middle Class Home Experienced Foster Carer Rosie Accepts The Youngster As An Emergency Placement Knowing That Her Autism Will Represent A Challenge Not Only For Her But Also For The Rest Of The FamilyBut After Several Shocking Incidents Of Self Harming, Pica And Threats To Kill, It Soon Becomes Apparent That Phoebe S Autism May Be The Least Of Her ProblemsLocked For Nine Years In A Secret World Of Severe Abuse, As Phoebe Opens Up About Her Horrific Past, Her Foster Carer Begins To Suspect That Phoebe May Not Be Suffering From Autism At All

About the Author: Rosie Lewis

Rosie Lewis has been a short term foster carer for over seven years and in that time has shared her home with over twenty children Since childhood, Rosie has had an obsession with books and is now delighted to combine fostering with her other passion, writing, by recording some of her experiences in a series of memoirs Based in northern England, Rosie writes under a pseudonym to protect the iden

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    I ll confess, several times I was in tears reading this book What a tough job the author has What a difference she makes in these children s lives Excellent story.

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    A true story, yet the book reads like a mystery novel, because the foster child comes to Rosie with no background notes Through Rosie, the reader and Rosie herself has to slowly piece together what s going on, and the mystery is part of the books appeal encouraging you turn every page in order to find out Having read stories of childhood abuse written by the children themselves, it was a refreshing change to read from a carers perspective One thing which the latter type of book points out, is how hard these abused kids are to like Sadly the abuse they face makes them act out, behave and interact in a way that doesn t make them easy to love Some of the foster child s behaviour was simply horrifying Full kudos to foster carers who do the job I wouldn t have the fortitude to do, and for such little pay The government is really taking the p it gives me even respect for foster parents knowing they are doing it out of a sense of duty than anything else If anything this book shows that the way somebody is treated, the experiences they have, can greatly affect behaviour, and we all need to be not only aware of it, but a little bit kinder in our interactions with others A sad book, but worth the read.

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    I love reading the UK single mum foster carer genre, and while this isn t quite as good as a Cathy Glass novel, I have to admit I was riveted the entire time I was reading The book was interesting and important to read in its being an eye opening type of horrific story that needs to be told, especially if you re not overly familiar with foster care or the hellish situations so many children find themselves being pulled from before being placed in foster care.What I felt the book lacked was the realism that I enjoy so much in Cathy Glass books Cathy Glass is a stickler for details, making the whole experience feel like it just clicks together and makes sense, as she works with social services and deals with red tape and all kinds of people within the system THIS book tended to gloss over a lot of those details like meetings and the social services hierarchy, and the people within that hierarchy that I would have grown accustomed to getting to know in a Cathy Glass book I appreciate being privy to those details it makes me feel a part of things, and gives me a much clearer picture of the child in question.Since this is pretty early on in Rosie Lewis career I d say she s made an AMAZING start and can go nowhere but up Looking forward to see what else she has in store.

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    This was a total page turner for me I could not put it down and I desperately want to know who had f ed literally up this little girls life What a sad sad story about the sickness that lives in some people and then used to exploit others Truly sickening So well written and kudos to the author for the exceptional work she does to make the world a better place regardless of her own personal needs Well done

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    Was very explicit wrt abuse description, so consider this a trigger warning for the book I m having read a short story of hers previously, there are a few pages of overlap and some of the book seems like she is just patting herself on the back for doing good But overall, I d say it s pretty good if simply written , and a good guide for how to interpret and deal with problem children who might be hiding a dark past or other turmoil.

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    Really great book written very wellYou can feel what the people felt She brings you inside the life of being a carer of young children and the heartache and pain that these children have to go thru breaks your heart You really find yourself immersed in the story and hoping for a good ending to such a sad young life.

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    Be prepared with tissuesSuch a powerful story about a little girl and such terrible things happening to her It was nice by the ending of the book to see she had a happy ending, not all children do who go through abuse like this.

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    Wow A real page turner

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    Such a good book I couldn t put it down Sad tho

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    This was definitely almost as well written as Cathy Glass novels, and just as heartbreaking.

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