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    This book was excellent at explaining why HSP are the way that they are If you are a HSP this book will most likely be full of information you already know but can be very validating However, it really felt lacking on the Application tools, and left me hanging so to speak It skimmed the surface on almost every imaginable energetic situation a HSP might find themselves in, with very few practical next steps or what to do

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    This is probably a good book for a beginner HSP, but it s very basic I wish the book went in depth as well as offered solutions.

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Highly Sensitive People download Highly Sensitive People , read online Highly Sensitive People , kindle ebook Highly Sensitive People , Highly Sensitive People e7ddc5c09721 It S Thought Twenty Percent Of The Population Possess A Heightened Intuitive Nature Brought About By The Sensitivity Of Their Nervous System Sensitive People Experience, Overwhelm, The Thoughts And Feelings Of Other People, Sudden Intuitive Insights And Powerful Emotions The Sensitive Nature Can Prove Challenging With Life Events Causing Anxiety And Fears This Book Examines Why Sensitive People Often Breakdown And Can T Get Back Up Why Sensitives Take Criticism Badly And Shrink Into Their Shell Why Sensitive People So Often Choose The Wrong RelationshipsThe Answers To Every Highly Sensitive Person S Life Worries, Decisions And Ways To Manage Self Confidence And Esteem Issues Heidi Sawyer Is A Leading Consultant To The Mind Body Spirit Community, Known World Wide For Her Concepts With Intuition And The Human Mind A Hay House Author And Presenter, Heidi S Insight Into The Sensitive Nature And Intuitive Development Is Highly Regarded Through Case Histories Of Those Highly Sensitive People Who Sought Help From Heidi She Relates Their Often Tragic Life Stories To Help You Understand Your Life As A Sensitive And Find A Deep Soul Connection