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    This is a quick, enjoyable read about animals and animal control.

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    Keep up the good work I can t imagine the journey your job takes you You sound like a compassionate man that s loves his work You take your sense of humor with you, probably necessary to get through each day Hoping for book 2 and 3 and so on Thank you for your service to our furry babies with no voices

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    Great Animal rescue stories.I like this book because I am a huge Animal lover and like the humor in which the stories were told

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    Not very interesting Hard to hold interest Short story interest,,could never be a full size book Best review U could lrave So

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    A great storyreller5 stars.This book pulled me in from the first I love,all animals,and have had,quite a few,rescues if both cats and dogs To read about,what Animal Control really goes through was very eye opening I cried my eyes,out,toward there d of the book when the two dogs,were found If you love,animals,and enjoy reading, this is a good book for you I recommend it heartedly.

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    Five stars for The Animals and MeThe only thing disappointing about this book is that it is too short I know an Animal Control Officer and it isn t an easy job Here the reader is treated to some of the situations Animal Control experiences from the joyful to the incredibly sad Have a hanky out when you read it, and be thankful that there are people who perform such acts of kindness for helpless animsls

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    Heart warming and heart breakingThis story of an animal control officer and his own experiences on animals and the animals he helped was truly great read. I cried and I laughed.

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    Animal lover Sweet, sad, funny and moving A short book but written with emotion I laughed and I cried Passion for animals evident Almost didn t order it because I expected a tear jerker Nice to see the donation made on behalf of the book.

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    This book had moments of hilarity, heart break, and humiliation A glimpse into the life of an animal control officer It takes very special people to deal with these kinds of issues.

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