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    Originally posted on my blog, Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.This is the story of a Elsa, an ER nurse in her early 20s who wants to make a difference in the world She is accepted as a relief nurse with an international organization and sent to Afghanistan in 2002 to help run the local hospital Drama ensues.I had a few problems with this book And the bulk of my review will dwell on what I didn t think worked very well But I do want to say that this book isn t bad There is a market for this book, and I know people who would love reading this book I, unfortunately, just wasn t one of them But the book does have merit, and there were times when it was plain to see that the author had lived among these people and has an emotional attachment to their culture.So, there are positive things to this book, and you won t be wasting your life if you decide to read it However, I struggled with this book It s an easy read, but I found my self speed reading, hoping to reach the end faster I find it very hard to enjoy reading the book when I strongly dislike the main character Elsa was whiny, annoying and naive There s a part of the story, after she s been in Afghanistan for a while when she tries to convince her friend, Parween and the other narrator of the story that growing up poor in the poor part of Boston means she understands all the suffering any of the Afghanis have experienced.She doesn t stop to think, and parts of other people s personalities rub off on her, like Parween s impulsive thoughtlessness She s incredibly self centered, focusing only on things as they touch her She can t imagine that life is bad in Afghanistan, or that other places are dangerous, or that her town is dangerous because she hasn t personally been exposed to it If she doesn t see it, it doesn t really exist It s like kids who see something bad on the news but think, that would never happen to me It got really old really fast.I won t go into detail about the other characters, although I definitely could There were a lot of people in the story, and all of them were rather black and white They are good or bad They are victims or fighters They are happy or miserable They are helpful or hurtful And none of them felt real I ve heard a lot of people complain about authors telling rather than showing This is one of the few times when I desperately agree I can normally overlook that if I m really enjoying the story, but in this case it made me want to pull my hair out Everything I knew about any of these characters was because I was told that s how it supposed to be, not because the author just let them be that way I didn t believe in anyone I didn t believe their actions were reasonable or logical, and I didn t believe the situations they were in were realistic.I also felt that the author was missing that happy median on details We were either given very few, very sparse details about events, or overloaded with them Some detailed accounts, such as the wedding ceremony was interesting, but most were not It was just too much The writing felt forced and murky and kind of like she was trying just a little bit too hard.And the lipstick I know this is a personal thing but I missed the lipstick point I know that the author shares Elsa s fondness and need for lipstick, but I don t get it And, there were times when I felt that the lipstick was important than the story, and that the author relied on the lipstick to carry the story forward It just didn t feel right to me.Like I said before, I can see that this will be a book many people could enjoy It just wasn t for me Maybe someone else will have better luck.

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    This book is extra special to me because I used to work with the Author I was anxious and a bit nervous to read Roberta s first book because I didn t know if I would like it and if I didn t like it, I would of felt sick about it Well no worries my friendsI am about 75 percent through Elsa s story and I LOVE IT I know that Roberta s humanitarian experiences and efforts have shaped and given life to the character of Elsa and others in her story and it makes them tangible and loveable I feel like I have been given a rare and intimate glimpse of the war against the Taliban as seen through the eyes of the Afghani people and through the eyes of the humanitarian workers who have sacrificed their own personal safety, time and overall wellbeing to come to the aid of these people Elsa s story is heroic, heartbreaking and triumphant AND, I soooooooo love the idea of lipstick being symbolic and instrumental in forming the unlikely bond between women who are world s apart Bravo Roberta, Inshallah, Elsa s story will continue and you will write gems like this one

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    This is a very well written and entertaining contemporary tale about a Boston ER nurse, Elsa Elsa had a hard knock life and as a result, wants to help others in dire situations She joins an aid organization and travels to Bamiyan, Afghanistan, home of the famous Buddha statues to work in a clinic She has no electricty and no running water, but she is determined to spend one year there She learns that running water and electricity do not a happy environment make Instead, she discovers love with an American solider, friendships with Afghani women, and learns how hope and determination of a people can raise a country from the ashes of war see full review here

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    Okay, I couldn t finish this, or even get very far I m just saving the review to remember the book The lipstick reference made for a great title and a terrible motif running through the book Here is this selfless saintly character out to save the world and she is enpowered by Lipstick She saves a magazine article of suffering people for years because magazines are so rare The important people in her life die off quickly and easily so she is free to go on her adventure None of it rings true If I were her editor I would have said, trash the lipstick and lets start over show us a real person with an inner life making these decisions Without that, I just can t care.

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    The story was alright exhilarating and stuff but the overall premise as well as the tone that the characters spoke in was unrealistic That, and the author is soooooooooo American, I actually gagged a couple of times rolleyesAlthough I admire her real life work with aid organizations, it felt like Roberta Gately took her story from the pages of other authors She might be better off keeping her day job.

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    Well, I skimmed this book after the first 2 chapters Another altruistic nurse trying to write a book about her experiences in a war zone but instead of a memoir it was a novel Trite and void of any deep emotion.

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    While this book had an interesting premise, the writing was immature I couldn t connect with the protagonist at all, and from the first line I felt as though she was set up to be a unbelievable character.

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    I couldn t finish this book the plot could have been interesting, but the writing was so poor and the characters and situations so romanticized that it was painful.

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    Devo dire che il libro mi piaciuto abbastanza.O per lo meno mi piaciuto in parte bella la storia di Parweenla sua vita..la sua forza..spiegati gli usi e costumi..quello che le succede..il suo matrimonio..Banale la storia di Elsa..la sua motivazione per diventare infermiera e volontaria lascia un p a desiderare.Mi piace come si sviluppa la sua amicizia con Parween.Non mi piace la scelta di cacciarci per forza la storia d a con il bel soldato di turno..bah..E il finale..forse un p troppo scontato Nel complesso diciamo che un buon libro..sicuramente non tra i migliori che abbia letto Con un velo di tristezza negli occhi Parween sospir e rivolse lo sguardo al cielo azzurroElsa sorrise e prese la mano di Parween Poi chiuse gli occhi e, sollevando il viso al cielo, si lasci baciare dai raggi del sole.

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    It has been forever since I have posted on Goodreads, let alone actually read a book Life gets so busy sometimesbut my life doesn t seem to be complete unless I am reading a worthwhile book This one, I m afraid, is questionable whether it was a worthwhile book It would have been if it were were non fiction or a type of fiction mixed with a bit of fiction, but it wasn t at least not enough , I didn t find that out until half way through, I was very disappointed It was my own fault for not seeing A novel written on the front The book is about a nurse who wants to be part of a bigger cause, to travel and save the world with her medical abilities She joins an organization that has a station set up in Afghanistan She leaves and spends 6 months on this assignment Elsa, the character, made so many choices that were just plain dumb and the story at times was not believable But I finished the book, so it wasn t to the point where I was too frustrated and wanted to throw the book away What s ironic is the author is a nurse and has been in Afghanistan to help I was hoping to get a real story, one she personally experienced than a made up one.

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