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    After receiving a tip that FDR is going to be assassinated, the Century Club spring into action, only to find they ve been led into a trap Psychic dinosaurs invade the world from seven dimensional portals, led by Khan, the Conqueror Ape, and his simian horde But who is pulling Khan s strings And can his son, Professor Khan of the Century Club, help his friends defeat his father and avert the Dinocalypse Psychic dinosaurs, talking apes, yes, this book is that much fun Set in the world of Evil Hat s Spirit of the Century RPG, the real kind, not the video game kind, Dinocaypse Now is a tribute to the pulp magazines of the 1930 s, from it s relentless action to it s intentionally purple prose.The characters are an interesting mix There s Sally Slick, a smart inventor who resembles Rosie the Riveter, Mack Silver, the pilot Doc Savage type, Jet Black, the stand in for The Rocketeer, Benjamin Hu, mystic detective, Professor Khan, the talking gorilla who s also a teacher at Oxford, and Amelia Stone, lady Indiana Jones.The plot is pretty simple Super villains, supposedly led by Khan the Conqueror, are capturing members of the Century Club and subjugating the world with psychic dinosaurs However, there s someone lurking in the shadows with a much sinister plan.Like I said, it s a lot of fun and didn t have much chance of being otherwise with all the dinosaurs and talking apes in it Wendig works some modern sensibilities in as well Sally Slick is no shrinking violet, that s for sure I was really glad the love triangle between her, Silver, and Jet Black didn t become the focal point of the story Professor Khan wound up being my favorite characters, his jungle instincts conflicting with his academic nature If I had to complain about something, it would be that a lot of characters seemed like archetypes rather than characters However, since this is a pulp homage, that s the nature of the beast Speaking of beasts, I already have one of the subsequent books, Khan of Mars, heading my way.Dincalypse Now is a non stop fun read 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum book went straight onto my to read pile earlier this year, for two main reasons first, because I love Chuck Wendig, and second becausewell, I figured I couldn t go wrong with any book with a title like Dinocalypse Now It wasn t until I was halfway through reading this book that I started to do some research and found out a little about its background Crowd funded through Kickstarter in 2012, Dinocalypse now is based on Evil Hat Productions Spirit of the Century role playing game, which is set in a 1920s 30s era pulp adventure world With this information in mind, dare I say, this wild ride featuring jetpacks, talking gorillas, psychic dinosaurs, and ancient Atlanteans finally all came together for me It begins when a group of heroes calling themselves the Century Club are brought in to prevent the assassination of FDR, only to find that the president isn t the target they are Though, what comes next is actually a threat to the entire planet as King Khan the ape conqueror storms this world through a dimensional portal, leading his vast army of primates and dinosaurs Now it s up to the Centurions to stop him and save the world I won t lie, I was very much entertained by this book It is escapist fiction that captures the pure, unadulterated spirit of pulp Given how characteristics like bigger than life heroes, beautiful women, high adventure action in exotic places, and evil diabolical villains are the hallmarks of this genre, it wouldn t be wrong to say Dinocalypse Now is all about sensationalism over substance, but I still can t deny I had a lot of fun.Picture a kid with an overactive imagination in a toy store, and the stories he can come up with in his head if he played an elaborate game of make believe while surrounded by miniature buildings, animal plushies, plastic dinosaurs, action figures and toy weapons You ll probably get something like this book Chuck Wendig probably had a blast writing this.In a sense, it s likely that the sheer absurdity of this book will also be its greatest appeal I am completely aghast but also delighted by this its craziness and eccentricity There is a place in my heart for books that are just completely out there and don t take themselves seriously, and while I didn t enjoy this one as much as Chuck Wendig s other novels, this was still a good one to pick up to pass the time.

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    Or Disappointing Us Now as I have re titled it.It appears that Wendig has a background in the games industry and that this book is based on a tabletop roleplaying game.This is seems to make sense considering Wendig s strengths and weaknesses as a story teller as evidenced here.The big plus is imagination.The big minuses are everything else Writing style, characterisation, plotting.The single sentence paragraphing is really irritating so I will stop inflicting it on you now, but you will have got the idea It s like he was never taught the function of a paragraph The Jane Austen half a large page of small print paragraphs I ve subsequently been reading are muchly superior As is the characterisation Wendig seems to think one stereotypical trait and another stereotypical motivation is sufficient for any and all characters Nobody here is anything but a one dimensional cliche and redundant love triangles that don t affect the plot don t help There are also too many protagonists, so that after an initial sequence that hangs together well, we are led off into a swamp of different locales and characters that is difficult to wade through It comes together eventually for a decent enough finale that is then thrown away on an enormous cliff hanger that prevents anything at all being resolved There s also a certain amount of Luggage Syndrome.The thing that prevents this falling squarely into one star territory is that one strength mentioned above imagination The whole idea behind the roleplaying game is the recreation of the spirit of the pulp adventure stories that are exemplified by such things as the Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Sherlock Holmes and Allan Quartermain books Recreation with an added heavy dollop of self aware silliness, that is In this the book succeeds and it creates some wonderful visual imagery that made me think this would work better as a graphic novel Bad prose would be both less obvious and less of a problem and the crazy visuals e.g dinosaurs and lizard men, talking gorillas and other primates, giant gem like gates to somewhere else would be emphasised although the plot structure and characterisation would be unaffected Just look at the cover to see what I mean a book full of that kind of thing would be entertaining.Ultimately, though, as a novelist, Wendig fails at least for me I m only likely to read Beyond Dinocalypse, the inevitable sequel, if it or less falls into my hands, which is unlikely considering that the books are published by an indie outfit branching out from its game making core business The idea of playing the game this is inspired by appeals to me and if you consider this one giant advert for that game, well, in that, Wendig perhaps succeeds.

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    You may also read my review here Now starts off with a bang as Jet Black falls from the sky during a speech given by FDR, jet pack sputtering and hissing, punctured by bite marks Bite marks What, you may ask, can bite into metal Well, the title of the book is a pretty good clue Jet Black is a Centurion, an intrepid group of crime fighters with hideouts and bases all over the world His counterpart, Sally Slick, is on the ground, part of the gathered crowd, when she begins to notice that everyone in the crowd may not be human They re humanoid, but with scales and sharp teeth, not to mention mind control powers, they re a force to be reckoned with However, it s eventually discovered that they weren t sent to assassinate FDR at all, but to take out the Centurions Thus begins a race to find the source of the dino invasion and save all of humanity from servitude at the hand of a rather hairy megalomaniac bent on world domination Dinosaurs Apes in kilts Jetpacks Dirigibles Teleportation It s all here in Dinocalypse Now I adore anything Chuck Wendig writes, and this was no exception Sally Slick and crew are a ton of fun with larger than life personalities that leap from the page My favorite character, though, is a kilt wearing, erudite ape named Professor Khan, who teaches at Oxford and serves as consultant to the Centurions, but always longs to join in on the adventures He gets his wish, and the interaction between him and the crew is nothing short of charming These globe hopping heroes will go up against multiple foes vying for control of New York City, using their wits, gadgets, and plain determination to see good win over evil I especially enjoyed the 30s touches and pulp sensibility If you love a good adventure, rapid fire pacing, great characters, and of course the endless creativity of Chuck Wendig, you ll have a blast with Dinocalypse Now

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    I am thoroughly enchanted by Christian N St Pierre s cover Pterodactyls Sally Slick flying with Jet Black Mack Silver flying above The Statue of Liberty and Manhattan in the background Wow But what about the story, you ask Oh, the story is fantastic and lives up to the promise of the cover Chuck Wendig knows how to wield a pen, much as Sally Slick knows how to wield her wrench They both do it exceptionally well.Dinocalypse Now is set in the world of the Spirit of the Century Role Playing Game RPG I was unaware of the RPG s world prior to reading Dinocalypse Now and it is certainly not a prerequisite to enjoying the story.Dinocalypse Now features some of the Centurions who are members of the Century Club They are heroes who fight the good fight with grit and determination to protect the world from doers of evil The Centurions fear an attempt on F.D.R s life and are protecting him as he gives a speech in New York City, but an evil plan is afoot Is it FDR or the Centurions themselves who are at risk Can the Centurions save the world In addition to the Centurions, Dinocalypse Now features sentient gorillas, psychic Saurians, Atlantean artifacts, magic, an evil villain, and some amazing technology Mr Wendig s writing is exceptional I could easily envision the scenes unfolding before me The characters are very well done I cared about each of the Centurions with their very clearly delineated personalities and skills I am especially fond of Professor Khan an academic who helps the Centurions and yearns to be truly one of them.The pacing is extremely fast partially because the chapters are short and the story jumps from place to place as it rushes toward the cliffhanger of an ending Oh yes, there s a cliffhanger, but don t let this deter you This is a great read It s fun, fascinating, and filled with action.Dinocalypse Now is wildly imaginative and beautifully written adrenalin fueled pulp I can not wait for the next book.I give Dinocalypse Now 5 Qwills.

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    Dinocalypse Now is a pulp book set in the world of a role playing game, Spirit of the Century So you know what you are getting into, which is just a lot of fun It moves quickly, with one cliffhanger and plot twist after another and leaves you with a smile with every chapter.It suffers from having too many characters to follow There are about three main story lines with the heros, and two following the villians While it is one way of introducing characters and giving you some reason to remember each, it means that the main one and I am pretty sure that there is a main one, since it includes the obligatory romance is short changed and the love triangle feels stilted.It is a fun book to read, set in a setting that is fun and not infrequently silly to play I like its setting of the scene and I m looking forward to the remainder of the series to start showing up, which I m hoping do a better job of developing individual characters.

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    Are you looking for some summer reading Are you looking for something that promises psychic dinosaurs, world conquering gorillas, Atlantis, two fisted action, and pulpy goodness Then do I have a recommendation for you.Dinocalypse Now is the first foray into fiction by Evil Hat Productions They enlisted the talents of Chuck Wendig to create a story based on the game Spirit of the Century The game s setting is a brighter version of the pulp novels of the early twentieth century The predecessors to this story are illustrious and include The Shadow, The Rocketeer, Sky King, Doc Savage, Wu Fang and many others.The book opens in grand pulp style with Jet Black hurtling to the earth contemplating how this is going to appear to Sally Slick He had been given the easiest job in protecting FDR during his speech here in New York City and now he is the one plummeting to his doom In addition to these two, the cast of characters includes Mack Silver, Professor Khan, and several other members of the Century Club We follow the exploits of these stalwart heroes as they struggle to save the world from the conqueror gorilla Khan and his army of dinosaurs.The action in this novel is quick and light with plenty of cliffhangers as one would expect from something so rooted in pulp fiction The prose flows easily and keeps you moving quickly from chapter to chapter The characterization is done with a deft touch giving you enough about each of the many characters to keep you interested without overburdening you with information With so many characters, one would think that character depth would be the first thing that was lost One would be incorrect Instead of providing depth to everyone, true character progression is left for the four main characters of Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, and Professor Khan Their personal progression was interesting and fit well with the pulp paradigm presented Before I picked up my copy of Dinocalypse Now, I really wasn t a fan of the pulp style The style always made me feel that it was gritty, dark, and stilted towards a time that I didn t really care to remember Now, I cannot wait for the next installment of the Dinocalypse trilogy I recommend picking up this book as you will be highly entertained It only has one flaw though, I have to wait for next one.

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    Jetpack wearing heroes, psychic lizard men, intelligent apes, cavemen, mystical portals, lost cities After the last few books I ve read, I needed something like this It feels like the novelization of a summer action film The main characters are likeable and heroic, its fast paced, and the adventure actually has some adventure to it.The story uses the same setting and a few characters from a pen and paper roleplaying game In my opinion, not having experience with this game won t have a negative impact on following what s going on The author does a good enough job establishing the world and its characters that I didn t feel like I was missing something because I was new to all of this.If I had one complaint, it s that I don t think all of the main characters are used well Going into the final part of the the three part book, we have six main characters that have been established But two of them have served their purpose by that point They ve helped to get the other four characters together, and have delivered important plot point information, and then they re pushed off to the side for most of the climax.All in all, I m looking forward to the next book in the trilogy And not just because it ends on a cliffhanger worthy of any saturday matinee serial.

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    Dinocalypse Now combines several of my favorite things pulp sci fi tropes, fast reading action, dirigibles, and dinosaurs Oh, also super intelligent gorillas This is contemporary pulp era fun at its best and I m looking forward to reading the sequels Chuck Wendig writes very readable prose and gives us characters who, although they are archetypes, are also fully formed and functional characters I only have two miffs with this book Minor Spoiler Alert 1 It ends with a cliffhanger, which is fine, given the source material stories of the pulp era especially on screen often ended with a cliffhanger so that you d come back for next week, or when the next Chapter of the serial was published and 2 There s a scene where a dirigible s balloon collapses over the gondola Of course, dirigibles by definition have rigid frames and therefore the airship should correctly be called an airship or, clunkily a blimp This is likely a minor quibble for most, but I do have a fondness for dirigibles and hate seeing them maligned in such a way Otherwise, I strapped on a jet pack and enjoyed the ride

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    Psychic dinosaurs Sounds like a hoot.Megalomaniac gorillas Ok, I like great apes.Atlantis Really alright.Hallow earth neanderthals Seems a bit far fetched but whatever.Shark man You have got to be kidding me So when I first started listening to this book I was amused Then there were and unbelievable elements added, as if the author lost a bet and had to use as many stupid things in his novel as possible But when it got to the shark man fighting the good guy gorilla is was just too much I could no longer suspend my disbelief I would continue telling you all the things that I didn t like about this book but let s face it, I have wasted enough of my life I refuse to use 1 minute on this book.

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Dinocalypse Now summary pdf Dinocalypse Now, summary chapter 2 Dinocalypse Now, sparknotes Dinocalypse Now, Dinocalypse Now 19a475b AN INVASION FROM PREHISTORY When The Century Club Is Called In To Prevent The Assassination Of FDR, It S Just Another Day On The Job But What They Discover Puts Not Just The President, But The Entire World In JeopardyWith Psychic Dinosaurs Taking Over Manhattan And Beyond, It S Up To Sally Slick, Jet Black, Mack Silver, And The Other Centurions To Save Humanity From Extinction

  • Kindle Edition
  • 231 pages
  • Dinocalypse Now
  • Chuck Wendig
  • English
  • 26 April 2017

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Chuck Wendig is a novelist, a screenwriter, and a freelance penmonkey.He has contributed over two million words to the roleplaying game industry, and was the developer of the popular Hunter The Vigil game line White Wolf Game Studios CCP.He, along with writing partner Lance Weiler, is a fellow of the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriter s Lab 2010 Their short film, Pandemic, will show at th